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The Art of Betrayal

The Art of Betrayal

A wise man once said that betrayal never comes from an enemy it comes from someone you know. While Divine has been rocking out with his cock baby he been on some remember this and while Divine timing is at play you have the cocky, the arrogant, and self-involved people telling on themselves. I mean just downright exposing they own intentions they have with you. I mean like what happen to common courtesy.

This topic came up for me because while some of the collective is mourning old parts of themselves, they are self-reflecting on the things that happened to them overtime in life. Some are sulking, while others are plotting a revenge plot, and the others are just faking it till they make while totting around those trust issue like it’s a badge of honor. I mean I get I been hurt before and it’s hard to open up to someone you don’t know that has potential to be a great friend, colleague, lover, boo, or bae.

It’s not like someone is acting like they want to know your deep dark secrets while some are pretending to care about you only to use what hurt you all over again. I mean that’s why we work on the things that bother us instead of emotionally letting it build up and sweeping it under the rug. In the words of me guilt is good but too much will have you ready to off your s***. The purpose of the work is healing form old wounds internally so you can set out the right intention and trust those that have your favor in life.

It doesn’t matter if it is financial, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Now, I’m not saying that you won’t run across some predatory people that will try to take advantage of you. But that’s where your faith and your trust lie in you and your higher power. To be able to help you navigate better in this life. We humans are not created to be alone and don’t reincarnate in this and walk it alone. Whether it be evil or good that is following you but it’s something that’s helping guide you along the way.

But this blog isn’t about this you know I have to give you a back story to this to put you on how this came out of the blue for y’all. If you been following me on YouTube shoutout to you because you know where this message is going.

Now y’all know shawty has been trying to get away from this project by any means necessary because shits getting real and I don’t want none of this boy karma right. Because he can be destructive and cruel too many people. While in my mist of pain he also caused other people pain and while I was healing, it was others too. The boy hate for me runs so deep that he’ll use your pain against you to hurt me. Baby and that’s what happen.

See, I didn’t tell y’all I been researching in the ethers about the whole story of Jesus I am kind of into the studying of deities not the dark ones because before it get good shit is all bad and pain. Before the light comes in and for those of that has experienced the dark knight of the soul, we don’t want your unnecessary dark if we already experienced it.

So, while I was planning to get the hell out of dodge because for one, I’m not financially compensated and I have no sense of peace and totally hate how people be all up in my business. This nigga went behind my back with a fellow lightworker plotting on how they can come up. Now a lot of people don’t know how I started this whole process.

Well, shawty had got tired of him telling my story and I was constantly being recorded with this whole stupid ass show. That I decided to spin it in a different direction. As a teen through an adulthood many people have always confided things into me and came asking for advice. So, while trying to create some content I started talking about subjects that people rarely talk about. Now religion and politics was off the menu because they can be spoiler and Debbie downers.

Little did I know breaking down selective issues such as cheating, childhood trauma, abuse, and family issue was going to be one of them.

The whole meaning of Phuck Yo Anxiety is to show people how those around you have issues like you and because we are perfectly flawed humans, we rarely check in on them to see how they are because we have our own shit going on. And this can be the biggest barrier between us and humanity. Just look at how COVID-19 attacked us not physically but mentally as well.

Now, I’m not saying you have to have some form of mental illness but how all those issues we avoid was still there and not having jobs, friends, and support. Put us in the mind frame of those behind bars, and those souls who are lost in the afterlife. It wasn’t so fun navigating through that energy for many of us. Because while being content creators it left us drained and emotionally unsatisfied with our content because that rush and demand was on to get things done.

The artistry and passion that goes into our content made it seem more like a job than actual enjoyment. And this is when we seen the worst of people because those positive patties turned really negative, and those who hide who they are, have found themselves in the midst of chaos.

So, because I retain a certain number of views, he thought he could go behind my back and give them to someone else who does the same thing as me. Now we don’t actual do the same, but we have the same mission different motive. So, he tried to make me some non-creditable resource for the people who genuinely mess with the girl he went really low and she did as well. Now don’t get me wrong I seen the betrayal happening before it even played out all the way.

Because she kind of had certain traits that just let me know that any given moment, she would choose her needs over mind. Really didn’t make it easy to emotionally digest that shit because we are women for one and as women we lack in sisterhood. Especially when she choose, his side over mine. Yikes. Women I tell you.

She even went as low as to send me dark energy and keep up the hate campaign he got out. It was treacherous I tell you, but I learned that I still got me and what God has me is for me. I didn’t get on my platform bashing her I just let it go and did the work behind the scenes because for me to be of such help to him financially the least he could’ve done is protect my front, back, and side. Pretend at least.

When things got too real and he seen how grimy she can be you know he jumped ship and tried to run his ass back over here with the false promises of money and finally giving me the help that I need. Child if you ain’t already establish he not fina waste no time or resources on you. Chile, rolls eyes in disgust while smacking on my gum.

So, you want to know the most messed up part put of all of this. Now they’re the victim of their own circumstances. The bully got bullied and still trying to push that energy back around onto other people. And wondering why Divine giving them crippling emotional experiences that they can’t seem move on from.

People fail to recognize why betrayal is so damaging because not only does it hurt the person it hurts the person who doing it as well. It may not be in that moment but if they stack enough karmic debt them scales will tips in; they favor to cause them the same pain they dish out. A when you discover why people betray certain people it’s either because of jealously or their own ego. Sometimes it can be misinformation giving to you that causes you to react or opportunistic individuals.

Betrayal is like that fox mentality y’all know swiper always after Dora’s stuff for what when she just on a mission. For those God fearing individuals you know they say the devil comes in to kill, steal, and destroy. Judas energy been at an all time high that it makes no sense how people ain’t able to identify they own Judas. I mean Judas betrayed Jesus for some money and I don’t think it was the first time.

Because if you remember Jesus flipped them tables on them when he found out they was profiting off him behind his back. So, them niggas wasn’t new to snake s***.

To me I think I Judas never would’ve confessed if he didn’t think Jesus would know because he thought he was so slick. But what people fail to recognize is when you encounter beings who believe in evil and something hits your moral compass, they don’t care about your mercy. They stick together in strife no matter how bad it may seem. They still don’t care. Baby that is the epitome of the shadows.

So Judas being opportunistic led him to rid himself of his own life because of his guilt. How many times have you emotionally ate up the things you did because of your own self-interest in something? Did it make you happy or did you struggle with keeping it and balancing a form of happiness? I may not live by the bible but its some great jewels in there. How it says that man shall want for nothing.

Because your want comes from your carnal needs. You lack nothing in life that you need you just have to find the right time and right place to get what it is you need. Whether it is by connection, working, or being focused that you fall into your blessings. And keep in mind blessings can be many things. It’s just a perception of life.

I just want to say that I know it sucks that they might have hurt you but what have you put out in the world. You may be paying back some karmic debt and for others you may be creating it. Work on evolving that shadow so you can heal all parts of you. So, the parts of the story they leave out won’t hurt and also recognize your own evil so you can understand your direction in life.

Remember evil is gossip, lies, misuse of power, ill intentions, evil eye, verbal abuse, and emotional abuse. It isn’t always physical abuse it’s the mental and emotional intention that amplifies their actions. And betrayal rarely comes from an enemy because you shouldn’t expect nothing less from someone who doesn’t like you..


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