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Taking Steps to Apply Your Journaling To Your Life


A cycle maybe closing when it comes down to legal affairs, emotional affairs, love affairs, and business affairs and with the changes you are being called to do. Some people aren’t taking to kindly to the changes you are being called to do. Some people may find this move that you are making is quite inconsiderate. And for my people pleasers you are being called to be selfish for once in your life. Everything isn’t for everybody now, I am not saying quit your job and tell your lovers bye, but if you know you need change and change is ushering in. Don’t beat yourself in a corner with the expectations of other people causing you to end up in a cycle of putting others before yourself again. It could be as simple as saying no and deciding to take more of your personal time seriously.

This could show up as the old tweet that says just because I have free time doesn't mean that I have time for you. It’s reinserting that boundary with life, people, places, and things. It’s not a reintroduction to the old people you know, this is welcoming the new you. Some of us have spent too much time trying to get people to identify with who we are now that we forget who we were intended to be. No, I am not being sassy but it is time for some of you to show off the growth that you have been working so hard to implement this form of change in your life. This could be switching up your swag, the way you comb your hair, the way you implement self love and radiate outwardly, and being comfortable with being in your skin no matter your awkward girl or boy syndrome. This is the time to authenticate who you are.

That verification and validation you are looking for is within. Remember healers don’t heal, they help you heal you. So, with all of the therapy sessions you have gone to, why are you so scared to apply these changes to your life? Are you substituting friendship for therapy because I see a lot of people doing this day and age. The therapist is still going to be there no matter how you outgrow them. They don’t have to always be the bad guy or the unfit in your life because you don't identify with them. We are human so they will always be available for the next person while someone is awaiting the next steps in your life. Remember as long as we are living we are always evolving no matter how hard we go backwards toward the things we don’t need.

Some people would say some people don’t change but in order for a narc to become a mega narc they had to learn how to master that area to become great in it. They may have not changed when it comes to loving you and showing support. But to be able to fool many people, they had to go to great lengths to pull the wool over your eyes. That is a change that you didn’t see coming. The more they try to stagnant in an area of their life they expose themselves and go to great lengths to stay the same. And with that it causes changes in other people's lives, places, and also emotions. So, give yourself beyond the feeling of doubt that you can finally start somewhere again. FREE ME TILL YOU SEE ME! AND IF YOU EVER WANTED TO GIVE A YORKIE POO CALL ME!


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