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The Gift of Magic (short story)

One day there was three boys that found themselves walking a certain path and found a wishing well. Jokingly one said man I wish I had the opportunity to be a better be while throwing a pebble into the well. The other said man I just want to get rich because I’m tired of being broke and I need some money as he threw a pebble into the well. The last boy said man I don’t know what I want, but a genie would be nice as he also threw a pebble into the well. They walked off and forgot about the things they said at the well.

When the night fall came a genie appeared in all their dreams and said I heard you at the well meet me tomorrow at the same time. The boys jumped up and said did you have the same dream I had, and they all replied by saying yes, I heard it too. Too frightened to go back to sleep like little kids they stayed up all night making what if statements while at the same time doubting the genie’s ability to be able to make their dreams come true. The only person who threw a little doubt every now and again was the first boy who said I wish I had the opportunity to be a better person. He was confused because he wondered how the genie heard him because the well showed no evidence of being a wish maker.

Everybody has a heard of a wishing well, but you also have to be willing to believe when you are throwing your pennies into a water well. The morning came and everybody was getting ready to head on down to wishing well to see if they heard what the genie had said. When they arrived the first boy started to look around for holes, microphones, or cameras because he thought to himself maybe this a prank. The second boy, to hide his insecurities he talked so big like he was jolly green giant caused him to put his foot in his mouth. The last boy while rubbing his hands said if this genie is real, I know what it is I’m going to ask for. A voice came from the back of them with a creepy smooth voice saying well is it that you would wish for?

Confused and startled they all stared at this being as if it was something foreign to eye because it looked human while also giving off evil vibes. He said don’t be scared now to the second boy, YOU JUST HAD THE HEART OF A LION! WHERE, did it go little boy? Confused and not wanting to speak up he went to first boy and said I see you are skeptic what is it that I need to show you. So, he snapped his fingers and showed them a vision of them doing exactly what they wanted. The third boy said I’m ready, I already told you that I wanted a genie, I believe you. The man replied I am here, but I shall not be your genie. The third boy sighed and said well how do I get my three wishes? He replied do you desire to wish for something else?

He asked a question again do I get a lamp or something or do I have to constantly come to the well to get what it is that I need? He laughed and called him inquisitive because he said nobody never ask, they always take. So, he circled back to the first two boys and said are you ready for your wishes to come true. They paused and said but I haven’t made a wish and he replied yes you have. The boys sitting in confusion because they just seen their friend, boy number three get asked to make another wish. The first boy said I’m out if I can’t make another wish then I guess it isn’t meant to be. He said that’s fine, and he laughed so hard the ground started to shake. You’ll be back they always come back. As he shouted. But little did he know that little boy never came back.

The second boy said if I take my wish now how do I know I will be rich he gave him a 20,000 worth of 20’s and said there is more where this comes from. He said sold I’m in and took the money and didn’t ask a question, but the man said the money always come with a price. He said yeah, yeah, yeah I hear you nigga I’m rich. He ran off to catch up with his friend. The third boy who is still behind asking for a genie he told him I’ll grant you an extra wish before I give you a genie if you can tell me what is that you want right now. He said a house, the man said a house that’s it. Yeap, said boy number three and house it shall be. He gave him keys and a lamp and said be careful what it is that you ask for.

He ran to catch up to his friends and said man look he gave me a house and a lamp the second boy slightly jealous and said nigga I’m rich I can buy my own house. Again, arrogance never worked for him. The third boy replied no man you can stay with me, we’ll never have to sleep in my mama basement again. The second boy said aight, but I don’t plan on staying there long because I have to get this money. The first boy said why did he give you the four wishes? I don’t think that man is wrapped to tight something is wrong, you guys don’t see nothing wrong with all of this. They laughed and he just shook his head in dismay.

Meanwhile the genie is still following them and causes the first boy to fall and break his leg. Aahhh as he shouted, my leg I think its broke. His friends laughing said man get up you’ll be alright, not this time as they tired to help him get up. To hospital they go now granted he didn’t have any insurance, so he had to pay a fee and the job down at the burger joint wasn’t going to cut it. His friend who is so arrogantly with money said man damn I just got this money. They can’t bill you with it and you make payments, the nurse came back and said the bill has to be paid today. So, out of 20,000 dollars he had to pay 7,000 for a friend’s injury and boy was he pissed.

He complained the whole way home about to the point the third boy grabbed the lamp and said I wish I had steady income coming in. The genie replied your wish is my command and like that the money hit his account. He told the third boy I’ll give you your money back if it gets you to SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT IT! So, when they arrived at the house the third boy said you sure you want to come in my house Mr. Rich Nigga? The second boy who loves to dish things out but can’t take it said fine I’ll leave and payment of 500,000 hit his account.

The first boy s