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Taurus Energy Reading


Hello, motherfuckers I’m back after a six-week slumber from being in my chamber. Now that we got that out of the way let’s get on in here. You the know score hands up and cash out I’m laughing at this but is somebody being robbed? No, seriously?! WTH! I guess spirit had a lot to say this month because somebody is a busy bee or emotionally all over the place. Before we get to nitty gritty, please watch your spending habits at this time but that isn’t going to stop me from asking for a dog? Smiles likes insane person thinking this is working but it’s really not. The song that came out was Party Next Door Come and See Me. Who and where you trying to go because somebody tugging or calling for your energy? Is you gone answer is the question?

KEYWORDS: stepping into your power or utilizing your masculine energy more, being annoyed, energy sensitive, energy selective, holding grudges against your partner, and everybody ain’t out to get you could be a woman here or it could just be you.

I could literally walk off and say that I’m done here but there is more, I fear. Everybody isn’t going to believe in what you believe or stand up for what is right. That seem troublesome but it is the real world we live in either you become one of them or continue too just be you. You could be at a point in your life where you just want peace and good vibes. Not saying you don’t appreciate the nuances every now and again but with kindness and nurturing life isn’t just playing fair or you may not be. Some of you guys problems is your too nice to wrong people or people just in general. And if you don’t know your own strength you could hurt someone or the wrong someone because of life quarrels. If you’re in a relationship somebody is depressed and not saying something because they don’t want to hurt the other person feelings.

I’m hearing this is not who is used to be. So maybe someone doesn’t like the person who they are becoming, I see a spiritual transformation coming up and this one may not seem so easier as the other ones. Because it has somebody facing every problem, they have ever dealt with in they life and giving uncomfortable. You know the uncomfortable when your bloated and trying get into your favorite nigga nova jeans and you just can’t button them up because you ate too much chocolate. Yes, that type of sadness. It may seem dumb to a man but shit your get it girl jeans that make your botty pop be something else. It’s time for your annual heart check up for those of y’all that have experience a heart attack, clogged artery, anxiety, or a just general stress test.

It maybe just sitting down talking to a therapist or just telling your doctor you’re under a lot of stress because I see majority of the energy you pull is from your heart chakra. Now it may seem foreign to you because the way this girl on the eternal love card set up, she care about everybody else but her damn self. I know I done be there before, but boy did throw her ass away because she wasn’t doing a damn thing for me. Talk about a reinvention that happened over night. Some of y’all could be lovesick or this could be a person who is lovesick that is trying to pull on your energy. That’s the thing may seem like its draining you of your life force.

You’ll be getting some downloads and guidance about the course of actions you suppose to take so don’t go off sharing them with everybody who don’t get it. It’s just plan and simple. If somebody is getting married or is married, I see all your old hoe resurfacing wanting to chat. Some of them just want to see what they look like for some of y’all the person who is asking the most questions seems to be interested in them. Stop cursing them kids and everybody out because you annoyed. There is a better way to communicate if you implicate some boundaries in your life and cut your phone off. Stop answering the phone so much. Now if you got a business or run one you have to come with some legitimate business hours and stick to them.

Because them quickies you be trying to pull off in between breaks ain’t hitting like it used. Because you annoyed, your partners flustered, and actual life is giving too much. So. It’s like y’all recycling energy. And for the love of God please cut that damn R&B music off I told y’all last month 70’s and 80’s music if you want to act like a water sign. It’s some good music to listen too like Debarge, Hitman Club Mixes, and Bobby Brown. Music from that genre will help because child if you want love you have to be it not be in a funk about it. If you are cutting off a family member for your peace, why the hell are you looking for answers from other people about your sanity. I’m confused. Everything don’t have to roll over into some drama. Child, that is peace and acceptance. Knowing you can’t do a damn thang about it.

Could be a sibling, daddy, or baby daddy. And I don’t know why I need to say, upward tempos would be better with bass and would give a more melodic approach. It may be different but it’s gonna work trust me. I think it’s time for me to go now because how the hell did, I become beat master 3000.


Cord cutting and blocking certain people who drain you isn’t wrong. Allowing too many people access to you is actually dangerous to your spiritual body. Pray more, cleanse your bowels, and eat more citrus fruits. Well really oranges. Didn’t I say something about a B-12 shot and vitamin d in one of these readings.


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