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Scorpio Season

Scorpio season is here, and our shadows are out to play for those of you that aren’t familiar with what a shadow is you should check out the blogs linked below.

The reason I say that because this is the season where the suns presence isn’t as long anymore where the darkness stays longer. This is the time where the things we crave for silently seems to get the best of us whether it is for bad or for good. This is when character development is tested because its easier to go into hermit mode because of the weather.

You’ll be more prone to show the darker side of you, maybe the sexier parts of you, or just the parts that needs growth and development. Now this isn’t a post all about shadows but the Scorpionic energy itself can be a lot for people to take on. Sometimes it can be its standoffish ways, the need for control, or not to be seen for what it is you truly are. That’s just the lower vibrational parts of them BY THE WAY.

I mean this is the time of the year when thanksgiving is around the corner and when family seems more important than any other day of the year. If you don’t feel that way and have been going through it, I think its best if you stay home. Because we don’t need the whole family ganging up on you for the stating the freaking obvious.

I mean that’s just to keep you from feeling ostracized from the family and people wanting to apologize after they see what you said is true. This is also the time to work on understanding your prescription of reality. Whether it be how you deal with people, yourself, relationships, careers, love, health, and finances. Other people can’t see what it is you see so maybe communication skill should be worked on.

Try to be more understanding of somebody else’s feelings and concepts even it feels idiotic to you. I mean hey were all born with a set of senses it’s just better when you can understand yours first. Before we off and trying to understand someone else’s. The enemy of confusion will be at all time high, if this is the time to clear the air then do it.

No time for those lingering grudges wasting space in your life limiting you from your happiness. I mean you may not be able to actual rebuild a bond but it’s better to have a clear heart than a heavy mind. All is well and for those of you that have experienced a birthday let me say Happy Birthday! For the rest of us that are still waiting on November to hit let me just gone get it out the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

I just wanted to say get ready to go on a long unwavering emotional journey that will bring you peace if you let it or destroy you if you also allow it too.


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