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The Morning After

After leaving y’all on read like I was an emotional unavailable man whose never experienced love I said to myself what was there to say. Not a damn thing I’m just playing what y’all doing? As for me nothing special tell a friend, to tell a friend, and one you that know somebody friend to hire me. It’s about to be a cold winter and constantly stealing Wi-Fi isn’t going to work for me. I NEED SHELTER. I’M TRYING TO BE THE HOBOSEXUAL. Come over your house, lay own your couch, and live good while also living out my dreams. SUGAR DADDY ME PLEASE. NO SERIOUSLY, it’s hard out here and I hate here.

The conversations we have been having are a little to heavy to be having at this particular time. I can see if it was a tarot reading which they all are done by the way. You can go to the YouTube to check them out. But it’s things words couldn’t fix without action, emotional availability, and physical support. It’s only so much I can do from behind the computer. I feel a lot of people’s pain and sometimes it can be emotionally uncomfortable because in most cases you have people who just want to use your energy. While the others need that light so they can find a way to live again.

Child, I’m right there with them on this manhunt for employment and I know some of you will say well what’s going on? Girl don’t even get me started on this. Because this blog will go longer than I actual intended to and I don’t have the patience for that. I’m just going with the flow man just a little bit too much. Is it me or does this Virgo season seems too relaxing and I’m here for it? You want to lose weight, you start working out, people been getting on nerves disconnect from them, dealing with energy vampires cut the cord, and if have you kids getting on your nerves tell them to shut up.

Works like a charm right. Man at this point we all need peace from the instigators, shit starters, drama felt, think pieces that get the timeline going, a vacation from work, your kids, husband, wife, boo, bae, and whoever the hell we left off. Baby we need that I tell people all the time all that arguing fussing, fighting, and drama gone drain you from you. I do not aspire to be like my elders always pissed and sitting on edge because they never decided to unplug. From the things people say, the things people want them to do, never chasing their own dreams, and not feeling and processing they own emotions.

Stress can really harm the body and in the words of my favorite character off Anastasia, “stress is a killer!” Some folks don’t realize that, always trying to micromanage and pinpoint somebody else whereabouts, how they should live, what they should do, and should be is so emotionally draining. I mean dealing with unruly beings and being an entrepreneur at times can be emotionally exhausting because yes you don’t have your own boss, but you still have to create time for the things that really matter. Such as you, your work, children, boo, lover, finances, eating, and time management.

I don’t smoke weed no more I became the weed because child if I still was smoking weed boy, I know I would be a half of a pound in by in the end or middle of the month. Because whew child who knew life came with so much of this. I say all the time life isn’t hard people make it hard and the harder you work towards your goals it seems the distractions gets heavier. And that’s ironic because baby I just be sitting back and thinking about them times when I didn’t have me together, I couldn’t ever get a mother***** to help me pull me together.

Now I got people who do everything they can to try to pull me apart it’s like dang I thought you would be happy for the fact that I’m not stressed no more even if you were my stressor. I thought you would be happy about the fact I don’t need your emotional validation anymore. Whew girl that young me was slow, slow ass hell. But I also have to remind me from time to time to thank me for all the pain that I went through because whew child you could’ve gave up but you still standing.

Even after everything I still choose me so in this Virgo season just learn how to appreciate you a little better to ease up off that gas trying to get where you need to go. You already got the road map, GPS, and the day you want to arrive. Rushing isn’t going to make it come any faster its speeds up the hardships because when you take your time and plan for what’s a head, you’ll be able to counter the bad and see it happening a mile away.


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