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Taurus Season Energy Reading

What y'all doing as for me not a damn thang? Y'all thought y'all was fina see me after pushing out 12 3 page long as readings! No, sir not me you got the wrong guys but enough about me let's gone get in here.

The downloaded message that came across was to be mindful of who you getting money with. Every idea ain't worth to be explored if you don't know how to research and when I see research I'm taking about getting up and doing it yourself. Because there are certain individuals who are doing things in a suspect manner. So, if you are trying to get your money man be smart and not dumb.

Now specifically it was hitting on group endeavors. Watch out for them people who seem like they have nothing to lose but you do. These people gain by your weakness so be alert. This is the month to stand on your truth and have the ability to say no. Just because you see everyone doing something doesn't mean you should. Everybody mama has told them at one point in there life that if your friends jump a bridge are you?

Now, being the realist I am I said ima go to see em. So, be honest when you answer that question. This would be a perfect time to evaluate the people in your life. Do they stroke your ego where you live blindly by your own actions? Or did they genuinely see you for you? Keep in mind these are things you should ask yourself. If your doing any money rituals why do you need 40 people to do this. Pluto is Aquarius do it look like you want to inherent they debt.

I think the fuck not so gone head and act like you got some common sense. If you are experiencing any delays at this time and seems like someone is constantly sending paperwork back. It's something you are missing, this is the time to ask for what it is you don't know. I know they say don't purchase anything in retrograde but baby sometimes you don't have that leverage be smart. Everything doesn't have to apply you.

Watch the people you constantly have to explain things too who purposely go out they way to offend you. They hear you, they trying to get a energetic exchange from you. This would be the best time to ground yourself so you want be in take off energy. Listen to dictate your reactions stop always being in response mode. Cut off the energetic dead weight, do your energy cleansings, pray more, hydrate more, eat your wheaties, do your protection rituals.

Oh, last but least don't share your ideas with everybody. If you are working for any cooperations or even being interviewed make sure you ask what is there guidelines. If you know you are good at what you do and you have to have portfolio, trademark it. Some people only interview certain people just to steal your ideas. Some people be way ahead of you. I'm not saying this is the time to be selfish but if isn't about self care and lightening your load just be aware. Everybody ain't who they post be.

Remember to go outside and touch some grass, put the phone down, and flex your hands. Social media don't need you that much. Create a schedule that works for you and when it stops working get a new one. Okay, see you later as I dread these videos I might do some love readings. Don't hold me accountable on that I like to lie like y'all sometimes. Have a good night!


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