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The Art of Letting Go

The art of letting go seems to be something that we are struggling with behavioral problems, societal problems, economic problems, and social status. That it is a leaving a lot of people confused because they have adapted to mind frame of struggle thinking that everything is supposed to be overly complicated in order to achieve some reward from life. Now I do believe in the concept that hard works pays off but meaningless hard work is unnecessary because I am an energy selective person which society calls us lazy.

Because the tears, pain, hurt, and grief really don’t be worth the hassle that life sometimes gives you when the rewards really don’t be worth shit. That now we as the people are yearning for more out of life to live, to be seen, and heard. To be more than just a number it seems to confuse people when we ask for genuine generosity. They take this as a diss when you politely have asked them to remove the façade.

The mask that they put on to be around or involved in this thing called life. I mean none of us asked to be here we just woke up and boom we were coming out of the birth canal into this shit called LIFE. I find myself more reserved, more laid back, and chill on a lot shit because the disrespect and chaos and has been at all time high. I mean who wants to be a part of life when you have society more focused on pushing agendas, lying for click bait, and mass hysteria.

And when I say not a part of life, I am talking about the normal human day to day function. I have been fine in my bubble and I like it that way so gimmicks, games, favoritism, and elitism is something your girl not fond of. Because this content rated E it might not be PG but it isn’t limited to those who want access to it.

Lately I see why y’all scamming ass be charging for all of them spiritual services even though they don't worth a damn but I'm starting to see that the drama that comes with it ain’t no hoe. Baby the way these people done played in my face, got scammed, tried to ruin my credibility, and steal my whole fucking flow and caused so much chaos to the point people looking for me to fix it is amazing.

Because I didn’t do that shit so I don’t see why I have to be one to fix something I didn’t break. I mean they were the ones in charge go back and demand some answers from them I ain’t doing no redo's especially on my free time. That now I am the bad guy because my normal has been so consumed with barely getting by, focusing on minute things, and constantly being bothered with drama that my no’s are starting to piss some people off. Because of the demand they have been placing on my time at first the work load wasn’t a hassle because it was creative bliss but not it's just bullshit.

Because they don’t even stop to notice the things that I do because it has been substituted with entitlement. That now that I am demanding the things that it is I need, seeing that people have been stalling me out on purpose, and creating blockages for their good is starting to annoy them because I peep the game. At first I just genuinely opted to believe that some people were selfish and they didn’t care about no one else but themselves.

But the more I started to look into it I noticed it was hidden envy, jealously, cattiness, malicious intent, and overall bad character. I mean it was no excuse for the shit that has been pulled or the shit they pulled and that’s fact. And now America we are now playing the what are we are we game. Like motherfucker you don’t know you the one that’s been busy continuously doing the same things. You don’t know yourself that damn bad that I am supposed to fill in blank for you.

I mean you trying to figure out what I'm going to wear, where I'm going, what I am manifesting, trying to lay in my energy, who I'm fucking, trying to block psychic gifts, send magical attacks, spread my business, and lie all the damn time. That you ain’t figured nothing the hell out my guys this is why I thought some people where just basically selfish. I mean don’t get me wrong some people where definitely money hungry than motherfucker and hired to do certain shit.

So, the role that these people played in my life and those around me for years seems to be coming to end. It's like that agent chaos is now being exposed because they only wanted money. I believe that is a spirit that some people reincarnate with or is activated because they need something i.e., the “Spirit of Levithan”! Google it for my none Christian folks.

It is what consumes the masses in this day and age. If you have a culture difference it’s a different name but in America it's definitely spirit of the Levithan. I mean that shit got a strong hold on people and not in a good way. It’s the python energy and that shit ain’t no hoe because it will have you falling out with your friends, keeping up with the Jones’s, doing many drugs, participating in weird sexual activities, losing your mind, and life at the same time.

I mean I seen this spirit come and go in many people and has taken many people out. It has produced many illnesses, death, spiritual illness, the mind of greed, and the fear of missing out. This is what made spirituality trend the way it did because the ones who fucked up kept the ones who do this in business. Now the ones who used to abide by spiritual laws, codes, and demands now trying to cause problems for the bag or a relationship. It’s sick I know.

It's like the matrix throwed the fuck off all for some damn money. You got folks trying to speed walk into their destiny when they ain’t learned what they needed to know to maintain their blessings or spiritual bounty. You got folks trying to play God, judge, and jury all the meanwhile they forget we all fuck up it’s just do you want to continue to keep fucking up?

And the way karma taking some people out I just know these are some of the ass whooping your ass didn’t get when you were a child. A hard head makes a soft ass and that’s something I have learned over the years. Knowing when to quit because boy life was on me like a motherfucker. It was like that jail scent that you don’t know was on you until somebody told you. It doesn’t stink but you know it's something that other people ain’t used to. It's likes folks so lost in the sauce that they don’t know how to fuck up no more.

It's like people don’t know how to cry, to atone, to feel shame, remorse, guilt, or grief anymore. Because the human design has been trying to be reprogrammed to put up with certain bullshit that isn’t freaking normal. Like if I told y’all half of the shit I have been through I wouldn’t get the response that it is needed because social media has brain washed so many people when it comes to feeling genuine emotions, “empathy”. If it isn’t a story line being pushed or creating “a wave” that those who see me wouldn’t get it and others would take it as complaining. This why my ass be in Hermitess mode and not studding a damn fool because I don’t have time for the bullshit.

Everybody deserves a break, privacy, sleep, a healthy routine pattern whatever is your choice, and access to their free will. I mean this just basic common sense that some people don’t even know how to access this without saying oh slave master how can we keep us divided, confuse, sleep, and depressed at the same time. WTF, as I slam my hands in disbelief. Narrator did notate that I didn’t slam my hands for the dramatic flair. It's like some people really need to go play in traffic, touch some grass, sit in the middle of the ocean, and hike mountain to see where they got us fucked up at. We didn’t say they got to come back but they need to see how they got us fucked up in these streets.

I been paging God, Allah, Buddah, Shiva, and every being I know to get this damn thing in order because we all can't have the same cosmic design. I believe in a good and bad but damn it’s sholl dark out in these streets. And don’t be hitting us with that false sprinkle of fucking hope panhandling us motherfucking messages. Teach these people some shit and stop trying to fit in with these fools and trying to keep up with what I got going on.

Do your job? Y’all be round here calling out every damn wrong in everybody else but scared to hold down your pivot forgetting that you are a part of this damn human design. You gone keep folding and dealing with opposition or live in your truth and that freedom even if it comes with that same opposition? People tell who they are before they show you who they are? Lane M- #exposed


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