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Spiritual Cults

Spiritual Bullying:

Occult tactics, spiritual narcissism, lying, and keeping people in spiritual restraint.

A lot of people find themselves coming out of cults at this time and some people feel more depleted and open than ever. Some people are still holding on to the wound of embarrassment for sharing secrets and parts of themselves with individuals who shouldn't have known parts of them on a soul level, emotional level, and even psychical level. That the blow back on an emotional level is causing some people spiritual sickness that is connected to the reason why some people are experiencing a spiritual psychosis. You would see this come up as mental health issues, physical diagnosis that seem to be miraculously healed out of no where, and personality splits that is caused by the matrix. Now for my people who are lightworkers you may have found yourself to be completely utterly disgusted with some of your clients because of their behaviors. And for my shamans and practitioners you may have been working your ass off to remove a lot of entities and parasitic hosts that have been present in some people's energy fields.

I just heard one of y’all say I’m going to take a long break after this and I fucking feel you because the matrix has been fucking matrixing at this time. If you remember a few years ago I said don’t let nobody trick you out of your religion and some people laughed. The hoteps screamed at me saying I was pushing the white man's agenda when it came to living. Not knowing that I was actually protecting some people from ruining their lives. See, some people rely on the power of religion because of the community that is attached to it. So, if their pastor is decent or a little bit tapped in they find that the spiritual work is more on him/her than it is with them. Some people don’t have the capacity to give offerings, let alone remember how to close out a casting circle, or know the difference between an altar for ancestors or one for the deity they are worshiping. With technology running through the group chat telling us we can be everything we can be in a night.

They forget that the cosmos has to be spiritually balanced when it comes to the matrix of what we call this earthly plane. So, too many people saying they want to be of God and doing nothing is nothing but spiritual chaos. Some people don’t have the mental capacity to be able to do the dirty things we call evil and be able to allow something to run a muck because it isn’t time to actually access the threat. So, the common things that non enlightened people have to deal with become a challenge like love, finances, balancing business, workers, common relationships, and just overall harmony becomes a threat. Because they have been operating on one side of the universe for too long. And in order to bring it into balance some people have to be exposed to the other side. And this is where we find ourselves having problems because what is too much in the day and age of Aquarius. I spend hours online divulging all of my personal business and meanwhile half of America doesn't even know my name.

Now, I don’t take offense to this because in a world where we all need to be noticed, hey I fit in just enough. That isn’t my calling in this lifetime to be obsessed with likes, clicks, shares, and fame. I just want us to be able to live longer than what is the average number for a human of your bloodline and be happy in it. Now, the question was, what is enough in this day and age? If you expose the truth they call it a lie. Put a lie in the truth and they believe it as if it is the truth. Now, if some people want to believe the lies does that mean you have to lie to everybody, right? If you said yes then that is more of a moral issue with you than me. But the problem lies with us as a whole. It is the fact that too many people got exposed to too much information at once and it caused some people to go into an overload. I’ll give an example. In 2021 my whole family joined a cult and my auntie stole a grimoire from an occult leader and has been wreaking havoc on everybody lives.

Now to the people who believe in honoring your heritage. Child, with a grandmother being a dark witch and black widow at that. Some would say that is power no here's where we differ. See, she didn’t have room to grow into the person she wanted to be; so she conformed to what society said she should be. So, instead of going within doing the healing work the power of three gave her an alter ego so massive that it became damaging to those around her. It made her power hungry, that activated genes and emotional patterning she had since she was a kid. And the things she disliked about herself became her power only because the spirits could feed off it. Without the spellwork and entities she can’t clinically survive in this world because she doesn’t want to do the work.

See, my problem isn’t the spirituality, the magic, or knowing what the white man is doing. It is more about the people forgetting that with time, evolution happened so we can use these tools to help better protect ourselves, and be a guide so we can navigate life. That magic has become more about domination work for love, money, power, and fame. All the meanwhile people can barely keep these titles that God didn’t call them to. It’s amazing how you can put a little bit of trauma, a color, and a sob story and watch how people will feel empowered by pain but doing nothing to fix the things that caused the pain. People fail to recognize that we are the cosmic design and our imprint matters so we leave the debt to our children to finish off our karmas. And as a person who is tired of someone trying to steal, stifle, or disturb my energetic agreement I find that shit NOT TO be fair. See, like my auntie that liked to do nice things for others it became a burden because she didn’t know boundaries.

And growing up in a culture where you don’t speak back to your elders is something that crippled her. Because she, me, ima talk my shit in the book in Key Glock. Now, I am not disrespectful to my elders but it is time I will let them know that hey my grandma dead but she raised a nigga right so don’t push it. Because doing ancestor work became tiring when I used to hold meetings for them in the spirit realm. Because they didn’t want to look at the direction their children were going and how their actions affected them. And they fucked up the next generation and they lazy ass don’t won’t to do know work neither. Because all they know is their parents' pain because their parents didn’t have the privilege of emotional expression because of some damn respect. So, we have people who are so called spiritual going around bullying other people because they desire to be different.

Meanwhile you got niggas pushing agendas and also christianity think pieces while doing the same things that pastors do when they say we don’t believe in the LGBTQIA until they need some money. And no this doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t need to stop believing in their God but they probably need to detach from the outcome of what their preacher thinks about their sexuality. All ima say if you want to build a cult I think next time you should offer some damn refreshments such as peace, love, tranquility, and honor. So, when your people try to recruit or distort someone make sure they have some damn dignity if they have to go out behind it. Moral of the story heal yourself we all make mistakes. Don’t let nobody make you feel like a fool because you wanted growth, money, power, or success. Next time just read the fine print so you want to have to go through things like this. Maybe in a few years you’ll look back and laugh about it when your kids are going to college.


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