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Spiritual Mess


Now I don’t know if you gone be cool or come out of bag but it’s some things, I got to get off my chest. Now for those of you I don’t care to share my religious beliefs because when you want to stay out of the way you don’t share your political or religious beliefs. Its just something about finding out your best friend is a democrat and you a republican that sends the group chat into a frenzy. Or you being a Christian and another is a witch, the ignorance that seems to come out of peoples mouths never seem to amaze me. Now I get it belief systems is literally what can make or break any long-standing relationship in your life.

You don’t remember when you were nine and you had a favorite color, and you would argue with your friend about why it’s the best color in the world. And you would go to other people to verify your truths until you met someone like them who didn’t. And then you learned who stay away from because they didn’t believe in what you believed in. Now in the realm of spirituality it’s not like that because ever since COVID you have everybody being tricked out of their religious beliefs. For some it did wonders it created pathways for them to see themselves in new a light. For others your faith was challenged more than ever that you might have felt victim to magic or witchery. Yes, it was some folks that was in the church and throwing energy how I know because I was one of them that got hit by that demon.

No seriously it’s been a spiritual mess since COVID hit the map, but for me it was my gift and curse because I was able to start my first blog site. And boy did I have some great content and still do I am able to explore and challenge my writing skills more. Learn more and have a digital download of my success with the world virtually without always having to say a word. It’s like if you never met me in real life you would just say man this is for me and my size, sex, race, or religious beliefs wouldn’t even matter. But outside of that am I the only one that’s ready for Pisces to scoot and poot I did not want the season to start off with spiritual downloads and heavy ass dreams. Like man I been in autopilot mode and quite frankly not giving AF.

It’s not saying that I have detached from reality but knowing you can’t change people and I don’t have to be that catalyst for everyone is quite okay. Being content in my spiritual beliefs has kept me more sane than I was in my spiritual awakening boy did I feel like I was crazy. Spirit gone have to come down with that for my fellow intuives or awakeners. But one thing I noticed with spirituality since COVID it has become more trendy to skip out on doing the work such as therapy, addressing the real issues, and avoid accountability. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed the rise in this? And another thing is profit I told you I knew this lady and I might share this reddit post about this woman being tarot reader and raking in doe by giving false message. I was appalled but hey if somebody not in tune with themselves you can’t blame someone for exploiting them.

Now on the opposite side of this some of us have morals and everything isn’t about money, but we do have to sustain a healthy living. I tell people all the time to pray before you seek out my guidance because I may not be your light bringer in this season, and I am perfectly okay with that. I try to make it as universal as much as I can but sometimes it won’t be that way all ways. And there are people who know they are not your teacher in this lifetime, but they will make that shoe fit just because you wanted someone to wear. That’s why you have to be weary of what you allow to feed you. You don’t remember being a kid and having your parents do things you didn’t like, and you thought to yourself I can’t wait get out and be grown. And look at you now doing the same things they did, complaining about the same things they complain about, and dating the same kind of people they’ve dated. Funny, right?

Boy do life comes full circle or we just do what we see and taught subconsciously on a day-to-day basis. Now, the only reason I labeled this blog a spiritual mess because there are people who are called to do what it is they need to, but they have people who are blocking their path. Because they feel that they should be what the next person is and the flock who are now digitized are drawn to popularity over their intuition. Taking that same church hurt into life and blocking them from their connection with the Most High, God, Creator, Goddess, or Universe. I mean this been going for two years straight and I been constantly saying look OVER HERE! NOW IT’S TO THE POINT I’M SAYING WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? Ima drop a couple of links where I explained this a little better.

They labeled different but in each one this how people got gouped into certain spiritual matters. I hope this helps, I’m at home bored and I don’t want to talk.

The Undo Process (

Magical Blues (

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Funny Business in The Cosmos (

Informational (


The artist is the same person, Twitter: @thequalitynamed

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