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Spiritual Communication and Blues

Spiritual Blues:


In my ascension journey I had felt that the little girl inside of me had been abandoned and was forced to grow up fast because I lacked the right emotional approach to things. So, people felt like because I had a bad attitude that I didn’t deserve to know certain things. I didn’t know how to hone in on my gifts so at the time I felt emotionally exploited by people because they knew my power but I didn’t. You heard me say all the time I knew who I was, but I didn’t know my value like many.

This left me crippled in certain areas because although my ascension journey was different from certain people they hated the fact that I could tap into certain realms without the guidance of any elder or magic being used at the time. So, while battling psychic attacks from evolved witches, evil eye throwers because I was lost, and destiny stealers because they thought they could harness my gifts. Whew, child the agony. Little did they know I came from a heritage of toxic martial and patriarchal and I had of lot of work to do. My journey wasn’t like theirs stepping into initiation and possessing some power.

No, it was in me along while I tried hard to kill off my gifts because to the world, I was crazy but to me I felt ever so sane. That in this walk of life while dealing with humans and possessing spiritual gifts shawty had a lot of f***ing growing to do. And let me tell you it was nothing nice. No, I wasn’t around here trying to throw jinn, evil eye, black magic, curses, hexes, and obe at people. Child, I was reckless with my throat chakra and causes a lot of people pain. That’s why I be telling people I don’t want to argue with you and all I ask is for you to treat me like the human I am. I don’t even have to have value to you. All I ask is that I be acknowledged and treated as if I am alive and not an object baby.

Newsflash that was a fairytale I was living in even though I do be out here living by it, that doesn’t mean that I receive that same respect and kindness back.

Spiritual No, No’s I Don’t Do:

1. Making pacts and petitions with anybody! Why because you don’t know what somebody is running from and what karma they have attached to them. Baby a person who know they are running from karma will spread that shit on to other people before they even get what’s come for them. Being an empath at an early age with no knowledge. I learned real quick that a lot of the things I was healing wasn’t mine baby I learned some boundaries real quick. Not just spiritual boundaries but the 3-D boundaries. Example: people who always have problems and always seek me out, people who always in drama and want me to be they friend because they pushed everybody else away, watching who I tell my business too, learning who can come in out of my home, and lastly what I watch and listen to even if its on TV, radio, or my cellphone.

Baby because energy can be created and never destroyed this is why those love and light people scare sometimes because if they don’t know their own evil, they can cause a lot of damage in a person life. And trust I know because I used to be on of them, not naïve but so comfortable with hiding and suppressing my shadow that when that thang hit the light, I lost almost everybody around me. Survival is a booger wooger I keep telling people to stop playing with people and putting them in a fight or flight mode. They gone choose them every time.

2. Going on psychic trips with everybody! Baby everybody don’t be trying to see life from a different dimension they be over there trying to steal, spy, destroy, and cause mischief. Baby they can be toxic and when you create a cord with them just know when it breaks that energy has to go somewhere. Especially if you know right from wrong baby, you’ll feel like you the oldest and your mama whooping your ass because of your younger sibling. Ooo the joy of getting my ass best as I say this with such sarcasm.

3. Playing around in the astral realm and trying to have lucid dreams. Baby as having the gifts of dreams I have seen some weird shit, so I don’t need to be trying to decipher messages that isn’t for me. Because some beings be trying to come across your dream state to possess your vessel and cause issues with your mind. The funny thing about the astral realm if you don’t know energy of have pineal blocks you don’t know who or what is trying to connect with you.

Just because you have a spiritual addiction going on doesn’t mean that everyone has the same intention with the information you come across. They may want to abuse the information they receive from you.

4. LINKING UP WITH EVERYBODY THAT SAY THEY SPIRITUAL! Baby let me tell you they human and they ain’t exempt from making mistakes. So, if you think they have some special connection to God which I do believe some people do, but only some well know. You are going to be in for a rude awakening because some folks ain’t spiritual they just do spiritual shit. The same way be talk about pastors scheming and finessing baby there are some tarot readers who do the same things, some magicians as well, elders, psychics, and astrologers who finesses people out they bag too.

They human child we don’t know what experiences they had growing up that molded them into the being they are today. Just because mama and papa been slanging magic down from the south don’t mean that Betty got the same intention and passion her folks had. Being called to due spiritual work ain’t as easy as it seems because you gone encounter some people that’s gone test you. Some that may try to mess you over, lie on you, abuse you, and downright take you for granted. And those self-mastery skills you need isn’t going to always lie in doing magic on people.

Because if you always have a problem with people and first thought is to do magic on them baby that’s you it ain’t them. It’s going to take you to learn how not to work from the ego space.

5. SHARING YOUR CHART AND DIVINATION TOOLS WITH EVERYBODY! Some things some people aren’t supposed to know and that’s just that. Plain and simple your altar is your altar not theirs. They don’t need to be burning candles on your altar using your guides or nothing because they just might cause problems in your life. Again, you don’t need to be getting spiritually whooped because your best friend that’s mischievous and manipulative come over and say girl, I forget let me do this real quick. Spirit understands, they’ll give them a pass until they get home to do what they need to do. Now if yall know each other cool this isn’t something that shouldn’t be shared lightly.

* Your crystals, your singing bowls, your tarot cards, runes, candles, oils, incense, Florida water, and even your blood don’t need to be shared with someone you don’t know.*

Child, I don’t even play them games with my kin because some people ain’t evolved enough for me to be out her trying trust them with my stuff. Because one disagreement with a unevolved, one track minded person will have you in a whole spiritual war because they don’t know how to leave magic out of emotional issues. Girl because everything ain’t a cause to be out here using magic and everything ain’t time to be communicating with someone who is so gung-ho on using magic to defeat you.

Intuition will serve you best. Developing a better connection with you will help you navigate some challenging times in your life. Even if you spiritual, don’t forget the human you need a friend too because even the most spiritual people make mistakes when it comes down to relying on their gifts to assess if someone is worthy of being their friend.

That’s all I got I can’t think of no more well I can but its already four pages long and I don’t want to bore you guys. Remember it’s a phoenix that resides in you that is waiting to be unlocked at any given time – Bonnie.


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