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The Energy of the Sun

This energy maybe hard to channel because of the lackadaisical spirit that is being spritz in the air but it is there. Someone has to adapt to the mentality that universe is their oyster and it is here to help serve them while they do exist on this earthly plane. Now this doesn't mean to sit back and always wait to receive but while for some this could be a bounty that your spirit is rewarding you.

This is energy is all about redirecting you unto a better path or shedding light on the choices that someone is about to make. It's giving the 7 of cups but without all of the illusions being presented at this time. It is literally saying is this what you want or this what it is you want. And if your like a kid in the candy store where you get stuck in the glam of it all a choice maybe made for you. This doesn't mean someone is going to make it for you but more like the universe occupying you long enough to give you what it is you need. The choice is yours.

Now, somebody is pregnant there I said it and it's some twins I forgot to announce this earlier in the message. So, congratulations on looong round and full at this time. For my business project creators put some damn sunlight in that room. Buy a plant, go walk your dog, and start getting your mail yourself. Someone has to learnt how to move your energy in the direction you want it to go. If this is stagnancy in the air it is because you keep doing the same things. It's like a thought bubble that is in the air but the thought is clogging the room. So someone has to learn how to be one with themselves and start using their throat chakra.

This may show up in correcting yourself when it comes to how you speak about you, things, and others. Moral of the story the energy is their to be created but it's how and what you are going to do with it is the problem. Learn how to walk light and be okay with losing more the old you so you can get can comfortable with the new you.


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