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Solar Plexus Healing

Here me out I think the solar plexus is connected our inner child and is the closest to our soul. You’ve heard me say in a post once that if you kill a man will to live than he has no reason of living. Most people who have suffered from mental illness or has been diagnosed suffer with digestive problems. The words we think, speak, and eat builds us up and it also can tear us down. The reason I say this, most likely those who suffer at the hands of the silent killer of mental illness go days without eating, days without hydrating themselves, and have horrible connections to shitty people in their life. Those environmental factors are something else aren’t they.

I wrote about it in a blog once I can’t find it at the time but if someone knows where it is at just link it in the comments. I would gladly appreciate it. We talked about the solar plexus ruling the digestive system the things we intake that can impact the body. I thought about this days ago because womb healing came up for those people who have had babies and I thought to myself what about those people who have C-Sections. How does womb healing occur when the baby couldn’t make it out that way? Some people who have experienced pregnancies where they feel their whole confidence is shook. I say that’s because that baby is sitting on your solar plexus.

It makes you question things such as your mind, body, and spirit especially those busy bodies. Some people forget that babies come in your life for a soul purpose and sometimes children can teach you how to take care of yourself just a little bit better. Most people who have had c-sections has found themselves disconnected from the child after birth as if a woman who has a hysterectomy and feel as if she isn’t a woman anymore. They question their whole existence after the kids and find themselves being more selfish or selfless when it comes to their wellbeing.

Them old folks said we needed six weeks away from everybody for a reason. If it wasn’t your mama, cousin, baby daddy, husband, wife, or doula there was no need for outside entities to be around a woman, her baby, and her body. They rarely explained things just told us and thankfully a nigga like me that’s naturally curious for the right reason I had to do some studying. Because in this day and age we throw away all of our old ritual and superstitions only to return back to them when medical and scientific approaches don’t work. Child we all been there we need some form of a healthy balance between holistic and scientific.

But let’s get back into it most people don’t know how to build the solar plexus back up. I’ll give you an example let’s just say you’re having an argument, and someone says something that hurts. You feel it, it feels like a shot to gut what do we do; we respond back in anger, or we walk away being victimized by someone else’s anger. After several takes of being in this environment with individuals who aren’t emotionally intelligent to enough to know when to care for others. We learn how to build to up ourselves by fighting, cursing, or disrespecting others the same way we have been done for a long period of time.

We rarely tap in and say to ourselves that hurted, why did they say that, am I pushing them to far, am I considerate of them, do they know how that made me feel, or do I even know how that made me feel. Some people know they words hurt and they use it as a weapon to hurt other people this is why I hate when someone is trying to force me out my character. Because any human who has empathy, we feel the hurt we have caused on another and to ourselves. Its just are we responsible enough to know when to admit it. And a lot of people aren’t because in order for them to be present and aware they have to acknowledge and release the pain they’ve held within themselves over the years.

Prime example when I had my child my mama told me all the time while growing if you ever have a baby at an early age, I’m going to be the daughter and you’re going to the mother. She meant that and never looked back on her thought patterns. She always been some bratty kid who thinks she can get her way without caring about anyone else’s emotions. Growing up I laughed because I thought to myself, I’m to smart for this and Divine said otherwise. Granted half of her siblings where teen moms but they were older than her and having babies out love with no good men. It took away the time she had with them and she never stopped to recognize that life is always going to go on.

So, at the time when I had my child, I felt like life was over for me it was my senior year in high school, and I was ready to go off to college and to get away from my household. Trying to be like the typical black negro, go to college to get away from our parents. When I needed a break, I was met with tough love that was disguised by disgust and it left me in shambles. Argumentative, feisty, no respect for those who tried to correct me, and unable to accept criticism even if it wasn’t in a negative manner. Baby, I was so emotionally numb and unavailable for anything in my life I don’t even see how I was in that relationship for so long.

The point being made that by the time when I needed support, emotional understanding, and probably a damn grief counselor I was too much in protective mode from all the emotional hurt I endured from my environmental factors. I didn’t have false confidence what I had was emotional numbness that made me believe that everything in life had too be hard even when it didn’t. Boy when that spiritual awakening came in, I was in shambles, crying for reason, emotionally exhausted, and half crazed. I say all the time “I do good job at ruining me I don’t need your help to ruin me!” said Marshae. That’s something some folks don’t understand.

See people will see you all glammed up and don’t even know the hell you had to go through to even learn how to smile again. Some people will here your story and think that’s a victim and try to go and recreate one again. Not over here baby we don’t play that fake ascension s*** so them suckas can come in knock us off our feet. No sir you got the wrong guys. We grew here you new here.

So, the next time you feel yourself letting doubt creep in let it and ask it what you do want? When it’s happening and how does it happen? You can’t counteract self-sabotaging behaviors if you find yourself letting fear overwhelm you with you. It’s either you or the fear. People act like the older you get; you’re not going to run into to moments where you have to ask yourself is it me or the old me. Am I used to experiencing a set of emotions, actions, and conversations that anything foreign scares me? Especially if you’re black because in our household we’re taught that if we question anything we are challenging them with disrespect or calling them dumb. When it’s the complete opposite, sometimes yo ass be confused too?

Because it’s easy to stay the same changing is the most challenging part any human being can endure. And coming from where I’m from a lot of people don’t even get to heal the relationships with themselves, parent’s lover, and siblings until they are about to die. And when we finally get that closure instead of healing, we fail to recognize that the damage is already done on the ones we say we love the most. Just remember you can do all the magic in the world, eat the most healthiest foods, go to the best reiki specialist, or shamans. But them emotions can do way more damage to body and destroy your soul. Just remember we all need somebody. It’s just who that somebody is to you?


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