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SEEING THINGS IN 20/20 VISION (Crystal Clear)

This story isn't based on all true events but I hope you like the ride its going to take you on.

It’s 2020 and I’m getting ready to graduate college a relationship hasn’t crossed my mind the whole time I have been here. But I think I’m ready for the next step. My career is about to take off and why not give the guy chance who’s always trying to shoot his shot at me little did I know this relationship was going to be my demise. Well everybody demises. Let me take you back to the day we meet each other it was a normal summer day, and I was in the café trying to get my lunch.

My card didn’t swipe not because I didn’t have any money it was because I had to much stuff in my hand. I always noticed Steve but this particular day he walked right up when my stuff was about to fall down and caught it midair. Me I thought it was some nice gesture for him to get me to like him. We always flirted back and forth but it never went anywhere because lowkey he seemed like he wouldn’t know what to do with a woman like me. He proceeded to touch my hand and swipe my card for me.

Me being intrigued and fascinated at the same time I let him carry my lunch. He asked me if I was eating in the café and told him I was going back to my dorm, so he walked me all the way to my room. Now keep in mind we had a long walk till I got back to my side of the dorm. He didn’t say anything about it not once did he complain, and he was nice. I invited him in because it was nice to have some company for once because being so focused on school and my next steps toward my career was emotionally exhausting.

Months went by and we continued this process without really getting to know each other. Majority of the time we talked about our favorite shows, music, introducing me to his clique of people he hangs with, or participating in recreational activities. Sex really wasn’t our thing because we hadn’t reached that level of commitment yet. Eventually we had sex and that was the downside to our relationship.

Keep in mind I never asked him about his life, nor did he ask me about mines we were always focused on living in the now. You can tell the life of college was taking a toll on us so me finally being able to have someone I was cool with me. Felt right to me. So, let me tell you the day we had sex I didn’t know what to expect because he never talked about his sexual experience nor did I because we were friends. But after everything happened sex changed the way I looked at him and the way he looked at me.

It was always this underlying chemistry between us, but we never had the right timing you add in a couple drinks and blunts sex led itself to us not us leading the sex. Steve was a player, and I didn’t know that because he didn’t broadcast the woman he messed with. They either was friendly or giving me the stank eye, the whole time he is dipping that hot crotch in them girls. I’m not saying he was easy but the way I seen it, it seemed that way because I was open to different things but damn at least I told people upfront.

I felt I had nothing to tell upfront because I was single and finally open to dating and this is the time, I got my heartbroken. Me and this Ebony chick was frenemies we would speak to each other, but it was always some estranged energy between us. I never could put my finger on it I mean I was cool with the idea of us being cordial, but it always felt forced it when we had gone longer than five minutes with us being around each other.

Steve and I had a routine together so you can basically say I was his main lady at least that’s how people around us perceived our relationship to be. And those who knew never spoke of what he had with Ebony. I guess when you think about it, he liked her more than me or their sexual relationship. So, this particular day I’m calling and texting him and he is no call no show. I have been to his dorm several of times but this particular day I didn’t feel right going.

The vibe was off, but I proceeded to go against my better judgment because the other half of me was like maybe he’ll be excited to see me.

Well newsflash he wasn’t thinking about me at all because he was too busy getting down with Ebony in that moment, I was shocked and hurt. I didn’t even have a response in that moment it clicked for me why we always had that awkward energy around each other. You know when you dread walking up to get your cup of coffee because the person who you work with always egging on your beef. Yes, it was that I walked out and left the dorm room like some fragile little girl.

He never called or texted to see how I was doing until later that night. Giving me some you know we ain’t exclusive and he just trying to find himself. I feel for the façade of bullshit he had up because deep down he was telling the truth, but lowkey I was hurt and wanted Ebony to go to hell. Even if I had to humble her but you know what I didn’t even do anything because I actually developed a soft spot for him.

The timing was always off between us every time we would try to engage in sex after sex I found myself comparing myself to her and asking what is it she has that I don’t. He would always duck and dodge certain questions. After a while I started to just disengage from sex with him because the emotional attachment was leaving. So, by this time I have one semester left of school and people started to notice that me and Steve wasn’t hanging around each other anymore.

