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Someone Just Don't Get It

Sorry for the wait you guys' child I been tired as hell and I needed that break. I posted all of the monthly readings on the channel so that is updated. I got to get back on the love readings that are on the other channel that will be dropping soon. Child, from my niece kidnapping me and continuously talking I don’t know if they sky is purple and the ground is blue. Y'all know how I feel about people who be talking all of the time baby that shit be tiring. Let's just sit in silence sometimes. I done finally got back on my own schedule waking up at three and one o clock in the evening and I don’t know how to act. For my early birds I don’t care how you feel ain’t nothing out there that early for me. If I am not going to work, I don’t need to be up that damn early. But enough of that let's get into this message.

The spirit of the river came up and I don’t have that on a deck in this house. Now the meaning could be someone who is easily moved by the way other people think or driven by their own emotions. And someone is to learn to be fluid like the water and to take their own stance with life. Someone is constantly challenged with battles because they don’t know how to get a handle on their emotions. It could be substances because if you use substance to cope with the problems of the world. Then I know you don’t know how to go out and have a good time by taking a couple of shots. You may be more prone to go out and get drunk and that my child can be fun but too much of it isn't fun. It screams alcoholism and the need to escape yourself. Your need to relax may not be someone else needs to relax.

If you are person who is more moody and emotional volatile then I would suggest paying attention to who or what you allow into your space. Just because you can hold your liquor, blunt, or drug of choice it doesn’t mean that you are not cognizant of what, who, when, and where can shift your mood. It may be time for a fast because your sobriety is calling you to pay attention to something that you aren’t getting because you are under the influence all of the time. It maybe the way you handle certain things, people, and places. That a little self reflection may help with your interactions with certain people. Are you highly charged in your approach all of the time? Is there a void in you that you avoid that allows other people to play in your face? Are there things that need to be said but you don’t know when to say that them? I think it's time we, you, them, and they sit down and have a coming to Jesus' moment because somethings are getting out of hand.


Because for some of you there is a disagreement going on between you and someone else and somebody has moved on and the other party hasn’t. This may have left some hurt feelings, blocked, deleted, and ever talked to again. But someone is coming back around on the fuck bus stirving shit up again because they ever got over themselves or too stuck in their ego to let go and move on. Now, this could be you or the other party who doesn't know how to get over certain things so they dragging it out and making a situation seem more worse than what it is. Boy, I promise you I miss when you could dislike someone is peace. Social media has made people feel as if we are to know that you don’t like someone every day. I remember we could say there go your friend and piss off our friend. Now you got to worry about them befriending you to stab you in the back because they don’t like you. WTH! Marshae get back on subject.

Now for some this could’ve been some spiritual beef to where one party keeps sending off magic while the other person keeps returning that shit back. Because one person doesn’t want to quit sending off dark and distorted energy all of the time. And this is making this person mad because they wonder why their day is going bad, they having problem with their car, trouble with the kids, and getting things done because they keep sending it to you. And one of y’all ass keep returning that shit back over and over again. Whoever this is needs to have an ego death because they so full of themselves that they can’t see they are ruining their own life. I keep telling people stop trying to be people spiritual enemies because when they pay or learn how to protect themselves that blow back gone be something serious especially if you doing rituals on someone every day and night. That’s how the justice card works, it balances out what needs to be balanced.

Contrary to what these cults be teaching y’all baby, you not God. So, you can't go off playing that in people’s live then getting mad when you can't or won’t deal with the consequences of the role you played in someone’s lives. Happiness is an inside job and that is something that you suppose to work on, it’s not our job to be that emotional crutch all of the time. Mental Health Check (


For some of you, you gone have to stop having sex with someone because they keep trying to put a root on you. The minute you go without this person for a long time that is when people see some sort of change in you. It's like addict saying they want to get clean and they get back around the same people and back slide and people lose all of they hope in you. That’s what this person is doing to someone and its getting really old because whoever this is, is about to undergo the same cycle they already came out of. And nobody is going to care because whoever this person is, is kinda draining to deal with because you have messed up one too many times. So, people sticking they hand out for you and holding space they starting to feel slighted by your ass. Because the story is getting old and so are your actions either you just like to do toxic shit and play the victim and you haven't caught onto yourself that others is so over you and your person.

Baby, I ain’t even over there and I'm tired of whoever this, I see what they talking about halfway through this reading. Others this maybe your child's father, childs mother, or family members who is participating in this magic and they are trying to get your life out of order because their life is out of order. It's on you, if you let this person come back into your life for me it’s a no but I know y’all grown so you gone do whatever you want. The message was delete your ex because if you are in a new relationship your partner maybe jealous and that is an issue too. If you knew you was still in love or in lust with this person, why did you start a new connection with them anyway. Then go off and do spell work to make them happy to prove you don’t want somebody. I hope somebody not looking for closure from this because you got it. Move on, go cry about it, feel, heal, accept, and do it all over again until you reach the version of you, you are comfortable with.




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