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Sometimes It's Best To Wait...

Well, well it looks like we meet again. Child why my ass was scrolling through my own stuff and was trying to find a blog I wrote and guess what I labeled it ass, “The Spirit Of Judas”. I thought I labeled it something else because I was seeking out something that I had said. You have to go read the blog.

Child, I couldn’t find it because in that moment I was trying to be boisterous about something. I knew what I said about a certain situation, but at the same time I wanted to shame the naysayers. In that moment I knew I wasn’t going to find it because, one people are always responding from the things they see. And when I say that I’m talking about people who don’t truly embody life from their human existence.

Having the ability to be able to tap into empathy to see and feel life not only for you but to see how the you effect other people. The blog was kinda talking about how we can sometimes fall out of alignment when we come into contact with certain individuals. How destined and fated circumstances of life can get us to adhere for our own actions. Child if you read that blog y’all know I had a thing for shedding light on our inner narcissism.

How we always can be the victim, how we can always be selfish and emotionally closed off, and how we never stop to think about anyone else but ourselves in moments. I get everybody isn’t going to grow but that doesn’t mean we all have to stay stuck especially in our own emotions, mind frames, paradigms, and life. It is how we choose to see things from our own lenses. In the words of my late ancestor, he used to say to me to listen with your eyes and not with your ears. - Doe Belly

Because sometimes being quiet can get you more truths than half of lie. I mean think about it before you start your morning shower, daily wake and bake, to drive, or to cook. That silence that reins in the air is the mood that sets or predicts the next song you play. That stillness from being in-tune from within, the honoring of who you are and where you are with life is the now. I just had a moment where I remember the things that I was called to do in this life.

Child, I ain’t wont nothing I’ll see y’all later..


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