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The movie I was telling y’all about

Some people are more gifted than others and I mean that in a spiritual sense. For those of us who are this has been a challenging time the enemy has been out seeking to cause destruction. Whether this is your life or your spiritual foundation. In this day and age you have so many people who are practicing magic abusing the laws of the metaphysical. All the meanwhile they are causing rips in your aura, trying to tare down your spiritual veil, or breakdown your protection.

This is actually a time to call upon your prayer warriors, light bringers, and be consistent in your faith. This isn’t a time to weaver off your path in the words on the Archangel deck trust your own psychic impressions. But go watch the movies I listed below. Don’t forget to say your prayers do a seal over your home and do your fast. Stay lifted, grounded, and limited on what you spiritually partake in.



LEGACIES SEARCH FOR THE EPISODES WITH MALIVORE. He could mirror any gifts but he had to steal them first. Oh how we give our power away. Call your power back and stand on it. Amen


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