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Soul Connections

Soul Connections:

When the soul isn’t connected to anything you can find yourself in just about anything. In a day and age where spiritually is trending you can see people pretending to spread a false sense of light and self-awareness. When in actual reality for those of us that have walked that path, it isn’t anything to be prideful of just because you’ve got connected back with your roots. It’s more about the pieces of yourself you have seem to recovered in the process of your self-evolution. We have so many people going through spiritual initiation because they feel they lack something in themselves and thinking that aligning themselves with something will give them meaning.

Child, ancestors, deities, orisha, and spirits have to be attended to or kept at bay before you start inviting those things in your life. Just because someone you know; knows how to wield a great sense of magic it doesn’t mean they know who they are. You see these people get put up on pedestals like our pastors used too back in the day and when they did something wrong how quickly they would turn on the messenger. We seldomly forget that we are humans just having a spiritual experience that keeps us grounded to navigate our way of life. Most people have found themselves in spiritual groups that wreak havoc on they mind, body, and spirit. That is causes them to doubt who they are and what they are no baby that’s what the dark knight supposed to do, the shadows rebirths supposed to do, and egos death supposed to do. Not your spirituality or religion.

But like many we aren’t taught this because we see this people who have hid parts of themselves for so long that the ego gets, pleasure in doing what looks right but to the soul its wrong. If you remember about 6 months ago, I said that the 5th and 7th house was squaring off in our lives. Now not astrology but in real life because we fail to recognize the damage that COVID has cost us as a whole is a lot. See people think spirituality is about what we can get from it but what are we doing to obtain it is the problem. 5t and 7th house again. Leo and Libra are one in the same but if they are evolved correctly, they can be seen as one in the same.

But like most people who has not grown out of the “matrix or the 3-D” we tend to let our worldly problems dictate how we practice our faith. Example: you’re going to church and everything in your life is good I mean the children doing good in school, your bills paid, you finally got a boo, and you’re able to at least save five dollars by the end of the week. So, your giving to the collection plate ain’t a problem because you feel like God deserves this he is blessing the shit out me. Well, what happens when life seems turn upside down on its head and the money starts running low, the arguments in the relationships don’t shake back like it used to, the kids being weird, and your bills start piling up.

Like many we start to pray for change instead of identifying the change in our life that’s causing us to go through these hardships. So, your connection to your God is only based on what you can get from him and by that, I mean that praise you used to do in the church isn’t the same because things ain’t changing the way it used to. Temptation seems to be rolling in and it seems sweeter and sweeter by the day because your life ain’t going in the direction you need it to go. So, what happens you tend to have this sluggish faith to were you feel that there is something more out of life and not the connection with your God. So, guess what when Covid happened them woke people on the timeline talking about your God and what he ain’t doing, you turned your back on him.

They lured you in with this idea that African spirituality is best damn thang that hit the map because they seem to know all the answers to everything. Hell, I would too if I’m always using magic in the spirit realm spying on people and trying to steal destinies too. But the thing you forgot is, it was nothing but another religion some may not say so but it genuinely is to me. If I have to remember to pray, to thank, to acknowledge, and put to an offering out for them to feel wanted baby that’s a religion. Because you also have to remember they also protect, cover, and guide your steps. Is say all the time know your deity because they can push you on a path that you may not want to go on.

Now I respect everybody form of religion, but these Christians converting to African spirituality because they couldn’t go to church and they felt their faith in Divine could be managed alone when they rarely have time for themselves. Is not the move. Baby I think # TF not because those are portals and frequencies that are being operate on a day to day basis and inviting them into your life can cause more damage than heal anything in your life. Now I’m not saying it’s bad but when your moving based off of emotional transgressions such as; your boyfriend broke up with you, you don’t know what you want to be, old childhood wounding still haunts you, and lack of acceptance you had when you was a child hasn’t went away.

Baby I’m sorry to tell you it only gets worse because like most Orisha and Yoruba religions they seldomly have time for emotions. They will show you what is wrong so you can fix it but if you don’t ask how or cognizant enough to know when to ask it’s going to create problems down the line. I get it we all want to have meaning, but when that meaning isn’t managed, we can find ourselves wreaking havoc in our own life. Spirituality isn’t just magic and thinking you can get over on people with your spells, voodoo, hexes, and curses. That doesn’t make depression, anxiety, fear, wounding, and emotional suppression go away. Baby that only magnifies your intention in your spell work and causes you to send that energy out in the world to return three-fold.

You open yourself to portals that shouldn’t be accessed that is caused by your own wounding by not knowing how to comfortably be you. Spirituality unmanaged is like a lion in the city looking for a place to stay even if it isn’t hungry but to society it is a wild beast that needs to be put down. Spirituality is the connection to soul that puts you in a space of alignment to be in acceptance of who you are as a person. To accepts your flaws, the way you talk, you walk, and live. It doesn’t give someone a reason to be shitty, rude, crude, dominating, or even violent.

It doesn’t mean you will be exempt from worldly problems child I supposed to be telling y’all about spiritual protection for this season because it’s at all-time high in this Virgo season and a must. It just means you’re a willing enough to learn from the mistakes you made. Now granted everybody you run into isn’t going to think like you, be like you, or act like you just because they say they spiritual. I think that one thing we all have learned in the church everybody is there for a reason. We just don’t know why they there. I care not to know because sometimes it ain’t my place to ask why because they might not have found it yet.

I mean I get it Covid-19 has everyone going crazy like it’s the Y2k era or something but that doesn’t mean its okay to be involved in such behavior patterning. I keep saying and will repeat it until somebody listen in the number 2 years, we are developing more into the ying and yang energies. Meaning some people will want to change for the better and while the others will change for the bad. The problem is some people don’t know how to identify this within themselves that it is causing a lot of unnecessary conflict.

These years to come are years of karma whether that be for good or for bad because it has to be some sense of restoration on an energy realm and physical plane because some shit, is just getting out of hand. So, if you never knew your shadow, I bet you found it in 2020 and if you never knew your light, I bet you found in 2020. If you already knew both baby, I bet you trying to balance them out in a world full of emotionally cruel people, selfish, hurt, and victimized people has been a challenge. There is a difference between light and dark but their also way to be is translucent that many want master in this lifetime.

So, as you discover how to leave your mark on this world don’t allow those who are afraid of change to keep in you box held by fear because they are scared to face their own shadows. ME TO ME!


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