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Soft Girl Talk


Why y’all bald headed ass acting like y’all don’t know what the soft girl era is? I believe we are reliving the 60; s, 70’s and the 80’s when it comes to the dynamic of femininity. Like we are breaking down what it really means to be a happy human and not a functioning species living in society. We are in a day in age that once somebody says something that someone disagrees with it, it seems to creates some form of controversy. We have acronyms being broken down for choice words, code words so we won’t end up demonetized, and lingo that is created just because. Maybe I'm just a person that knows how to read in between the lines but I think I caught onto to what she was saying about the soft girl era.

As being a woman, we aren't taught to be happy, to go out and soil our royal oaks, and to live in our truths. Boys are the only ones who are taught that they are to become providers, to learn about sex, and explore their animalistic nature. While for women we are taught to cater to a man needs, the needs of society, and put ourselves last. Now don’t get me wrong men are also taught the same to be everything for everyone else financially but never emotionally. Once you master, you’re your masculine energy it becomes easier for you detach as such as men. Women don’t know the power they hold and how the emotions can control and dictate the way something is perceived or the outcome of situations. That we don’t end up seeing how we can have more of psychological effect on situations more than men. Case in point this is why men are label and outed as abusers faster than women in most cases.

But that’s not the point I'm trying to hint at right now the point, I'm trying to make is that we as women haven't the chance to be emotionally free. We have had hot girl summer, hoe phases, independent phases, and the whole competition with men that we have still left ourselves completely out of the mix. Contrary to popular belief there are a lot of women who aren’t so emotional expressive due to their own trauma they have experienced at the hand of their own parents and mother figures. And no, I'm not talking about domestic violence and rape. I'm talking about being shunned as a kid, being called fast, basically defeminized as child, the favorites when it comes to skin tone and body size, and the so call favorite role we play in a person life to establish so form of a connection with someone who we view as important to us.

We aren't talking about being a decent human being to have our desires met by a man we are talking about the stress-free life. Like if I wanted to sell the color purple to people I could do it with ease because I have recognized that I matter. Not the whole I have to run it by Bob, Bill, Quay, and another woman to prove this is my goals that I have set out for myself. Society has a way of picking a woman apart and making it seem as if we are stupid, fragile, meek, and incompetent until she wants money or the things they deserve out of life. Shouldn’t no woman have to work that hard to discover herself only for society to say that they are doing it because of man. Do you know how many women who have men and women that married, and in a relationship that is unfilled inside. There are just certain needs that cheating, partying, marrying, and drinking can only fulfill for so long.

I think it's nice for a person to go down a road of self-discovery and to recognize that they have been the problem, the things they have allowed have been the problem, and understanding that life is all about growth and deciding to say to hell with this shit. So, if someone thinks soft girl era is all about a man that’s cool to because it's some bitches in relationships, married, and dating that is hard to deal with emotionally too. Recognizing that it has been hard to accept love, receive love, and to give it. Is recognizing that you have been uncomfortable with surety and dependency. Removing the survival mechanism shift from auto pilot to park is a goal for many people. Because as human we are creatures of habit by nature and we limit ourselves by not trying anything new until life requires us too.

It is a woman job to be soft but not spoken, this is how we get to the mother of mothering. This is how we spread the love amongst our friends, associates, kids, partners, and be the recipient of this to establish our legacies. So, hats off to the woman who are now starting to say life sucks, it hurts, I hate it here, I struggle with letting my guard down, I have needs outside of worldly things, and I desire to know me for once. Continue to remove the attachments of what society said you were to be, social media, your mama, daddy, cousin, brother, aunt, uncle, or hell whoever. You’re not the little girl who sits round waiting for someone to spoon feed you anymore. Shed those energetic emotional layers so you can continue to knock down walls with your radiance you shine in the darkest of hours.


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