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Spiritual Problems

Spiritual Problems

A lot of people have real issues and are now seeking our spiritual wisdom and I just want to say please use your cognizance. A lot of things may not go in your favor, just because you see someone pull off some major spell work doesn’t mean that it will go well over for you. You have so many people who are exposing information to people who have weak minds and poor control over there body that they end up doing more harm to themselves. Some people don’t trust the favor that they have over their life so they will rather just take a quicker route towards things. Spiritual cognizance is enough, and it doesn’t require spell work for many people. Sometimes a simple talk to God to clear your mind and allow the source, creator, divination work, guides, or deities to reveal information to you.

Sometimes you don’t need to pull off massive spell work to get the results that it is that you need. You have people who are not team players who always think about their well being that they end up causing more problems in a group, family, or coven. Because their upbringing or hold of life perspective limit them in their state of growth. I find this to be very tricky for certain people to understand because they always think that everything is supposed to have meaning. There are series of events that is supposed to play out in life, but you have people who feel as if they should play God. I feel no matter if a person is a dark worker, or a light worker should stand their ground because there are so many people who are lost and contaminating the spiritual realm. I try my best to stay out of the ethers because it’s some things I don’t want to see or know.

And another thing about spiritually people fail to recognize that your religious practices doesn’t define someone else’s relationship with God. Not once did I ever go to church and crave to do witchcraft even though I did earth magic unconsciously, but it wasn’t sought out. I have seen many things my elders do and practice, but they always had a relationship with God. I always had a relationship with passing souls, but I just thought it was apart of my imagination because my elders allowed me room to express that with them. You have people who have no gifts that are always trying to go off and steal someone else’s power and not knowing what it takes to be that person. People fail to recognize that the people who are being prepared for spiritual war have some of the most hardest battles with life.

The get raped, abused, go broke, fail as parents, fail as lovers, lose jobs, cry, and quit because life can be tough as hell. But one thing you don’t see is that they quit on themselves some may do but they ones that don’t they always persevere. It’s not about power, fame, riches, cars, and accolades. Social media defines it this way because it has a heavy impact onto the minds of many people because they constantly expose themselves to these realities. So, after a while you see many people fall for the façade of greed. Have you not seen the heightened rise in tarot readers, herbalist, practitioners, preachers, healers, and prophets? And I am here to tell you that half of them motherfuckers is fake as hell when you find a genuine person who is called to act in whatever region that they are called too you hold onto them.

Yes, it will be people who preach and talk about the evils of the world but also know that half of the people who are you preaching to will gladly go see that person who they feel is evil. For their love spells, domination work, money rituals, and to hate upon someone who has never bothered them. It is real and these people who live amongst the collective can be poisonous to a group. I remember I a scripture in the bible where they talk about the elders calling out the sinners for their wrong doings. The first time in private, the second time with the elders, and last time was blatantly in front of the church. Some people didn’t like this because after a while a person in power got comfortable with the quick results that it gave them to humiliate a soul. Little did they know they didn’t know they would cause destruction and become to ingulfed into their own ego and be their own demise.

Again, these are humans no matter the flesh bag they decide to reincarnate in. You’ll be amazed at who practices witchcraft and lie about it but it ain’t my thing to judge as long they ain’t sending it over here. And I also want people to know the moment you step into your calling you’ll experience more emotional hits from the ones you love and those who do the same work as you. They get mad too because their gifts don’t favor them, or they’ll find themselves running to someone who is more skilled in area to get you. Child, just a month ago I had told a master magician could you please take me off your altar right before he was fina do his bid on me. Not because I’m terrible person it is because he trusted his client and was going to do as such. It was only in great honor he didn’t because he wondered how the hell did, I know.

And that is my secret to ever tell as well he has his and it ain’t my business what he does because his calling is his calling and I have mind. We just work on two different sides of the law let’s just say I’m the good cop and he’s the bad one willing to do whatever it takes to make those souls pay. Me I preferably don’t have time for that because child constantly trying to put a root on somebody will require me to become to focus on the target at hand. Did you not here me say my grandma had 13 kids and every time she turned around, she was knocked up, she should’ve just stop turning. But having kids in poverty and being with a man for financial stability left her a meaningless life. Hell, even made her resentful towards her kids.

The only thing she was good enough to do was to go to church and take care of kids. Whew, that’s some misery and to top it off those kids didn’t keep none of her properties and can’t even do right by they own. I mean I see why because she didn’t instill these things in them, but damn don’t nobody want to change. Whew, childhood trauma is a bitch! Moral of the story develop your own relationship with God or whatever you believe in because the mind is very powerful and once somebody mind is made up it is hell undoing it. If you find some cool people who know how to praise the lord right, pray with you, light a candle with you, and know how to use their spiritual practices for good hold onto them. Because they are rare and like precious jewels. I hope all is well and this message finds you in good faith beloved it.


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