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The Grifter Energy

When the beginning of the quarantine popped off, I spoke about how people were looking for a place to stay energetically. When the quarantine prolonged, we have seen how people who acclaimed to have heal go back to the places that broke them mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. In a tarot spread I did and spoke about on video on how this season is breeding the narcissist within us and others who are already there mentally.

So, in the beginning of the quarantine I had 48 days consecutively where I had to banish and remove unwanted cords, parasitic energies, and annoying earthbound spirits. Boy did that take a lot out of me while at the same time teaching me time management. How I would procrastinate with certain entities and energies allowing them room to wreak havoc in my life. And boy was it some sort of urgency from spirit like a drill sergeant saying get this done and now.

Now because we are ushered into the communicating spirit with the nouns, we have been learning how to converse with people who has different backgrounds, races, and experiences with life. Which is okay because conversations can build great bonds with people when they aren’t listening to feel validated. But what happens when you meet people who pretend well you end up feeling more of a lost than a gain by energetically dealing with them.

Is a question that I have been plagued with because I myself have been feeling drained like a mother trucker since we have rolled into the Cancerian dynamic? I don’t have a lick of cancer in my chart I say this all the time. No diss to Cancers but I don’t think I should give all of me to people who wouldn’t help me find pieces of me even if it benefited them. I’m selfish with me now and I like that, and I don’t want to do otherwise. When I was so gun ho on helping people, who didn’t want to be helped I found myself drained.

And when people see how far I was willing to go people felt they could utilize other parts of me. I mean who came up with this concept of thinking you can share some cord with a person while they’re only going through sickness. I find that shit to be totally disgusting. You’ll be amazed at the energies I come in contact with and I’m about to get real disrespectful because I’m not a grow house. I mean that grifter energy is coming around pretending to care about you only to siphon from you energetically is real.

Now keep in mind in their day to day experience these people wouldn’t give a damn about me I would just be another girl that’s on the come up. So, their noses would be turned up while looking down on me because they feel as if I have nothing of value to give to them. People have this spirituality thing messed up especially when it comes to healers and practitioners. You’ll be amazed at people who doubt you while at the same times in aww at what you do only for selfish purposes.

A grifter is a person who lies, pretends, scam, and finesses to get the things they want. As you can see for my people who are at home doing readings, sessions, cleansing, and magical work your clients probably have skyrocketed. Either because they are looking to place their pain with you or are trying to build an energetic cord with you. So, no matter how many times they call upon you for services they may only be coming around to build off you.

Their kind of like energy vampires they’re always going through something emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually that you end up losing more than gaining. Because a lot of people have been forced to sit at home and a lot of people aren’t comfortable with that. So, the issues they have been avoiding they are going around passing it off like it’s a relay race. With no remorse of how it affects you.

I mean you see this in evolved and unevolved beings all the time I mean what happened to asking for assistance versus just taking what’s not yours. I mean one way or another it still will come back to you. The thing about people seeking a healer for some sort of sickness if you aren’t clear of your own diagnoses how will the healer be of some help. I mean they can give you the medicine or share the pain with you but if you’re not taking care of your body, you’ll just find yourself coming back with the same issue.

Saying I spent my money on this, and this doesn’t work when you don’t even take care of the issue yourself. I mean you go to the doctor and they do a check up and you get medicine. It’s not up to the doctor/practitioner to make sure you take your medicine. Now if you were hospitalized that is a different story and you still have the right to refuse treatment. But constantly coming back to a person for the same issues is kind of like a slap in the face you don’t want them to fix it, you just want to give it to someone else.

And I don’t think people recognize how that is draining and how they are going about dealing with their own issues. I mean yes it sucks I mean people who operate more in a spiritual sense has their own life as well so, being consumed with the mundane things is pretty annoying. Yes, someone gifts may seem like a blessing from God but that doesn’t mean you get to experience them free. Everybody works different some people prices are different but at the same time it doesn’t validate if they are worthy or not.

Working with energies can be taxing on the body over time especially if a person who is into certain practices. Seeking some healer and not knowing what sense of magic they use can boomerang illness right back to you. You aren’t entitled to someone’s help people have the right to decline services. I mean it may be a blessing in disguise. Because some self-acclaimed healers use dark magic and send your illness to someone else and then it can resurface back to you. Be cognitive in your decision making when it come to seeking services and others when giving services.

This energy is real going around, people pretending to want something from you to obtain access to you. Just remember people tell you who they are before they show you who you are.

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