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Taurus Monthly Reading


Seems like someone is working so hard to accomplish so many things while at the same time it seems like the ball is falling short in other areas of their life. For others it's too much drama, chaos, and mess around you or a situation. Someone could be depressed struggling with mental health issues, alcohol addiction, or buyer's remorse. Someone may have purchased something from someone or something only for it to be a hassle or too hard to maintain and manage. It maybe costing someone more money because they aren’t using their resources wisely. Help is around them, but somebody is so dead set on doing things themselves and they spend more money going out than it does coming in. Whew, somebody has to learn what is flattery and what is good attention because somebody maybe alluring something to you only for it to be a trap.

All money ain’t good money and that’s a lesson some people have not learned yet. If there is a group project going on at this state and time someone isn’t pulling their weight and it is tanking a business or a group endeavor. On the flip side someone is wanting to be famous, but for what because the way this devil card, star card, and king of swords is sitting in reverse this is someone that’s willing to do anything to get there and that’s dangerous. Someone has to learn how to read the fine print whether that’s dealing with paperwork, relationships, or people overall. Because somebody isn't up to no good at all. Because how they may garner their success isn't how you would want to get yours. Everything that glitters isn’t a diamond it maybe a cubic zirconia under the right light it may shine but under a bright light it exposes who they are at heart-Lane M.#PYA

If someone has a peace treaty going someone is trying to violate it. Now this doesn’t have to be global, it could be friends, people, places, or family. The person who is trying to break the bond doesn’t have a bone to pick in the pick the fight and they don’t care about building trust back up in a group they only care about their discontentment and not others. And this energy is causing fights and discord in a group or social setting because somebody is losing patience with someone. Now for others they may give you anxiety or some form of stress that rolls into other health issues. And for some of y’all you might not want to say anything because it seems like it is going to make a problem worse. Because someone is dead set on this chaos brewing and making a storm.

For others this spiritual shit needs to stop for someone because they are obsessed with the dark arts, and it possesses their body, spirit, and mind. Someone may be in the field of mediumship but they are conjuring up dead souls who don’t want to be disturbed. It's giving the energy of bothering the wrong grave and this spirit doesn’t want to be moved. It could’ve been a ritual performed by three or more people and ima be honest everybody needs to be removed and cleansed because this energy is nasty. On the other side this maybe a spiritual lesson that someone maybe going through because they have been there and been there and done that before. They have gotten away with it before but this time it’s not working because a lesson was needed to be learned.

Somebody needs to figure out what they place is in life because keeping up with the jones’s is going to ruin someone's credibility or overall standpoint on things. Because hanging with the mean girls, the gossip bandits, and the ones who kick people when they down ain’t gone be a good look for you if you ever need some people again. Because someone may turn the other cheek right on out your life when you come crumbling down. Now on the flipside this could be some form of an investment or a financial opportunity that may fall flat. I say this so nicely, it was a hoax and a piece of shit. I wouldn’t take that opportunity because that king sword and the devil don’t care who they sucker in and what you may lose out on. If it is a deal someone was trying to get and if it didn’t fall through thank whatever you pray too because that shit would've been hard ass to get out of.

On the flipside someone may have taken a massive financial hit, and this may or may not take someone a minute to reestablish again. It doesn’t give years for others it maybe but for others it might be a couple of months to get things straightened out. If you are rich just speed pass this section this is for the grown people. Is somebody trying to get someone into a cult? Because this spiritual leader with the twitchy eye is not giving what it is supposed to. Just politely say I'll be back, don’t feel out the call back sheet, don’t leave your address, or state anything about your life. Just run away or walk away and tell yourself over and over again that I got to get my shit together. Because it’s giving, we are Christians but we be praising Satan on the low. Satan and Jesus don’t be false claiming like that, them niggas don’t like being in the same space at the same time.

Because whoever this is, you’ll be putting your life on the line. Not a death but giving someone access to all of your money and becoming solely dependent upon them. Some of you may have been having a midlife crisis and trying to discover what you want to with your life but not with your money though. Because these people are all about the money and nothing else that God love, free love, and caring is sharing is a hoax. On the flipside if this is a marriage, I'm sorry you married a gold-digging hoe and this maybe a hard pill for you to swallow. Now, keep in mind it can be any gender. And they may want your all and everything that comes with it. For others this is your side piece that is all down to the internet acting a fool, trying to blackmail you, and trying to steal shit from you. Word of the wise you got too comfortable. She is a needy, pricey, worthless piece of something.

If you are thinking about having sex someone, please think before you do, because it’s somebody that is trying to come in and set you or someone up for money. Like a photo, cam coder, or recording a conversation. It may be a large amount to pay for something back, I don’t think this person made a second copy because whatever they have they don’t want the problems that comes with it. They are about ready to give it back but at the same time their partner, lover, love interest, or business individual wants to keep playing the long-haul game. Some of y’all don’t want the courts in your business for others this too street for me. BYE! GO WATCH THE MOVIE I CARE ON NETFLIX!


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