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Spiritual Blues and Soul Ties Part 1


As this new upcoming wave of spirituality has become trending it also lack the depth meaning of energy and spirits that seem to live amongst us. A lot of people aren’t familiar with earth bounds spirts, those are entities that live amongst the earth that haven’t passed or crossed over. They usually lie dormant for someone to conjure up in the spirit of necromancy.

Sometimes they can find themselves in your home or energy field. You know how I feel about astral projection, realm jumping, and telepathic communication. Because some people can be manipulative down to a fault. Not saying they aren’t at fault, but it is they’re naturally way being of who they are. A spirit is the elemental force that is a magnetic field that is giving off energy to survive.

Have you ever heard of the old saying break a man sprit and you kill his will to live?

This is why the elders pride themselves on being so strong and raising kids up not to be emotionally weak because once the emotions can run the body the spirit follows blindly. Leaving the vessel of the person, mind, and spirt to live in dysmorphia. This is why those who experience the dark knight of the soul seems to stay in depression or an altered state of reality.

And for those who have experienced it tend to be more shadowy when it comes to their lively hood. Leaving those who operate in survival mode to stay out in the wild and not embrace the village of those who can teach and help them heal. As a child do you remember your parents painting people in a bad light only for you to either judge them or flock to them. If so, how did that turn out for you?

Do you wish they could’ve worded things better for you to understand or did curiosity get the best of the cat and cut out your tongue? Leaving you to be emotional wounded and spiritually wounded to the point your warrior doesn’t want to fight anymore. Causing you to rely more on the worldly hearted individuals who emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritual abuse you.

Child let me tell you the 3-D will tear you up and eat you up alive if you let it. Sometimes its best to know when to hold and to fold when it comes to certain people and situations. In the words of Tayannah Lee McQuillar just because someone says they have good intentions doesn’t mean they do. Spoken like every country grandma who told us if your friends jump off a bridge would you?

If you were a smart mouthed child like me, I would say I would go see my friends jump and her response would be, you gone end up doing it. Little did I know it was truth in our banter on the days we would be fussing.

I wrote all this to just soften the blow because the conversation we gone be talking about isn’t a pretty one many seem to bring up.

As the times have changed the world is now showing us how easy it is to obtain things we never could’ve have gotten and how easy it is to wind up in hurt. In the weekly tarot reading I mentioned about during this time we should be doing our inner child work. Because like most adults who we have become, we forget the older we get we still would like to have fun. The link will be below.

But when that inner child isn’t mastered, healed, or acknowledged we easily find ourselves trying to mask our pain through substances, sex, alcohol, or friends that do not serve us. I used to say along time ago know when to cut the party off. Because its certain people who aren’t supposed to be a part of your every season.

And as an adult we can hit those crossroads where we become intertwined into certain that aren’t good for us, but the fact that we are grown we limit ourselves in making our own decisions. As much as we talk about effective leadership, we often can follow the party of people who live hedonistically in their human experience. Have you ever heard of the term I live vicariously through you?

It’s a saying people use to say such as I’m not going to do it, but the fact that you do it I just want to hear about it because in that moment I can feel and understand the reason of why you did what you did. So, the collective of people who are affected by COVID-19 are in shambles because being in the house all the time and not being able to live out loud are emotionally challenging for them. Again, this is why inner child work came up.

Because as adults we forget we have needs outside of food, work, and taking care of others. That at any given moment that any person who say the right things or mirrors back to us the things we want in the moment can be a tricky mountain for people to climb. Because nobody wants to be left out but at the same time, we also know we shouldn’t be apart of any and everything.

Because like I said there are people who live vicariously through you that may end up telling your business before you get the chance to. And those people who are uncomfortable with the uncomfortable won’t be the ones who let you go so easily. Whether it be energetically, emotionally, or physically.


Soul ties can easily be identified with sexual transactions. This is where intentions i.e., emotions matter, sex matters, and magic matters. Soul ties are nothing but a transference of demons onto another person this is why it is very imperative to know who you share your body with. Because some people aren’t looking to have sex, they be looking for a place to stay energetically.

For those of you that know about cord attachments once in this lifetime you have found yourself healing something that wasn’t your problem. Soul ties are just a stronger version of a cord attachments, but don’t sleep on a cord attachment because its some that can be misread as a soul tie and can be stuck in your energetic field. That cause you a lot of spiritual woes instead of growth.

Soul ties also can come from past life experiences that you haven’t healed. Ex. The movie Twilight is a prime example of how Jacob branded Bella’s baby so she can be protected from the vampires. So, what happens when its time for you to grow or alleviate from old wounds, but you have been marked down from your past.

For those of you that don’t know about soul contracts I personally don’t like them because in each lifetime of a 10-year span, we are supposed to be at the expense of the Divines call. Soul contracts are normally benefited for one particular individual at a certain time. The tricky thing about navigating your human experience, causes people to experience blockages and the same cycles because of the inability to grow and except change.

Its cool when you’re in the winning season or supposed to experience some form of a win constantly, but when the universe sees you aren’t doing anything with it, they have a way of taking it from you. This is why people develop certain soul ties with certain individuals because it’s a lesson to come with it. Because the body isn’t just a soul, and the soul isn’t just in a body.


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