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Seeing Things For What They Are


Stop allowing people access to you who are so gun-ho on abusing the connection you have with them. Some people only come back or keep stating you are of kin, relations, or cool because they know you will accept their bad behavior. As the year end and we reflect my dreams has been rocking me to the oblivions. I have noticed how play people victim to situations they created. Which is truly insane to me?

I at times spare no sympathy or empathy for these types of individuals because they will quickly draw you into their pity party. Leaving you to believe that the only way to help them is to hurt you and when I say hurt you I mean by throwing your moral conscious out of the window. I know you guys have been there with a friend who has bad behavior on a routine basis that affects you and other people.

You know the friend where you always have to have an excuse for their behavior because lowkey you knew what they were doing when they did it. But somewhere deep down you believe and crave that they will change only for them to let you down over and over again.

I get I have bad days as well, but I don’t place my anger on other people and treat them as if they hurt me. I’m not talking about etiquette I’m talking about the Eeyore friend the person who sabotages everything for everyone; sometimes it can even be family members who are like this. But dealing with this bad behavior from a person over time can cause you to miss out on many blessings. Me to me. And I when I say blessings it can be love, money, good health, sanity, and stability. That kind of love from Divine you need to help in your darkest hour.

But the fact that we value them more than we value ourselves it causes us to totally disconnect with the reality we want for ourselves. The only time we really get our voices across is when you stoop so low to hurt them that you never stop to recognize that you could’ve just completely ended the relationship. And guess what that is exactly what shawty has been doing this year. I honor the disrespect that comes with certain people, so I know what I won’t tolerate anymore. Because when you tolerate people we decrease the value on their life and ours.

Because instead of accepting them for who they are we find ways to place labels on them to make them to feel more valuable to us. Creating an imbalanced relationship with those around us because we feel we have to put up with the bad things/habits from those who we claim to love. So, child y’all know the man that shall be nameless in my blog girl, he running to spiritualist seeking sympathy and when they hold him accountable for the crap he does he finds way to throw me under the bus. Which

I’m perfectly cool with because they’re also showing me that I don’t have to be okay with this behavior just because we don’t communicate.

The problem I have with this is because he is older than me and is very immature for his age. And he has a lot of trauma that hasn’t been unpacked so when he would go seek counseling from undeveloped begins, they would enable his behavior. The fact that I never allowed any of his behavior I am labeled a bad guy because I don’t want to be the broken girl at the hands of man. You know I’m all for healing but the thing that plagues me is how someone can never take accountability for their actions.

I mean every time this individual has torn up relationship and business connections, I have been the one to fix it. And those people that don’t see what I do always label me the bad guy because I’m not an old school slave minded individual who believes a man deserves everything. That’s why we are here now because of the pain men and women had to endure because of entitlement and the actions that come with it.

Over the years I had to carry the pain of hurting a man who loved who me and assaulted me. Lie about it and act like nothing happened till this day. I have had money stolen from me from this induvial, my name slandered, nudes exposed, stalking, and whole smear campaign about me. Meanwhile its six years later and he’s still the victim. I don’t even get a chance to talk about it because he’s always the one who brings it up to get sympathy form other people.

I had to heal in private and learn how to value who was worthy of my time and essence as a woman. I had to learn how to navigate through my own pain and not demonize every inidivual who came in my life even if it was for bad or good. While in the process of him diminishing my name and credibility people still asked me to help them while he destroyed these people lives with scams and schemes. Do you know how unfair that was for me and to not receive not one thank you?

Baby it became tiring after years and this year I had just about enough to the point that I am not allowing anything anymore.

So, guess what he does run into the arms of someone else who is emphatic and caring and abuse those people while I sit back and watch. I don’t believe in smearing people names, but I try to give subtly warnings, but they still take the bait and always end up coming back to me like they didn’t see what I been through. I don’t know if I’m slow or its them but this year I had my number when it comes to people and my personal info.

Because if anybody knows me in my waking life, I don’t even give you chance to know me and that’s something I’m currently working on because when you put it out there you can’t take it back. But the collective of people who are going through changes that I see in tarot find themselves linking back up with the same individuals[ML1] in different bodies and reliving the same things. Why? Because you never stop to think about the impact this person and situation had on you.

You like me thought that if you just cut someone off then the memories itself would go away, when it was the complete opposite because it was a lesson to learn in matters of the heart. For a person who used to be a professional runner when it came to my problems, I know firsthand about finally getting the courage to stand up for yourself. Because it takes so much strength to say you know what I’m tired of this and feeling like cutting something off for once and all is the ending of it. No ma’am that’s how you create the karmic domino effect.

Its only for so long that you can run away from your problems. By making excuses for your behavior, by justifying everybody else instead of you, and last but least being accountable for what you partake in. It is time to start seeing people and things for what they truly are and not what you think they can be. People tell who they are before they show you who they are and sometimes you just have to listen.

So as this year ends, and you start to cut people and things out of your life make sure you are not replacing them with the same things. You know as humans we have a way of looking at packages and thinking that the inside something is going to be different when its completely the same. It comes a point and time in your life where you have to stop and ask yourself what is it that I keep allowing back in my life unconsciously.

Because sometimes we don’t realize how the lack of accountability keeps us in the same cycles with people, places, and things. As the years ends let your emotions speak volumes to you so you can know what you need to adjust in your life.


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