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Spiritual Protection In The Shadows

Spooky Season is here, and I read on a post that when Scorpio season is around the corner and that is when you know the veil is thin between the spirit realm. And I said ah ha I see why ancestor work would come up especially for those wiccans that has begun to take an interest into magic. At some point as being witch or a practitioner you have to have some sense of mediumship. And for those of you witches who haven't discovered what your intentions can do to your spell work then I know you have someone from the afterlife trying to connect with you.

Whether it be a good or bad spirit that’s on you to figure it out or ask someone that is more experience in that area. When you do ancestor work and learn your heritage then you’ll know what you are supposed to act with or who had problems with what. But around this time this is when you’ll have people trying to pull off seances to commute with dead. Please stop watching TV before yo ass be around here feeling like you are losing your s*** because you have seen so and so do it. Everything isn’t for everybody.

Now that we got that out the way make sure that your protection game is a one because it’s some blessings on the way. Whether it be materialized or even in the midst of happening, treat it as if you are pregnant. And the first three months you wouldn’t want to share certain information with everyone. The wintertime is coming around and the shadows are out, and this energy doesn’t feel like the typical energy of the hidden self. No, it’s been people true character that is out, and we just didn’t have our third eye open enough to see it. Y’all do remember them readings every tarot reader and healer were talking about the rise and fall of certain friends in your life.

Granted I know it sucks but everybody can’t walk your path with you so it’s going to be some people who don’t have your best interest at heart. And for those of us who have already experience this we know that we can’t go back in time to erase it just only learn from it. For the rest of y’all make sure you got your prayer game intact, so you want fall into the trap of heavy temptation more than anything. Your root chakra will be very important in the upcoming season because you have people who just done right ugly. If you can keep the beef to minimum do such.

Because you have some people who are just waiting on a chance to slither they ass in to cause you some more chaos in your life. Whether that’s trying to talk you out of dreams, ruin your relationships, your credibility, and will to live. And if you ever sat down with them baby they’ll be ready to have a whole tell it all about how life treated them. Some people just don’t learn from their mistakes or the wrong of other, so they just become it.

It’s not your job to fix everybody but sometimes it is best to see where they are coming from, especially from an outside perspective. In the words of Hattie Mae, ima love you from you a distance. Sometimes that’s best because some people really don’t need to occupy your space. I don’t care if it’s a one-night stand, a fake friend, a bully, chaos on the job, or opposing forces. This is now the time to stay working on you and those around you so y’all can grow together. So, when things try to come up amongst you, you want let the evil of the world in.

In the words of Tayannah Lewis, Do you know evil and especially your own?


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