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Sexual Awareness

Rape Trauma and Sexual Awareness:

Contrary to popular belief rape cases did spike in 2020 all through out 2021 they just didn’t get the justice they deserved because some victims where to tormented by their experience to speak out. When the world shut down some people forgot that there were monsters who still needed their fix and didn’t care if they got it. This goes for women, children, and men in those abusive relationships because people fail to recognize when domestic violence run rampant in the home sexual abuse tends follow. For me I think every victim should seek out some therapy, group healing, or anonymously sign up for session with whomever you feel is equipped to help you. Because acting as if pain doesn’t exist create room for our boundaries to be violated and to adjust to things that can be morally wrong.

And keep in mind there are some people that just think and feel differently from you and it’s not your job to go off and beat your point across to them. Did you know that every person who has been sexual assaulted nine times out of ten ends up in abusive relationships knowingly or unknowingly? If we breakdown the whole hypersexual stigma that comes from sexual assault victims to me, I feel it’s only because they’re taught that are only desired unless they are doing sexual acts to someone. Example if a child is constantly sexually violated at a young age or lured in by someone who thinks they looks are sexually appealing nine times out ten they are taught that their physical or external presence is used for sex. Versus the person or child who is manipulated by someone close to them by making them think things are okay leaving the child with doubt and insecurities of their self-worth. Now granted each case is different and two victims can show signs of the latter but that’s not your or my place to divulge right.

RAPE has been so desensitized that to me is quite disgusting because violating someone sexual boundaries, sex trafficking, or even drugging the, has become quite normal. Like what happen to getting to know someone and letting that dopamine build up and oxytocin get to going in a healthy way that it creates a more sexually pleasing experience. In a perfect world this would exist but in this follow the leader ass culture nobody desires to stand out. Sex has become so diluted to the point I have to ask myself sometimes do your coochie even get hard anymore? It’s the expectation of it and lies, rumors, and object thrown that turns me the fuck off. Its like if you just pay for pussy say that so somebody can name, they price and you move accordingly. And one day we gone have a talk about how black sex workers are treated more harshly than women of non-color because they are more prone to try some weird shit.

I told all sex workers last year baby get you an only fans and call it a day because it was not what you thought it was going to be. And when I say different, I mean in the realms of BDSM. Everybody isn’t into the normal bust that cat open and call it sex and give me the money. Some people get they rocks off in different ways its just the shame that comes with the black culture. Baby we have so much trauma to heal in the black culture from what our Slave Daddies did to us but tonight isn’t the night. Sex is the most trendy topic that can get the party started and can even bring those who don’t like each other together, but having a more pleasing sexual experience isn’t the goal when talking about it is one thing.

One thing you should always know RAPE IS A NO GO I DON’T CARE HOW DRUNK, HOW EASY YOU THINK SOMEONE IS, OR WHAT YOUR HOMEBOY OR HOME GIRL SAID. IF YOU DON’T HAVE CONSENT DO NOT PROCEED. IF YOU HAVE TO COHERSE, MANIPULATE, USE DRUGS TO ALTER SOMEONE FEELINGS OR EMOTIONS TO GET SOMEONE TO GO ALONG WITH SOMETHING! THEN YOU KNOW IT’S KNOW IT’S WRONG, but nines times out of ten your abuser has been abused by some man or woman before. TRUE STORY! Where do you think that hurt people hurt people dynamic come from? You thought that only applies to that boy or girl breaking your heart? Child please. Gay men experience this too contrary to popular belief. You’ll be amazed at how many straight men go around with the thought in his head he like dick, so he’ll be alright.

It is some niggas out here that will fuck anything with a hole in it and don’t care how you feel about it during, before, or after. Y’all better wake the HELL UP and stop feeding these emotional entitled motherfuckers. Excuse the language but I been sitting on this somedays because it is some hoes out here that has been pissing me off with this here. I know they are going through trauma from their experience, but your pain shouldn’t have you so blind to the fact where you trying to set your friends up to get raped or gang banged without their consent. Just because it happened to you doesn’t mean I want it to happen to me. What if it your children or someone you hold value to you were to go through this, what would do in that situation? Seriously! I mean the mind of the people I have run into lately is quite disturbing. Because as a person who has experienced sexual assault I can tell you the after math is nothing pretty.

The feeling of not wanting to be touched, desired, or even loved is inhumane. You go through fifty emotions while trying to manage one all the meanwhile trying to keep your sanity. Everyday you’re on the verge of not breaking down while you’re trying to find your strength in things such as; school, kids, work, career, hobbies, or even drugs. I mean the feeling of not feeling loved, connected to love, or thinking you aren’t deserving of love is real. You have people out here trying to psychologically torture someone with their assault while they assailant gets off free is quite maddening. Nobody knows the pain a victim carries in their heart when they wake up in the morning but, yet you have people who don’t take five minutes out of their day to get to know someone before they go off doing things.

If were being honest 2021 really made me hate a lot of humans to the point where it has left me emotionally flustered, a lack of words, and no room for empathy in my life at the moment. Because outside of those who genuinely like the content and actually desire my help the ones who have wasted my time has pissed me off to a new level. Where I don’t even care about maintaining the relationships I have going in my life, and I know that’s selfish but for one time in my life it genuinely feels good to me. Because it isn’t a slight to me because the ones who genuinely support me aren’t bothered but it it’s the ones who pretend to support who have their panties in a bunch. Because when I asked for help, support, understanding, and emotional reciprocation it didn’t receive it. And now I just find it funny how I’m supposed to give what wasn’t poured into me from the jump.

Damn this sounded personal on the end and guess what it was, and I don’t care. But on a side note, love does heal all wound it just depends on your definition of it. Remember love can be a supporter, a confidant, a helper, a lover, or even a friend. The time you take to build you back up is part of loves realm within itself and don’t let nobody tell you different because it is true. Those boundaries you’re setting is your love and some people are going to get with it or move the hell on and that’s perfectly fine. Life isn’t designed to be hard its humans who don’t take the time to know themselves who make this life harder for all of us. I LOVE YOU, I’M WITH YOU GUYS, AND I’M ALWAYS HERE! EVEN WHEN I’M PISSED!


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