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As we grow in spirituality it seems as if people are doing and saying anything to be famous, go viral, be top dog, or Queen of Sheba. Everything has become about money when true spirituality isn't about that it doesn't mean that you are going to be broke but to only want to be spiritual for financial purpose can be dangerous. A person who operates in this energy can be misleading, misguide you, give fake advice, and create the road blocks in your life. For my folks that’s true here I used to say this all the time “DONT LET SOMEBODY TRICK YOU OUT YOUR RELIGION.”-LANE M! And this has put many people in harm's way because sometimes you don’t need to adapt to a form of spirituality sometimes you need a spiritual boost. People have made it seem as if that you don’t have to work to obtain favor in spiritual realm.

When it is unrealistic, there are beings who have walked this path before you so they set stones in place for you to follow or they created the blocks because they didn’t want to go any further in life. Some people have reincarnated into this lifetime to alleviate your ancestor's karma and yours. It may seem unfair but you never know what you are made of. If you followed my 2020 series when I was talking about the matrix being off, I said that it was going to be a switch and there was and initiation happening. And it may throw you off because those who feel they are deserving of things weren't getting it and these people are having spiritual meltdowns. Even going so far as to throwing black magic, hoodoo, voodoo, jinx, hexes, curses, and evil eye all because you out rank them spirituality.

And YouTube and other platforms people use to promote their work has become the new church. You know how Christians have just come to the reality that everybody who come to the church is sick and need of something. Well in the spiritual community it seems as if the collective and our fellow leaders are not clicking and getting it together. Because it is more about ego and pride more than anything. If a man cannot lead himself, how can he lead you and this how the collective fall unto false prophets who feed us worldly news. It's okay because we need our daily dose of care but when you are to focused on the day to day needs and not receiving the things you need to grow or trusting yourself enough to do it on your own baby you got the wrong teacher.

If someone is so scared that your growth is going to make them lose out on money baby, they doubt their own gifts. Because if you financially sustained them for a period time, why do they doubt their higher ups will provide for them. Why do you burn ancestor money then. Why do you do money rituals? Why we pray to Gods and Goddess? Why do we do divination? Why do we give the credit for making us better than others but doubt when it comes to your financial needs? Now sometimes we can go through a dark season where it's time for you to step it up like up your prices, offer new courses, push that business idea, or focus on getting stable like your home.

Those sometimes can be money blocks for you as well because you scared to show the world that you deserve more but on the spiritual sense you feel you hold power. How sway? How sway? You have no balance this is where it seems like you keep experiencing problem after problem because you value one of the other more and the ancestors, elders, and passed ones came to show us what we need to keep in the matrix. And keep in mind it is okay if you don’t have family who support you, you may impact many people that aren't even blood related to you. That nigga Jesus did we barely heard about Mary being all down on the front line while he was doing the praise and worship. Sidebar she really was just praising that nigga from ego but ever shielded him from emotional battles. Damn. Don’t come for me Christians! I ain’t got time today, I know the lord.

All I have to say is take your time it is no journey that is greater, more valuable, or precious than yours. When you learn to not move out of ego you will learn that what is for you is for you. I'm not saying life isn't gone hurt but if you not making mistakes and learning from them then what are doing. And a choice you keep making over again and calling it a mistake isn’t mistake it’s a choice. Your life depends on you if you want to allow people to lead you down the wrong path then you can do that, but don’t get mad and try to manipulate others into the shit you do or did because you can’t live in your consequences. I’ll post and old video that popped on my feed yesterday because it maybe relating to your now.



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