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Taurus Monthly Tarot


Overall messages speaking with convictions, learning how to communicate without coming undone, honoring your belief system, learning the difference between nurturing and coldness. Heart chakra root is very important for you to be able to navigate through these challenging situations. Also, the throat chakra came up too. The song was leave me alone by Flipp Dinero, Get Gone by Ideal, and God’s Got a Blessing by Norman Hutchins.

Learning how to dead situations for good that can be people who talk about you behind your back, old financial agreements, or situations that bring you a bunch of stress. Because if you are communicating with some who has a lot of Air placements, they don’t listen to shit you say or it could be vice versa. I say all the time earth signs can become apathetic afterwhile ask yourself are you being stubborn or resistant to change. Watch who house you going over at this time you are carrying a bunch of energy with you. This could also be the person in your life making all these suggestions. High likely a Gemini. Jayda pulled the Sun card in reversed so someone could have just had a baby, abortion, or miscarriage. Be gentle with you or whomever need its.

This could indicate a hard pregnancy for someone as well I’m not trying to speak over someone womb but you got this. You got an opportunity coming up in love but you contemplate about taking it because you think it’s a burden or you don’t know how to love this person. Keep in mind this could be vice versa. I see someone coming to you for a loan if you want to give away some money, please fell free to cash app me, PayPal, Venmo, western union, Walmart to Walmart, Zelle, bitcoin, and wire transfer. I’m open to receiving this blessing you want to give me. You don’t have to linger around neither because ima spend it in peace.

This love coming in is an offer from a passed loved and this person may have a lover they trying to get rid of or it could be you. Because somebody got a damn stalker on they hands and baby they not letting up wanting to shower you with gifts, presents, time, attention, and affection. But you’re probably confused because this ex-lover or baby mama is crazy as hell. It could be you because we know Taurus are crazy! I don’t reveal my sources. Some of y’all commitments may be tested in business I see someone losing a job, contract, or their most valuable assets. Someone abused this energy and took it for granted so spirit is forcing them to set this out.

Because they have to learn how to be grateful money isn’t everything. Make sure you are paying attention to what you are signing because it some shady shit going on. Some of y’all got something somebody want and they trying to lock you into a deal, and you may not want the long-term commitment because it will take away from your freedom. Some of y’all have been cleared to let your kids go stay with they grandpa or you need to pay a father figure a visit. If the relationship is strained between you and father figure, he wants to see the kids because he know he has wronged you in your life.

This could be facetiming, going to a graveyard, establishing boundaries with them, and finally walking in your real truth. Not the hurt pretending to be strong you. If you are a writer, you have been having a creative blocks because you have been searching for your happiness. It will come back when you finally decide to get back to it. Somebody true colors will be exposed during this season, and it may come very disrespectful and hateful. Somebody has a jealous heart because they think everything is supposed to be theirs. Somebody doesn’t know how to share so they watch and wait to attack people.

Somebody needs to do some shadow work or inner child work because its giving temper tantrum. Emotionally distraught and it may push you away from them because this is something y’all haven’t seen before. I really feel like these where red flags somebody ignored in the beginning. Y’all gone get enough by judging a book by they cover. Some of you guys are in a loving energy and it maybe coming off wrong to certain people. Don’t be surprised if a friend or someone who you least expect is in love with you. I just hear you saying eww. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Y’all have been under heavy attacks you have to develop a regimen that connects with the Most High where it’s not ritualistic or methodical where it really brings in the peace you need. You maybe a victim to cyber bullying because somebody is keeping it hard for you to enjoy social media. Now keep in mind it could be you. I just have to say this okay. Check ya placements baby. You’re dealing with a energy vampire, someone who wants you to feel to burden, or overwhelmed all the time. This could be false anxiety and depression.

KEYWORDS: Cancer could be the sign or illness, Virgo, religion, occult groups, elders, group, false teachers, frenemies, gaslighting, the need to look over your shoulder all the time.


Signed The Evil Villain In Somebody Story Spoken LIKE A TRUE TAURUS.


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