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Stop Trying To See/Speak To The You In Other People!

Selling yourself to people is real thing that most people do. It's a process were you talk about the qualities you possess to appeal to someone else's liking. You actually put yourself self in a position to be able to be used, abused, and drained by people. We all have done it before when we see someone who possess some sort of characteristics we don't have, but we enjoy them that we find our true selves being pushed to back. Now, I'm not talking about a job interview I'm talking about the basic human relations such as; friends, family, associates and lovers. I mean it's quite naturally easy to do, but do you notice when you're doing this.

  • Who Are You Talking Too? Really who are you talking too? Naturally, when your dating or putting yourself out there you find yourself gravitating towards those people who say goods things ,but do the opposite. Or you find yourself saying you will date different, but ends up in the same situation. Ironically your plagued with the idea of how did I get here? Why are they so selfish? How did I lose myself? Because you my friend haven't actively decided what is it that you need and you haven't most likely become what it is your looking for. See when we see the qualities that other people have we never stop to think what is it I could do for me to be better for me. It takes you out the mind frame of what the other person is doing and what they do. So, that you can honor you in the process. Your need to not fail at something is keeping you bound to people, situations, and stories that have long played out. Your need to not fail is what makes a failure out of you. When you decide you want something out life it doesn't naturally come to you. You have to be willing to work for it. Money has become so easy to get metaphorically speaking that people think that acquiring peace, contentment and awareness comes with ease. Chile it takes time. Do the circles you run in allow you room to be you? Honestly, likes what the conversation like on a day to day basis?

  • What Is It That Your Seeking To Find? When you find yourself lost on a road that you feel is leading you to nowhere is when you actually find you. It's just you keep stopping and asking questions and seeking security in things that holds no value. Leaving you to avoid you and what your trying to accomplish as individual because feeling alone is a difficult process. Think about its your first day in high school and your not a teen anymore your parents are giving you the I hope you a great day speech and your so focused on not being the weirdo. The girls/guys that seem like the cool kids who have friends or family whose been there for generations seems like a go to source. "WRONG!" You don't know those guys you just have the same vested interest in materials so, you feel why not give this a shot. Being the floater friend I can say it's some cool people that be in the in crowd process, but your prey and they see this. So, you find yourself walking the halls and not speaking to old friends just enjoying the high because their well known. In this scenario you gave up who you were to be known. Your were actually searching for you, but you found the parts of you that you didn't like or needed to shed. Again, I ask you what are you seeking to find?

  • Is It You, OR Your Ego That Needs To Be Validated? I find it pretty funny how people don't know how to dissect the message from the messenger. Leaving you to be entangled with people who're no good for you. I always say people tell you who are before they show you who they are. It's just we don't listen to the parts of them that don't fit the idea of our ego. The ego can be good for the body and mind it's encourages our strengths and banishes our weaknesses. When the ego is out of balance it finds itself the complete opposite listening only to hear what we want to hear. Chile, if you think everybody is always going to tell what you want to hear just buckle up for people to steal your power. See people who are ego driven can be easily manipulated. All you have to do is appeal to their ego why you think narcissist are able to woo you in the beginning. They know what you're looking for so, they give exactly that and nothing more. Your too busy being one track minded that you don't pay attention to the chaos that is going on behind you. Validation is tricky because it takes away from what you have to receive instant gratification. Wondering why your hit with the avalanche affect. Meaning your world comes crashing down. I know it's sick, chile that's how I got caught up in this mess. But, honestly checking yourself and the people you around leaves room for growth. It gives and equal distribution of accountability. "Ask yourself or others?" Are you so ego driven that you can't stop for five seconds and see that other people needs matter beyond you?

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