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Teaching Somebody A Lesson

STOP TRYING TO TEACH PEOPLE A LESSON! In the words of my father the more I talk to you the dumber I get it and me as a child I wish this nigga would’ve shut up. Now keep in mind when you have kids people fail to recognize that each child needs to be attending to differently. I am not my sister that doesn’t work on me I’m not an egoist person, one of my spirit animals is an otter baby. But lets get back on track over the past few weeks, months, years, and the rise of social media has made people feel like its their job to humble someone.

Now I do believe in educating someone, healthy debates, and exposing them to information so they can learn but this whole you gone understand me better than I do myself is quite disgusting. In this blog I will break this down in segments so you can see what I’m talking about.


In relationships people have this way of doing petty things to each other thinking that they gone learn not mess with them while the meanwhile they want their partner, friend, loved one, husband, or wife to continuously keep messing with them. And when I say mess with them, I’m talking about love, support, being understanding, emotional available, and to have sex with them. You shitting me you only got so many times to be petty with me in a relationship you might as well break up with me and never need me. Because God himself ain’t gone change my mind because I’m going to start to think that you don’t want me baby, toxic isn’t cute. Now granted sometimes in relationships we do have to prove a point to a person but if you always doing that to get a rise out of the person you are dating, my child you might as well prepare to get your prayer list together.

Because we rarely take into account how our actions affect the other person we are dating or friends with. When you are trying to be petty or do spiteful things to get a point across. You do know that you can push a person to the point of no return and that no return can be all the way down to someone wanting to breakup with you or not wanting to be friends anymore. It get it, it’s wrong but you don’t think someone deserves to at least hear where you are coming from before you go off doing thing that you think is beneficial for you. Child, y’all be too grown to be acting so childish in these relationships with people who you say you love or care about. I get it we live a in world where social media makes people feel like just because someone else identifies with a behavioral patterning you have at the time that you think its cute to always be like that.

Those people on social media don’t know you and if you knew social media like I do most of the times people be tweeting, posting, or snapping about moments they have with real life people. Social media gave people the ground to say things they would never say in person such as; I like you, I want to date, you look nice today, good morning, or just general conversation starters. Then two if you see how the whole cancel culture gangs up on people to get people to dislike other people for their preferably reasoning. They sometimes forget that there is a whole nother market of people that will identify with that person you are trying to cancel.

Boy, do they making people relevant with that shit. I digress though, but in relationships people fail to recognize that when you decide to be friends, in love, or just dating a person you sign up to learn them. That doesn’t mean that some people will use the information they have in a good way sometimes they abuse the information they have. But it isn’t some one’s job to make someone understand them or change them. When you value the people in your life, and they value you they are willing to change accordingly because they respect you as a whole.


Girl somebody get Regina George on the phone because I need to know if she is still toxic and has it out for Cady Heron because the girls be out here acting like her. Child where do we start because this right here is mentally where I’m at in my life. I appreciate and honor women but to some degree I’m not a fan of some of their behavioral patterning. Now does that mean I don’t think they can grow as individuals no it just means I don’t have time for the things they do. Now things I noticed is when women fall out with each other baby get prepared for your business to be all on front street. They be acting like they so hurt when they go off and do the vilest shit ever to mankind.

Girl don’t let you be unbothered by the fact that they don’t like you and sleep good at night child, they fina find away to piss you off and make you look like you the bad guy. I still to this day don’t understand this because it ain’t narcissism in most cases it be a cry for help. With these particular set of individuals, they like to go off and do things based on the approval of the people that’s around them. And nine times out ten like Regina George half of those people don’t like them or don’t even know who they are. So, when they feel like you don’t take to them, they find away to make it a reason for you to need them. WTF! Right, right.

I mean it can be difficult because all the while they are hurt because you don’t seek solace in their way of doing things. They take it as if you don’t like them as a person its not like you are asking them to change. You are just asking for common decency, to be treated as a human, and to be acknowledged the same way they like to be and this seldomly goes well when you are dealing with clicks. Because baby they got a leader somewhere and that person that tells them what to do or they treat like they God ain’t gone take to that so kindly when you round there giving off that false hope, they can be comfortable in they own skin.

I mean high school really did a number on a lot of us and it really taught us how to move around in life based on societal standards. But at the same time, it crippled a lot of us and caused some of us to fall for the okie doke in situation that should’ve been nipped in the bud before it even got started. One thing I learned about dealing with narcissist in most cases they rarely do the damage it be the flying monkey pushing they agendas that causes the pain you feel. They don’t even understand that they have been mind fucked into some reality that is an illusion based off their pain they have with a scenario that is in there head about you. Funny right as I say this with the most sarcasm in my writing.

Sigh! I know it hurts dealing with individuals who like to judge, create false narratives about you, try to isolate you, and make you feel like you don’t need to exist. Because like any human who has experienced this you always try to figure out a way to fight back but you never recognized that you end up exhausting your inner warrior. When you are dealing people who have no peace in, they soul. They, always end up circling back to give you an apology, but that doesn’t always grant changed behavior.

The whole point of this message is to say we are all living out a story by the creator to push us further towards the person who we are to be in this lifetime. It’s just sometimes, it’s just a little bit harder than most so don’t nobody need someone who gone make they load a little more heavier because you want yours lighter. There’s a difference in trying to actual show someone something and trying to humble someone. Comprehension be tearing y’all ass up and I be the one on here writing in Ebonics. Kanye shrug.

Moral of the story sometimes it is best to think about your actions, who you are as a person, and what you stand for before you go off creating plans or aligning yourself with someone else. Because sometimes people just be lying and that is okay to them but what about you?


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