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Scorpio Monthly Tarot


To freedom is what you are saying. I know you may have been wondering where I have been well, I told y’all and I’m still not through. Don’t worry child I’m this close to running away from all my obligations to just go type in the corner, but enough about me let’s get into this think piece for the month. Keep in mind we are still in Gemini season so if you feel lost, please refer to overall monthly reading I wrote up.

Somebody been lying they ass off and don’t want to accept that somebody is pregnant. Either someone is pregnant and in denial or don’t want to have a child. Now for the rest of you somebody is in their lower nature and unwillingly to get over something and you can see it on they face. In order to receive something new some of y’all gone have to embrace the new you. Not the I lied on my job application to get the job and only to get hired and let your inner NIGGA come out. Some of y’all doing that saying you changed when you haven’t. Now this could be a relationship with a person but just know they maybe coming back with a baby, or some hurt from a last relationship. Now they may not be in the energy of love, but they do have feelings for you.

You and Pisces got the same thing going for as that having a baby and getting ready to step back out on the scene. Now this could be some new business adventure, and someone could be scared that they aren’t going to be received well. Stop worrying if everybody is going to like you and just appreciate the ones that do. I know that seems easier said than done but just go with the flow as I tell my damn self. I’m talking about the go with the flow as aspect while I whoo sah. Spirit won’t let me get off this baby thing one of y’all is hiding a baby and don’t want to people to know. Which is perfectly fine but if it cripples you from getting the things you need then it is time to speak up. In the element reading I did on YouTube which I’ll plug I said in the water signs reading that somebody was lacking the funds they needed but it will come. Child, don’t ask me no dates because I can’t see past that.

For some of y’all, y’all wanted this baby and your partner may not want it, or it could be the opposite way around, but out of all that someone is happy about the child but what they had to do to get the child is what they aren’t happy about. Someone could’ve been having fertility issues and a one-night stand, or a sexual fling ended up getting someone knocked up. Sometimes you can be so focused on making the manifestations happen that when you finally stop caring that is when you get it. For some of you guys you were a having a sneaky link and lying saying you wasn’t messing with so and so and a baby was made out of this. Why do I feel like this isn’t every Scorpio energy, but a Scorpio is going through this? All I can say is be careful what you ask for because you may not be prepared for how things may come to you.

Especially for those of you who are holding onto grudges and unable to move on from the past because that energy maybe returning in a not so good way. Whoever this is they are going to be blowing hot and cold one minute they are good and the next minute they are not. If this has something to do with a deal someone is nervous about signing up for something or signing, they name on the dotted line. It may have something to do with your business, ideas, or downright creativity. I read post on that it was time to mourn the things I have so close to me especially if I want to make that paper. Child, I said damn because my work be meaning so much to me that sometimes I don’t want to share it with the world at times. Not because I care about what people think it’s the fact you have so many people who don’t appreciate the artistry of things.

Now if you don’t feel comfortable don’t do it because someone maybe getting fucked over out of a deal but don’t fret because that person who doing the fucking over ain’t getting off so easy. Now for my spiritual folks its time to cleanse your etheric cord because you got some energy build up back there. Some kulandi yoga may suffice for you at this time somehow, it’s going to help open up your heart chakra so you can get back active a bit more especially if you have been under heavy spiritual attack’s. It’s time to get grounded and back connected to the source because some of you guys have a Taurus and Pisces who have been spiritually stalking you. Being more in your faith well help you supersede these obstacles at this time. It doesn’t mean that a spiritual solution will be the answer you need all the time, but your faith really matters.

Someone has been in heavy turmoil or crying about the things they have been going through in life and feel they have no one to turn to. You know the look of a person who’s ready to tell they story but at the same time they have no words to say because they know they’ll cry. Yes, this is that energy if you know someone who is like this check on them because somebody maybe trying to solve a problem themselves. I hope not with magic because some work maybe backfiring especially if it lessons that is needed to learn. Only you’ll know. I thought I was gone come on here kicking shit, but I didn’t know this energy was gone be like this. I just hope and pray whoever this in this spiteful energy get the justice they need so they want to feel they have to take justice into they on hands and end up in jail or hurting someone.



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