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Sexuality Preferences


Child don’t ask me how I ended up here because me myself don’t know and yes I said that correctly for you English majors in the group chat. Well, I know why I said it I am not a fan of anal sex with just everyone. I feel that your bussy is just as valuable as your p**** and contrary to popular belief that is the fastest way to catch STI’s and STD’s. So, forgive me for not busting my ass open with a male who I think prefers bussy more. Your sexual preference is okay but not knowing how to adjust to someone else sexual needs is downright selfish. Have you not read my blog on sharing is caring? You’ll probably have to scroll for it down the website, so I just decided to plug it here for you. FEEL FREE TO LOOK AROUND

Now you here me say this all-time intimacy makes sex ten times better and for you young folks out there no I’m not talking about being love with the person. No, I’m talking about the long day that you had at work and when Mr. Earl comes over and brings you something to eat or even rub your feet baby that is intimacy. Someone showing a genuine care or interest into who you are as a person is intimacy but in this day and age people take common acts of niceness for granted or get accused of catching feelings that you have people unwilling to do these things anymore. Because everybody grown and shit until it’s time to communicate or realize that you two are good to fuck on each other but not for a long-term relationship. It’s certain things you need out of life and no matter how good the sexual chemistry is it doesn’t mean that they are the one.

No matter how we try to dress it up and make it look real in futures voice. Somethings your just gonna need out of life and sometimes it’s not a person it is you. The self-discovery that goes on in your life is high key underestimated because we are so accustomed to doing what other people want us to do that we never stop and say what is it that we want out of life for ourselves. If I did what other people wanted me to do then I wouldn’t be here to disturb to you with my weird as thought pattern on a weekly basis. But I think I smooth this conversation over enough before I jump into this blog with the phuck shit.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE IS IT ONE, IS IT TWO, OR THREE PARTNERS IN YOUR LIFE OR AT A TIME? Is the question you should ask yourself and just because I asked this question doesn’t mean I want to know the answer because y’all getting too comfortable with telling me stuff. BOUNDARIES! I’m drinking my morning coffee and I’m hearing about your sexual preferences. Well, I don’t drink coffee this is just me waking up with the notion of how tf did we get here this early got me ready to spit out my water from being blowed back from your thoughts. It’s to early for this Damion as I shout down the hallway that’s neither here or nor there.

But on a serious note I find myself to be emotionally disturbed by certain individuals sexual interest and this isn’t coming from an closed mind. See the thing is I actually like sex just not with everybody some people just don’t have that mind that sex is just sex. And no this doesn’t equate to the term that you can fuck anything. No, but sex is supposed to enjoyable, fun, and explorative when consent is on the table. Not this somebody did it to me so I’m going to do it to you what in the rape culture is going on here? SERIOUSLY! I find so many people that aren’t in the right head space that are walking around like zombies searching for compassion and understanding that they sleep they way into these emotionally uncomfortable situations.

The sacral trauma that has happened this year alone is enough to send the Devil back to the underworld with all of this accountability going around. I find so many hurt souls living in shame beyond any amount that I can bare that is traumatized while at the same time desensitizing themselves from the pain that they have endured from this year alone. Just so they won’t feel alone and ask themselves the true question that only they can know the answers too. Like why I am doing this, what happened to me, who was I before this happened to me, and when I will it get better? Many don’t get it and say that I see things so deep, but I feel that if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have learned the lessons I have. Why would I deprive myself of the ability to see beyond the surface just for another to come tell me something and dictate human existence.

I just find that some people sex life this year was meet with tragedy while at the same time it led to some powerful emotional breakthroughs. In the black family we don’t talk about our traumas we suppress it, mask it, and call it strong. We shun those who chose to wear their pain on their sleeves in such ways as becoming an addict, suicidal, depressed, carefree, or numb. To the point they end up becoming the abuser or allowing themselves to become abused thinking that this is the only way to survive life. What if I told you that half of the things some of you guys liked sexually only came from some soul cycled recurring family trauma would you believe me. Or would you call me some wrinky dink ass card slinger? I told y’all doing all of them damn money rituals and opening up all them portal in 2020 was gone come with a price didn’t it. Child, I sound like an earth sign.

But we ain’t gone sleep on the ones who came out the closet this year and decided to say screw my family and started to date who makes them happy. Some of y’all should watch Dear Simon and let me know if you want to do that because I would love to put on some long dramatic ass thing about me coming out the closet as straight. These folks don’t know if I’m gay or straight because I like it this way. I’m straight enough to date a dude and take peen and gay enough to finger pop when I want too. This blog didn’t go the way I wanted to because I feel there is a time and place for everything, and this blog wasn’t it. Just know I see you; I hear you, I feel your pain, and I also understand that you as well need time to come to term with your own process as well. This is your life and you’re navigating your pilot just like the rest of us. JUST DON’T BECOME A DOUCHE BAG!


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