They started whispering and asking questions and me being me I always avoided answering the questions because it wasn’t their business. On the other hand, I wanted to let go and spray his ass because he hurt me but at the same time, I had developed some feelings for him, so I decided to stay quiet. Now this is where the story takes turn because I met Dean and he was a little older laid back but who would’ve known that this nigga was sneaky as hell.

Let’s just say I have and had bad state in men, and I am aware of this. Dean was the Mr. Sweet Guy he came in pretending to be everything I wanted when actual reality he wasn’t so nice. He did the things I wanted a man to do but he was emotionally detached from actually realty. The sex was amazing, and he was down for whatever I wanted to do so what girl wouldn’t want a guy that’s like this. I guess Steve seen that I wasn’t to be bothered by him and here he comes with all his think pieces about why he misses me. Like a fool I started to entertain his ass.

And why did I do that? Because it led me back into the arms of him. Knowing that he was still messing with Ebony. I mean they damn near was in relationship all they where missing was title and the ring. The fucked-up part about it was I was so head over hills in love with Steve that I ended up participating in a 3 way with him. And let him record it and keep it. Little did I know that was going to come back in bite me in my ass later on down the line.

Now Dean somehow went missing when I got back engaged with Steve, he didn’t say much but I could feel the heat from his body. He played his part well in acting like he didn’t know I was messing with Steve again. I was cool with it because I thought being sneaky was cute, he’ll Steve was doing it too, so I was mirroring him back to him. Steve new about Dean and Dean knew about Steve its Dean that thought I had cut off Steve.

Oxymoron right. Woman can be weird when it comes to their standards but while all this is going on guess what graduation is coming up. I’m to be Valedictorian and to give a speech. I have pulled back from Steve because he thought I was going to continue to be engaging in 3 ways with him. I needed to be scandal free because I knew what was to be expected of me at the graduation. A week before graduation I started getting weird stares from the girls in gym and the café. Ebony has started to hang with me.

And for me some reason I’m okay with it because everybody looks at me as if I have shit on my face, little did I know I was viral betty. Ebony tried to keep me focused on other things because she was trying to limit me from seeing the damage she had done. Dean pops up in the café looking pissed playing his part acting a fool for the people to see his outrage of what I did with Ebony whole time I’m shocked. Now keep in mind me and Ebony was sitting at the table with each other so the tape going viral didn’t have a good look on me.

It made me seem like the bad guy because I was in relationship with Dean and people had seen this and was starting to think I was a bad guy. Because Dean plays, his part so well in front of people that its no way he could seem like an evil malicious two-faced gossip. I run out of the café and go straight to Steve’s room and he is in his room smoking, I’m yelling enraged and pissed. To the point we get into a physical fight because I thought how you could do me like this because I was dumb enough to do the things you wanted me to do.

All the meantime he around here smearing my name and the whole time he just has this look of confusion on his face. He literally was confused because he didn’t give the video to no one, but everyone had access to his phone. In the middle of the argument he said why don’t you ask your boy Dean he comes over here all up under Ebony. You sick b****! Is all I could say is because the whole time I was think I’m making moves without him he’s still involved in my business.

At this time, I’m creating too much traffic in the school men are disrespecting me thinking they could get the same me I gave Steve. So, the school paid for me to stay in a hotel to be away from the drama while they figured out what happen because they were going to remove me from the program. They were still going to let me walk but I wasn’t going to be saying my speech.

So, I sat off to figure out why and what happen between the day of the 3 way and how me and Steve relationship got back on good terms. I couldn’t forgive Steve because he was so selfish that a part of me believed he still had a part in it even though he denies everything. I mean the truth is in the eyes, but facts are what is missing from the story.

So, me and Steve set out to see how they pulled off this stunt like, what it is to hurt her or was it to kill off her credibility. After days of working through meaningless hours of trying to get them to break there story we came to the conclusion is was to create sympathy for Ebony because she didn’t have the revenue and means to liked or popular as Kash.


Whoever gets to control the narrative is the most powerful person in the room. Society teaches us to give sympathy to people who are in in moment of crisis. The funny thing about sympathy it is always false given because we give them what we think others should've gave us. Robbing us of the experience of truth and seeing people for who they are!

Creating a dynamic of they can do no wrong when sometimes they are in the wrong. Don't let your sympathy turn you into a martyr because every supervillain once had a heart of gold. Learn you so you want have to learn through the mistakes of you and others.

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