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Taurus Monthly Reading


KEYWORDS: 1 step forward 3 steps back by Olivia Rodrigo, mind magic, manipulator, agitator, All I Do by Stevie Wonder, fire starter, keeper of secrets, drama king/queen, hard to please, hard to get in touch with, and relationship problems.

Whew, is all I have to say. Now I don’t know if you gone be cool or come out of bag but spirit said you giving all your money junkies. Someone is being spiritually cut off from the ethers because they have been trying have many attachments to many people and things. They may have even done some throat chakra work on you to the point you haven't been able to speak up or even speak right. They feel like they can control your destiny so they have been trying to have some form of attachment to you. Even if it is for financial gain or their spiritual purposes. (Libra, Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces). This is why you have been feeling stuck and stagnant in certain areas of your life unwillingly to progress forwards.

Somebody may end up in a hostage situation with a child being involved and someone doesn't want to let go of the child. This could be a child being returned back to their rightful owner because this person has been kidnapping kids because they aren’t able to have their own. And this may stirv up some confusion because this has something to do with your own family. Somebody may find out a kid isn't even there and this is going to be a barrel of conflict. Because when you think you been fucking this person you gone find out someone has been fucking this person and this is when the drama begins. Because the baby mama maybe playing both of y’all and don’t plan on giving it up even if you catch on.

This is going to piss someone off so bad that they don’t care how they are going to get out of this situation because whoever this thing is she has crossed the last line and made it evident that this is the one that should stay imprinted in the sand. For some of y’all you have someone who is always around you telling you messed up stuff so they can start and argument with you. It's like a power play dynamic for this person and they get off on it to because they feel you isn't gone do shit no way. Whoever this is, is giving sheer fox energy and not the good kind. They are manipulative, crafty words, gas lighter, and easily emotionally wounded. It's like this person feels they deserves more than anybody and they don’t care.

Its giving grown adult temper tantrums and somehow people always seem to go along with this crafty ass behavior. I hear the words no more because somebody either ended up in jail, a hospital bed, or almost dead behind someone. And someone is blaming you because they feel like they never should have listened to you when it comes down to a state of a situation. Now, this could be someone who is in pain and they are blaming you because you weren’t there to help them out of a situation. On the flipside somebody realizing hanging and tagging along with you came with a price and they hate this shit. This could be even as simple as them trying to financially hang out with you and going broke behind it. I don’t know if you told this person to quit and you got it and they wanted to prove they were financially stable even when you knew they didn’t have the funds.

On the flipside you didn’t care as long as someone had money to spend with you to hang with you, you didn’t care about their financial wellbeing. Because someone is a Mizer and the other is a Mister Big Stuff male or female who like to go off and create tabs. You may find out somebody isn't so stable as they play its just all credit cards and credit lines. This is why they appear to be able to do what they want when they want. For some this person wants you to be broke this why they always call you out and watch you spend all your money. It wouldn’t surprise me if this evil eye throwing ass hoe wouldn’t be doing shit so you can loss all of your abundance. It's giving misery loves company. And they may even go so far as to trying to get your finances caught up into something you have nothing to deal with.

This person who always comes up with these crafty, get rich quick schemes, and evil ploys always seems to get away with a lot of shit. And this has a whole group mad at each other because it's like you sending them out while you sit back and do nothing. What is this a crime lord and your boss isn't paying you. For some this person isn’t even the boss they just created an easier way for them to obtain shit by using other people to make it seems as if they are important to someone in power. So, they using all of you so they can go off and get credit or take credit for your good deeds. #DAMN

I’m not saying you can't make friends at this state in time especially if you are female but it is giving messy. These women are succubus and living life on the edge and don’t care who they destroy in the process this could be men in their feminine energy too reaping and causing chaos unable to maintain their emotions. This could be drinking too much, smoking too much, fucking too much, partying too much, eating too much, and being in gluttony energy. Feeling like you just can't have enough of what is presented to you so you go overboard even at your own expense.

Some of you have been severely dehydrated, not getting enough proteins, carbohydrates, lack of sleep, and always on go mode. This could be someone who is in the hospital or someone who needs to go in a for a checkup and for some you are hesitant because you stay in there all the time. If you do what it is the doctors say and take heed to the information that is giving to you and stop trying to substitute everything for a spiritual meaning. Maybe you or this person might heal. If they say take the medicine for 8 days take it. And if you want to do a follow up with your herbs and elixirs then that is fine. But make sure you aren’t taking anything that cancels out what the medication is doing. If herbalism works for you then do it. But being all over the place and going back on certain things this only affects you.

If you know you need to cut out on certain things such as drinking too much, partying too much, and smoking too much then do it. Spirit is only going to give you so many warnings before they result in actuals elements and unlike many, I don’t like being stuck with things I don’t want in my life. Take heed and know when to stop high roller. Just because you won today doesn’t mean you want lose tomorrow.



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