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The Foundation You have With People

As the year is closing and we are in this long drawn out Scorpio season a lot of us are looking over the foundations we have created with people. I mean after COVId-19 coming through and this election process it seems like the nature of everyone’s intentions is coming to light. I mean some people are still in a daze from their minds being rattled by the truth we have been exposed to. That some people are in a state of fear and clinging to the old after they complained about the lack of change, they asked for.

I mean that’s crazy how we ask for things we aren’t prepared unless its money. As the world shifts and money has become easy to get it seems like peace, understanding, love, and protection seem to come less and less. As this Scorpio season takes its tolls on us emotionally, mentally, and spiritually it’s making us want to cling to the old. It’s seems like we are all fighting with the metaphysical for things to stay the same when change has to happen.

Like each season comes we know a new has to come, we may not know the exact forecast for the weather but I bet we know the season.

In a twitter post I wrote about the number 13 for those of you that don’t know I do tarot. I’m fascinated by numerology and how numbers have meanings just like words. I was fascinated by it because in the tarot deck the Major Arcana has a number attached to it. So, my intrigued ass went off and started to see the meaning of the numbers. For those of you that don’t know what the number 13 means it is transformations and foundations.

I know Scorpios get a bad rep but from an astrological standpoint its sign has a purpose this is why people always say go check your chart. For those of you seeking information about your chart, be mindful of who you share your chart information with. But the energy of this season is to highlight our shadows the things we hide from others. Like honestly have you met a Scorpio and wonder where you stand with them?

Child that is this season one minute we want to pull our hair out and the next we want to embrace the change comes with it. But have you ever taking into account the amount of pressure the month November puts on us a collective? Christmas is around the corner so the amount of money you spend on gifts, trying to be Santa, find gifts for the kids, and the amount of time it takes to cook food on Thanksgiving, chile.

That’s a lot of pressure you get to meet kinfolks who you haven’t seen in a while or expecting to be okay with things you are not.

I mean the holiday season highlights relationships and some people don’t have a great a support system with the folks around them. With COVID-19 we had seen how selfish people where acting like we all had the cooties. I mean it made you see how less important you were to people now I’m not talking about you risking your health for somebody. But how easily phone calls stopped and how people were fending for their lives like we were all casted in The Hunger Games.

It left you confused right; I mean the longer you were around someone their true colors came to light. I mean it hit some sore places for us and left us thinking do I really want to put up with this but the down side made you over look the time you have put into knowing somebody. I mean nobody wants to start over but its sucks right. It also showed you a softer side to you and to value the things you wanted out of life.

We’ve seen so many people pass away and some people draw in new life unto them whether it was healing old wounds, birthing babies, starting new careers, or passion projects. It brought out the best but also the worst as well. But still where did it leave you? Are you mentally sane, scattered, flustered, frustrated, or torn into pieces? Life at this point taught us to go after the things we want, and it also showed us that we have to know how to get it and not say it.

And also learn how to appreciate those in our lives even if they brung us pain because at point it was the remedy for all wounds.

It taught us accountability and accountability feel a smidge bit like guilt. In the words of me guilt is good but too much guilt will make you off your s***. So be mindful of how much you take on without releasing as well. So, this leaves the foundations you have created with people. Ask yourself if you tore it all down today who’s going to stay with you to replace it brick by brick? I mean I hope you would give them a water break but whose really down.

And I don’t mean that in a selfish way I mean a true support system of people where you can talk about martial problems, financial help, spiritual guidance, parental guidance, and family guidance. You know those people where it always feels like love even after a fight those people who know your wrong when you proceed into being right.

Where are they do you have that? Do you know how to maintain that? Do the people on the outside mirror the internal conflict you feel on the inside? Lately I have noticed that people who are abundant in the material realm lack everything I named. They usually rely on lover to be everything they need totally forgetting about the other persons needs. Leaving you and partner to always be in conflict or competition over who can be the strongest.

Just know a part two coming and we gone dissect all these answers I get from these questions. If you feel a little resistance just embrace the change that comes. Nobody is a failure; life happens, and it teaches us in the most inhumane ways. As this Scorpio season moves through the collective let it expose your weakness, strengths, and our own evil privately.