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Take a Break! Mental Health Check

Mental Health Check:

In the meantime, while I’m gathering my thoughts for the part two of the co-parenting blog, I stopped by to check in and say what are y’all doing? Are y’all telling a friend to tell a friend to go check out my YouTube channel. The link for the YouTube channel is below. And I’m doing the love reading for each sign what a snooze fest.

I’m, not saying that your relationship problems are boring, my eyes just see more than love. Like love is an adjective, while at the same a noun, and a verb. So, it’s tasking when someone is saying my lover is getting on my nerves when you lover is going through something. Majority of the problems are family problems, mental health problems, or lack the of boundaries with career and family.

So, it is hard when someone is expecting a love reading when you have so many things blocking your perception on love.

But how is your mental health today? Cause child I been tired as hell and I told y’all when I want to go sleep, I’m going to sleep. If the world on was fire I wouldn’t wake up. Because your body be knowing when it needs that rest. Speaking of rest, I know that it is hard for some of y’all. Child, y’all be in them ethers just talking I be half hearing y’all because I prepared to go to bed.

It’s like having kids and they finally don’t sleep in the bed with you anymore and you pull the covers slightly back to go to sleep and the baby in the bed. And you looking like WTH and sighs! You either say scoot over or just stare because they sleep. That’s how I be feeling when y’all be in the ethers. “Like come on man” in my Boosie voice.

I be telling yall you can just jump in the live chat and say what you need to say or just send an anonymous message if you feel I’m not listening or responding properly. It be so many things going on from pranks, chaos, drama, and gossip that about time I get to y’all I have to get my mind right. That drama be taxing and as much I try to run away from it that it drains my energy.

For those you that read the energy vampire blog I just wanted to add in parasitic host use this as a tactic to get your energy. I’m human I wish was super girl because that would explain my dating life because child Kara your career cost you love. At least that’s what she thinks because of her fear of her lifestyle she had this crippling fear of people finding out she was semi human.

Yes, girl that’s not me though. I’m at this place in life were you better bring yo ass on or I’m leaving and when you come please don’t have all those questions and stories just be you. But while you’re here th

ough do you do know your trigger number?

The things that take you from two to ten? Whether it be your anger, anxiety, or nervous breakdowns. Do you know? Or are you more focused on managing a lifestyle that you forget you are your own top priority? I mean there are a hell of health fitness junkies on your timeline giving out free game. Meanwhile I’m sneaking eating cookies and I said, I started my diet. I be lying its okay.

They knew who I was before. I be sounding like an ain’t shit nigga that you begging to change that’s me when it comes to my diet.

But healthy eating habits can help redirect your mental health but if you’re a procrastinator and like to take things the long way and, on your time, then have no fear I’m here. But I just wanted to say what is the rush in your life that requires you to obtain things so fast. Like your peace, sanity, kids, marriage, friends, relationships, and you. Is it, social media or the people in your environment trying to get you to be what they are?

And when I say trying to get you to be what they are I mean the unconsciously mirroring affect. The people who has obtained something you want that they forget they was once you. So, when it comes to understanding the things you go through, they give you some half-hearted advice to shut you up. Leaving you to feel like you should do things they way they do them creating this feeling of a void in you.

Leaving you to be unsatisfied with how things play out or unsatisfied with your reality of acceptance.

That the rush I’m talking about. So, for this week I got a task for you to do! If you can get to a computer and printer then that’s fine. If not get you a journal nothing fancy and on the front page I want, you to write ten things you love about yourself. When I say the things you love about yourself, I mean the things that make you, you but your afraid to share them with people.

For those of you that are going to type them up you can hang them up and you don’t have to label it ten things you love about yourself. It’s like your making your own picture because your going to frame it. Frames cheap by the way and for those of you that are budget tight take a thumb tack and stick on the wall. We did it over here.

When you print it get the glossy paper and a fancy font take your time dress it up and add in a border or something. It’s like you are your own Michel Angelo so when people come over or when you see it on the wall it will feel like and OBE. (outer body experience). You will get to see how people view you and how others react to your artistry even if you aren’t an artist.

When you do it you can post it on social media and hashtag the word, #frameit! Remember glossy paper it can be as big as you want it or small as you want it to be! Get creative these are your words and your truths and if you can’t find nothing that you love about yourself don’t go asking nobody else. In my Tabitha voice. You better write or type what you aspire to be!

It may seem small or odd but these task exposes a lot about ourselves to ourselves. you can add your kids in it too! ESPECIALLY THIS NEW GENERATION OF KIDS! BOTTOMS UP!


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