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Short Story (Trauma Bonding) #TETHERED

Once there was a man who hired 6 servants 5 men and one woman. They were to do as they were told and move when he asked them too. One particular day he asked them to follow him to a place and they followed as they would like any other normal day. The only person that had look of confusion was the woman because the place where they were going was unknown. They get on the elevator to go downstairs where they weren’t allowed to go because of the specific orders they have been given. They arrived at the bottom level of the building, usually when their master exits the lady follows and the men go second to the leader. But this particular day she stayed on the elevator letting the men go first which she never does. With in a blink of an eye he pulls out a knife and stab all of the men in the stomach and slits their throat. He was moving so fast to kill that he didn’t notice her cut her arm.

She panicked pushing the men who feel back into the elevator out to go seek some sort of help. She arrived upstairs to frightened to leave so she ended up sitting at table in the restaurant. I mean freedom was right before he eyes but she stayed unknowingly to herself I don’t know why. A lady comes gets her from the table and proceeds to clean her up she changes her clothes, combs her hair, and washes off the blood and takes her back out to the restaurant as if this was normal to her. So, she sits in the chair and waits for her master to give her orders as if he would like on any other day.

She would sit across from him at another table while he was in meetings and await again for him to give her orders. Today she was bold and the first thing she said was what happened to your hair? He replied I cut it. He’s straight forward no-nonsense lacking emotion in his voice. He still had the hair in his hand, and she asked another question are you going to burn it, he replied I am. Cold again. He noticed something different in her eyes it wasn’t fear it was hurt. She got up from the table when she noticed her arm was still bleeding on her dress.

She didn’t ask could she leave she just left, she got up and turned away from him to walk down the hall. He followed her and said you have nothing to say. She said no you was just doing your job. Anger is all she could feel from him because this is like most moments he wanted to be noticed. Continuing to walk he commanded her to stop and she did. He said you don’t know what I did to you do you and she said I do know I choose not to change a fool so set in his ways. He replied I have taken everything away from you, your family, friends, your live and you haven’t uttered a word. I have placed you around your enemies and you still have nothing to say.

I have told your darkest secrets and you still have nothing to say. The five men I’ve killed they were your enemies and you’ve walked beside them as if you knew nothing. She paused and breathed. He goes on to say I have made you my servant and you don’t say nothing. You move when I say so, but you still haven’t complained what is that you want from me he asks? I have intentionally made things hard for you so that you can need me, but you still act if nothings bothers you and as if nothing really matters. He goes further to say I have even poisoned you an drank it with no questions asked. What is it that you want from me?

You have no privacy I own you he shouts. TELL ME WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT FROM ME! She cries still with nothing to say. He asked her I command you to speak to me now. She then replied I thank you for telling people the things I had no courage to say so I didn’t mind you telling it. What made it a problem for me when you acted as if you were hunting out my problems like it was an issue. You only knew my darkest secrets is because I allowed you to know them, I figured if I was to be stuck with someone who has no heart I might as well talk to someone. The five men you’ve killed I’ve thought about killing them myself. The poison you gave me I have you watched you day after day doing the same things trying to hurt me.

I’ve become so numb to things you say and do that I recognized I had no feelings up until today when you cut me, and I felt pain. The reason I cry is because I can see the hurt in your eyes from the turmoil you’ve caused me, so I pity you as you pity me. I just take it as one day you will learn you can’t win everybody. Yes, you own me, have power over me, but does it make you happy. It is I that controls you. They go from standing to sitting on the ground and her arms bleeds more. She says can I rip your dress so I can tie my arm up he replied yes you may. He asked her where you are from, why don’t you desire me, why you don’t want me like the other woman do.

She replied can you answer my question I asked? He replied with anger and rage commanding an answer. And like a child whining for a pacifier she answered. The other women see cars, clothes, jewelry, riches, your wit, intelligence, and power but all I see a hurt little boy. One who looks for love but is scared to find to it because he’s afraid he might lose his power. Because to fall in love is a power exchange where you allow another in, and I let you out. So, you walk around looking for answers where there is no question to be asked. So, you seek to be wanted and needed and that is what makes you tick. Verses me the person who seems to want nothing but seems happy at everything. I am not happy nor sad I am human but being here with you makes me feel nothing. You desire me but your too scared to let me in you give me jewels, clothes, cars, and a home everything and more but it’s too much to ask when I ask to live my life.

I don’t desire you or your things personally I liked when you did those things to me it made me feel as if not the only one who’s in love with a mad person. Did I hate you yes, did I want you dead yes, but could I do it no. Watching you reign in power is more funny to me. Your so use to being control that you hate not being able to control me, so you end up hurting me. I have learned a lot throughout this process that however I feel I should say it. All the other times wasn’t worth me saying anything, that is your guilt. If I see a con I shouldn’t run away but I should walk straight towards it and look it in the eyes and politely say no.

Over time I learned that anything I want I can get it if I put my mind to it again, I ask why are you so angry? He replied will you marry me she said why it isn’t as if I had some choice. He said if you say yes you will be my wife, bare my kids, and I’ll let you follow me and help me rule. She said but I follow you now and help you with plans. I just don’t have your kids and I’m not your wife. He said think of something else you need from me because maybe I think I love you. She said yes and they agreed to live.

Sometimes it’s the shadow that fights to be seen in relationships and coexisting with self. Sometimes it’s the darkness that has been highlighted in you that it is all you see in others. Sometimes the darkness within ourselves forces us to hurt our own inner light because the darkness haunts us. So, the darkness takes your light and rob you off your life leaves you questioning should you live or die.

Sometimes the light you see in others makes you want to possess it because you fear you are not it. #TETHERED

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