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Taken Yo Problems In A Relationship

Struggle Love:

I told you guys I was gone scroll through my notes and find y’all some regurgitated topics we already hit on that seems to go viral everything now and again. Now I ain’t trying to disturb a soul I just have to make sure my viewers is satisfied. Now, that we have that out the way let’s get in to into it. In my shay voice.

You can tell by the caption already that I was gone be on some bullshit. Nope it’s not what you think. Naturally like all humans we think love is going to fix everything, but what happens when your love just can’t get your life, your boo, your family, or finances to get right. Do you leave or do you stay? Because at one point regardless of the nature of the relationship your in right now we all have took some baggage to someone door.

And the baggage I’m talking about ain’t the typical I been cheated on and he/she left me. No, I’m talking about that pain you carry deep down in your soul that causes you discomfort at any chance of happiness. That’s the pain I’m talking about. The stuff you don’t carry around but the things we hide from others and ourselves until life presents us with the option to revisit it again. I’m a firm believer that ain’t nobody hard to love they just make it hard for you to love them.

Hey, we all got our own wheelhouse and things that we’ve been cosmically designed to give out and receive and sometimes you might just be at your number. That a person may or may not make the cut. So, pay attention because the topic will be changing constantly.

Women Dating A Financially Well but Broken Man

Its common this day and age to aspire to date a man who is well establish, I mean this has been going on for the test of time. I mean with me, the world, and the gang saying we all want sugar daddies leave it hard as hell for the men to grow up and be that nigga he supposed to be. A lot girls don’t even know that the man who got the money got so many problems going on internally that it’s just a pretty facade being covered up with money.

I mean I get it we woman get up every day and lie to ourselves about the things that aren’t so right with us so, what makes you think that men don’t do it too. But because society pushes this narrative that men should be successful before they know who they are is quite cruel and dehumanizing when you think about it. This is why most men lack in the emotional department to understand your pain and the things he do that is just downright insensitive.

I said I wanted to be in the Billionaire’s Boys Club and let me tell you from fascist ways and closed minds half of the shit I go through I bet neither of them would care about my feelings. It’s just did you get job done and did you make your money. Whew, chile. Men I tell you.

But women have this way of glorying pain especially when it’s a bag involved like the girls who date the broken men that’s broke and cheats like we all don’t share some form of relevancy in pain. Because like our fathers and fellow men of America us ladies was taught you get a man that’s a provider. Little did our old school minded folks know that we needed someone that provided love, affection, intimacy, honesty, and truth.

If you find a guy that’s like this already tell him to call me at 901-555-5555 and my name is Keyshia because that’s who I am this week.

People always say either you deal with a busy man or babysit a broke one. The problem ain’t the business it’s the fact he can find himself into anything that’s the problem. Because money is a power that can consume many humans. Oh what we will do for the love of money. Every girl has dreams of dating a man who independent but also dependable.

If you say you don’t then I’ll just accept the fact you are a Asexual and you can do without humans. I can dig it but what happens when the clashing of lifestyles causes indifference's in the relationship with the one you love.

Because their thirst for money, power, fame, statue, and appreciation seems to differ when it comes to the love, they have to give to you. It’s always seems like you get a little to less no matter how much money he spends on you. You desire for more but yet you still get so little. You ponder over everything everybody else got and wonder what’s so great about being rich. Hell, I tell you for one not having to live with someone else for starters.

But hold your mule will be right back..

The Broke Nigga

Yeah, I said it nobody wants to be with a broke nigga it’s true because soon as that nigga get up you know its f*** you. Some rich niggas don’t even like broke females, but they don’t rarely get talked about because it’s an ego stroke for a man to give a woman who ain’t never had shit before something. It’s different dating a man who broke because you don’t know if the nigga lazy or he just needs a push. And majority of the women that’s still mad at they baby daddies, or ex lovers that done bossed up is because he came up without her.

Because us women sometimes give with wanting the approval of another person. This is why when women say I gave him a place to stay, paid the bills, held it down, and took care of everything tends to backfire on her. Because yeah you might have had good intentions but the way it was coming off it was truly one-sided and a parental figure like relationship. Now I know some of y’all like girl I just need him to pay child support he finally got a job. Well sweetie just hold your breath a little while longer because he ain’t gone do it when you tell him too.

One because when you’ve been in a state of lack for so long you tend to forget what is rarely important. Like those people who helped him or paying bills. It’s true I’ll save my money enough just spend it on something. Ion like being broke but I got’s to have what I think I need with no restrictions. Ignorance I tell you. Take this for example you dating a jail bird. This nigga get out and go right back doing the same things that got him locked up in the first place.

Why? Deprivation is why. Because when you are so accustomed to living life a certain way you never stop to see how your life affects those around you. Because subconsciously we all want our chance at happiness at any given moment.

From a Boy To a Man

I get you have been through hell and back with life. Every time you got the courage to smile more, laugh, and to live blissfully life found a way to knock you down a peg. Was it the criticism and the expectation of who you were supposed to be? Or the things you emotionally lack that you didn’t know how to ask for in your time of need. The reason I say this is because I’m tired of being heartless because y’all niggas be thinking you fina take a h** feelings all down in the mud to see if I’m Ford tough.

Nigga I am but not for that. I used to say it all the time boys always got away with being destructive while us women had to be fixers. We are the healers men are the fixers and preparer's not the other way around. Have you ever heard the old saying a man and his toys? That’s how majority of you men act in love. Not all of you because I know it’s some good dudes out here that’s doing the damn thing. Loving they ole lady, being attentive, showing support, and just shutting up.

But for the other men I have yet to understand what is this crippling fear with you and emotional vulnerability. I say all the time men are the most judgmental creatures that have ever walked this earth. But, I have yet to figure out why must some men try to strip a woman of her essence in order to see her for the true beauty she is.

Like did you know the more you destroy her light the harder it will make her want to shine. And because apathy tends to run deep through the souls of men you tend to run as fast as possible when she isn’t herself. Where’s the loyalty Bob?

Where is it? Because in a day and age where people say they want loyalty over fake s*** and a bond over a title. A lot of people don’t even meet the requirements of it and damn sholl don’t know the meaning of it. Because a lot of people fail to recognize in order to be loyal to something you have to be willing to sacrifice something for the great of good. I say all the time that love is an energy exchange between two people. And when they aren’t in alignment the balance will be off in a relationship.

Every person you meet is fighting a silent battle you know nothing about so it’s completely impossible to get in a relationship with someone who is baggage free. You do get to choose the person who baggage you want to put up with. Love isn’t a fairy tale its life, its everyday moving around you. It is the reason we live and choose to live each day. Love is acceptance but with less more of a tolerance for humans.

When you sit back and think about the people whom you loved or do love don’t let that stop you from loving again. Get honest about the things you need and your expectations and make sure you fact check them to see if they are coming from a realistic place.



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