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Hey you guys I'm currently working on healing your inner child part II and it is taking me sometime to get it out. I am in no rush and writing something new in meantime is throwing off my messages. I'll put up a link to my love readings because in tarot a lot of my messages had been about karmic relationships. For those of you that don't know what is a karmic relationship is when you and lover have met in a past life and reincarnated and decided to date each other in this time frame.

Sometimes it the way you choose partners, how you keep ending up in lovers triangles, or pushing love away, or deciding to date down. And when I say date down I'm not talking about someone's financial status. It could be you being to scared to date someone who is truly interested in you because other parties may have not been so interested in who you truly are at heart.

Causing you to repeat the same cycles in love where you barely let people know you because anything new you learn about you isn't quite exciting because you keep your emotions suppressed. I mean some of us like the routine in life while the others crave for spontaneity every now and again.

So, don't fret when you don't see me posting on here as much its because I'm doing tarot and I post them on YouTube. And like a dumb dumb I forget to put the link up on here to promote my own shit. Slow right.

But the next healing your inner child I will take my time when the message is there versus pushing myself through some deadline I set when I feel I'm basically forcing it. I mean I thought I had posted this week come to find out I haven't. I mean the whole shebang with my ex got old quick and recouping on my energy has been a lot.

So, I just been kicking it low key and vibing because I'm tired of the whole I'm bored so lets start some drama crew. So, I really been peeping the scene and staying low in the meantime some of yall new and don't scroll down so I'm going to replug some old blog post of mines and links from my YouTube channel.


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