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Soul Groups

After watching The Craft, I ended up with a different meaning of the term soul groups. After studying and watching videos of people who have more knowledge on the information more than me, I have come to the conclusion that it is people who find you in your time of need. Now from the beginning of the movie she wasn’t searching for people who had the gift of magic nor did she know she had a particular element that was powerful enough to bring a group together.

But as the story evolved, they ended up growing a liking for each other and started practicing magic together. Forming a coven, for those of you that are familiar with the term coven it is a more like a cult like vibe. Just in normal people minds that’s what you would call it. But over the time as they grew together their elements started to grow together as well. They started to delve in magic and do work on people which takes away from a person’s free will. Creating some discord in the group because of the lack of knowledge they had about magic.

As we fast forward this story along to the ending her crush ended up passing away and it was ruled as a suicide. So, the group ended up splitting up because she stated she did a love spell on him when they already had done a particular spell on him. So, the group ended in chaos and they bound each other from magic because they felt they abused the power of magic. Did I tell you magic can create some of the beautiful times in your life if you use it right?

But she knew her magic didn’t cause him to kill himself, so she was on the hunt to find out certain things. On her path to find the truth she ended up finding out things about herself that she didn’t like so much. So, when life was taking a turn her friends shunned her and she was left to go through the motions by herself.

But in the end of the movie it took a turn which I was not quite expecting. Because she ended up in a position where she needed them the most and spirit delivered a message for them to help her. When they realized they were wrong they came into mission, not only to save her but to stand their ground and use their powers for good.

And to me that gave me the definition of a soul group. Because if you remember in the original movie, she ended up with some girls who was assholes. They not only wanted to be the weridos but they also like mischief and gossip the kind of people who give magicians a bad name. When we as people try to find our soul group, we fail to recognize that they are the parts of us that we have not mastered yet. That doesn’t mean you can’t master those areas, but you have to be willing to learn.

And to learn is to be a part of something and to feel every fiber and being of you has to be accepted. See they knew they were young and eager to learn so they knew they had to create trust. In this day and age as we talk about spirituality you have people who like to be only powerful one in the group. This is why so many people walk around hurt and not being able to use their gifts because beings have taken on the church ways.

You know the old saying come as you are, and we’ll accept you but if you keep accepting everything how are you being empowered? See when you are a team you are as strongest as your weakest link. So, if you don’t know their strengths their strengths will be your weaknesses and your weakness shall be their strengths.

See the church is a place where the sick go to get healing internally or externally but a soul group isn’t for everybody to join. It may seem cold hearted, but it is the truth only the strong can survive and those that are worthy can. It doesn’t mean that the group don’t have the own ways of connecting with society but when the group is more concerned with the outsiders it creates a crack in the foundation. A soul group is where you can be honest and free from judgment.

It isn’t a place where you outcast your own and shun those who make mistakes. That’s why people who are in a position of power struggle with maintaining it because they care more about the dictatorship than actually bringing in justice. As libra season taught us that the just will be just that. So, whatever situation plagued you it gave the opposing view of things it shifted you into the shadow. But then who problem is that?

If your soul connection with others is more about trying to haze and dominate others, then why would you think you wouldn’t struggle with connecting with others. Do you know how many people who are more powerful than me with magic but struggle with ascending pass the 3-D. Because they forget where they gift come from and why we have them.

So, to me a soul group is more about understanding ourselves to create a powerful interaction that creates light in the shadow and willingness to go into the dark places. Your soul group is mere reflection of where your trying to go. So, if you look around and the people you surround yourself with don’t match the identity of who you are on the inside then its time to clean house.

Soul groups aren’t always trauma bonds and if you met someone through that it doesn’t mean that change can’t come about. If you are uncomfortable with change and your soul group isn’t, they will try and try until they can’t no more. Sometimes people have to be removed to go where they need to be. So, if you like what you have and want to keep what you finally have valued then maybe a little appreciation and understanding can go along way.

Remember we are all born with a mission sometime the mission doesn’t become aware until you get around the right people. So, ask yourself are you about what you say you about? Because every manifestation requires some type of leveling up and a form of sacrifice. And when I say sacrifice, I mean the willingness to bare the uncomfortableness to get what it is you need when you see you don’t have access to it.


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