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Spiritual Warfare


In this day age it seems as if spiritual warfare has been running through the group chat. The need for drama, chaos, hate, and envy is running rampant and the need for love has been coming more and more less. We have more people taking from the earth and not pouring back into it because they feel they deserve more. #PYA If energy is created and never destroyed then why are people mad about the actions they are taking and don’t like the reward of the seeds they have sown. I will say it again spirituality isn't for everybody because we have people who think magic is the only way to come up, to talk to ancestors and honor them, #PYA and to deal with things in our day to day lives. These people who think like this only expose themselves to be children on the totem pole of spirituality. I get it religion, the occult, and other forms of divination can be life changing.

While for some all they do is try to come up with many ways to change other people lives these people #PYA are like victims of themselves. Too scared change, too scared to live, and to scared to just be because once you get to point a life you learn that you were once them or they have encountered some form of you. Everybody isn't destined to be the same to talk the same, #PYA look the same, think the same, hell even look the same. But let the fear of the new tell it we’re all supposed to follow some colored line which is only black and white and no I'm not talking about race. I’m talking about the lack of change and depth we are able to tap into when it comes to ourselves. Everybody spiritual needs #PYA and values differ this is why we hire shamans, reiki specialist, doulas, healers, mediums, bruja, root workers, and tarot readers to do the job we cannot. Not for them to teach us that this is the only to live it is only so much we #PYA can to use to coexist in this lifetime. This is why we meet certain people when are on our journeys and then we meet ones after the battle alone has been won.

I ask myself? What is this some new forms of New Age Christianity were we all have to accept some form of fate that is even destined to be a part of our lives. I have seen souls and know souls who know it's no turning back in this #PYA lifetime but instead they continually persist. It's like they are adamant to fuck with the matrix design like they are some forms of higher power. It's like there a glitch in the matrix and these people come #PYA from the same realm or they are breeding these people in some camp to take over our minds. When there are people who walked this earth before us and was able to triumph battles that no #PYA man alone has done in this season. I mean how can they if all we do is sit in sorrow, create wounds, crush the ones who are healing, and take from life without duplicating its essences.

No, I'm not talking about copycatting and stealing someone else's things but to learn from those who make strides #PYA to change themselves for the better isn't that what the true prophets were put on this earth to do. To battle adversity but not alone in way to incorporate others to step into their light or path. I know like hell it ain’t that many dark workers because even the dark workers know some people #PYA ain’t cut out for the things they have to do to keep the matrix in line. This is why those people who are pretending are running around like a chicken with the head cut off complaining about all of the wrong they are doing because they don’t even know themselves.

How sway, how can you know yourself when all do is cast dark magic, manipulate, and barely pour into those around you. You are the systematic guise #PYA that is placed in plain sight that plays out till this day. Victory isn’t something that is always to supposed to be made up it is with hard work that creates dreams #PYA and make strides to go down in history forever that is something to be documented. Not how many people can we get to do this stupid shit what is this squid games that is playing out right in front of eyes. It's like we are all fighting a losing battle #PYA because in the end nobody needs is still meet, still complaining, still bickering, still stuck in the past, still lying, still trying to get off, still sneaking, and still doing the same shit.

I just want to say it's okay to be a square and stay in your lane your hard work gone pay off it may not seem that way because it seems like everybody around you getting over and winning but your time is coming. Whether it is that new car, graduating school, getting sober, being a better parent, facing up to your abusers, cutting off them toxic ass friends, cutting cords, releasing that trauma, telling your parents off and never looking back, falling in love with ease, remove the #PYA debris form your eyes and seeing your life in its true potential. Just don’t give up because when you give up, they win and we don’t need no sucker feeling like they winning when they really fronting. Remember some days you run while other days you walk. - Lane M



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