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Spirit of Discernment "7 of Swords

I don’t know if I need to watch Lion King or you need to watch Lion King it came across in a channeled message. It was about a person who was so gun-ho on having something that was not a part of their destiny. If you remember in the movie Scar was mad about his brother inherited the pride land and he felt as if he deserved these things for himself. When he got the chance to have it, he do right by them anyway he destroyed the people hope, killed of the land, and became so consumed with power that he didn’t care about the wellbeing of everybody else. Now we not gone speed past the past he tried to kill Simba murdered his brother and basically lied about everything to obtain his form of power. Now I don’t know if that is a channeled message within itself that there is a person whose power hunger that is finally coming down.

Whether that is for good or bad you know your story better than me. Scar was an envious soul he wanted things that everybody else had but he wasn't willing to put in the work to find out what it is that he wanted. Last night I got stuck on a message and it was about how a blast from the past is in full affect. Now I might be paraphrasing but I didn’t feel like rewriting, copy and pasting, and putting all of those links down below. I might but still I don’t know. Now the song that was coming across was “I just can't wait to be king”. Now people can say the same for Simba because he wanted to be king because he was tired of being bossed around. Now he wasn’t being bossed around by his father he was basically trying to mold him into the man he needed to be for the pride land. Simba didn’t want the attachment to the power it brings he just liked the title.

He wanted everybody to be happy but he had a lot of soul searching to do. Little did he know by mid-day he was going to be set up by his uncle. And the next day he didn’t know that he was going to experience the death of a father. A travesty for a little boy at a young age to experience but at the same time he grew spiritual stripes. For me the message that was coming across that if something seems too good to be true then maybe it is. This isn’t to put a damper in someone plans but it's also being cognizance of what is happening. Now on the other this could be something that somebody promised somebody and they think this is going to go over smooth. Now don’t forget Naila did accompany him but she was also naïve and did for warn him that she wanted to go home.

But his happy go lucky ass was bound to the matrix and ready to explore the wilds of life because the routine he had lived in basically fucked him up. He was bored but he didn’t want that different shit he was saved and end up getting out of way. He was already forewarned don’t walk that path but he chose too anyway and after that day it seems like a darkness had followed him. If you find yourself in most cases wondering or doubting yourself don’t ever make a move. I don’t believe in someone pleading the reasons of why when I don’t want to do something. It will just cause fights arguments and dismay. If something is for me then it will work out for me but don’t push it when you don’t know your damn self and you have an agenda of your own.

Be mindful of those who you call your friends, lovers, and colleagues because I'm telling you somebody is happy about something because they think is going to free them while at the same time it may entrap them. This could be jail, a court case, a long legal matter, toxic relationship, sex trade, sex trafficking, and spiritual bondage. It doesn’t seem nice but one of you guys are in bind an it's coming with a nasty price. Because if the person that someone is looking to obtain something from someone who has a Scar like personality, they have an agenda of their own. It's not nice, they have resources and people hidden in plain sight and these people ain’t as nice as they seem.

They pretend well because this is a game to them for some of them, they may want to sacrifice your innocence. I always say the most dangerous motherfucker is a person that is dead set on killing off your inner child. Your innocence can be your unwillingness to know something, your naivety, or the light in your eyes. These people are the type of people who lost hope a long time ago so they have more faith in the darkness than they do in the light. It's all about getting you to switch or pick a side. Just know who ever this is they will ever be loyal to you they will always be loyal to Scar. #MESSAGE


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