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Scorpio Monthly Reading


KEYWORDS: Creative Spark, Bonfire, Witchy Things, Winter Coat, Hidden Romance

Channeled Songs:

  • Kill My Ex Sza

  • Avant Separate

  • 4 Page Letter Aaliyah

Channeled Shows:

  • Sabrina Teenage Witch

  • School Days

  • Berenstain Bears

  • Cowboy BeeBop

For the next month you may find some challenges coming up because you have people who feel you are open so they feel that they can make a reappearance in your life with the same things. This may show up under the guise of you be the care taker for other people and putting your needs on the back. This could be an old lover who is like, hey toots lets go out. And some of you are need of fun so you may be down for the ride only to recognize that I should have stayed my ass at home. This could be the friend who drinks too much, smokes too much, and just seems to be a target for drama. And for those that are bored this may seem like it is fun but this will lead to a nasty fall out between you and someone. Because this person is a tad bit selfish. This could be someone who is the life if the party but never stop to see if you are good.

Now, I am not talking about the person who is suppose to hold your hand all night but more like I’m inviting you over for Christmas to be around people you don’t know and leaves you alone. This may be a lover, ex lover, or fling that is morbidly obsessed with you. And this isn't the good kind someone needs to learn boundaries so opening that door to that old fling may come with a bite. This maybe someone who has stolen something from you or has stolen something and they expect you to pay the fine. This person is always down on their luck on so, if you are the do gooder friend don't get mad when spirit keeps you occupied so you want fall victim to their trap. It's kinda like are you ready to give up because someone knows someone or something isn’t good enough for you, but spoken like any fix sign will keep trying until we can’t no more.

If this is your end of the year fiscal count be mindful of the money you could be trying to get rid of because you may end up signing onto to something you don't want to do. This gives me someone who has money and time and this person feels like you can take on the burden. If it is something you like then that is okay, but if it isn’t then you are about to be in for a ride. I’m hearing lawyer the fuck up so you can find a way to put some boundaries in your business affairs and lover affairs. Because someone life is a bit chaotic with the constant drama that comes your way. You give me the Ebenezer Scrooge vibes like the Corporate America job that has you doing humanitarian work and you are not in the spirit.

Now you don't have to be like this always but this year and the way it is ending does have you side eyeing everything and counteracting what needs to be done for the greater good. It’s like you or someone has been dedicated to being a thorn in your side. This may be the friend that you have to tell, “baby you need a man because you have been getting on our nerves”. Really its sex some of y’all need it! Your sex life may have been dry due to a sacral block. This could be the holiday blues where you may think you are supposed to be married, have a family, be farther in your career, the husband, the wife, or just have it all together. When it will work out in due time if you just decide to get out of your comfort zone and try some things. Being too rigid is causing a major blockage for you. You may have to tell someone to back off a bit so you can have room to breathe.

For others it’s time for someone to leave the coop because you have too many visitors in your space. I see someone packing a one way ticket and never coming back. You know those women who just left the country and find love, support, sisterhood, friendship, and family. Yes, that's you. Do you have a lot of kids or you work with kids? Because the mommy, daddy, and codependents has really been a lot. I don't know if you have taken on someone else's children or this is the preface for the holidays but it is giving burn out. You have lovers quarrels hitting the table because someone wants to know if you love them yes or no. This maybe have been martial strife because someone doesn’t like to think they are wrong. (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo)

Someone wants someone to step down from a job they are working and join them or take a sabbatical to travel the country. And to be honest it is needed but someone doesn't want to admit it. The story of Aladdin, Hercules, and Anatasia is ringing a truth. Those people had to sacrifice something to obtain love and no I am not talking about a literal SACRIFICE! The homes are very important for some reason. China, Russia, and Greece. Now, you could be a realtor and you don't stay in the U.S. because I just had a reading talking about someone being into real estate only to end up broke. Or the person was outside of the U.S for too long and didn't pay the property taxes on a home. This person maybe making their way to you for a loan.

Someone may have lost someone or could be going through a tough time and i’m your better not do it. Because this is someone who wouldn't do it for you specifically an old colleague, friend, coworker, or ex lover. They are a hater anyway they like to troll you when they get mad. This is like helping a snake gets on its feet only for it to bite you when they get what they need. Someone is really broke but if you help this person out they are going to act like you ever did anything for them, And some of you maybe contemplating on having a sit down with this person because you don’t like how this person played you. Spirit said walk way because in the words of me you’ll need before I ever need you.

This person likes to play with devices and do mind hacks and shit. So, you’ll end up thinking you are cool with them only to find out you are not. This is an original trickster a person who plays on the art of illusion they could be an Aquarius because they got that in a message. This is someone who likes to stirv up shit when they get mad and can't get their way. They like to control the narrative a bit and exaggerate the truth. And this has led to some bumps in the road between y’all so you are being cautioned to avoid this person. It’s not from a fear base but more of a ima go to jail fucking with you. I got some shit to lose so messing with this little girl or boy that is what spirit said. They are going to cost me my whole livelihood.

This could've been a spiritualist who had you working against yourself. Because “Secrets” by Alicia Keys came across. Lets just say this person didn't keep one truth to themselves. Extra, Extra, read all about it. (TikTok Queen, Voodoo Queen, Snake Oil Salesman, and Spiritual Paste)! This could have resulted into a civil suit or lawsuit that was massive ass hell because someone doesn't like to adhere to guidelines and fine print. So, you have to get active with this person because they like to have a select memory when money exchanges hands. (Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Taurus)! You are dealing with a spiritual narc someone who acts so Godly but loves money and will do anything for it. Even sell you the hell out. Now, I don’t know if you're coming out of a cult but I'm hearing take your time.

Someone needs to decompress with the the things that has happened in their life. Someone may have to say goodbye to their old life to embrace the new you. So, good luck out of the states and good luck on your spiritual journey. I don't know who works with the deity Hanuman, but someone has been trying to connect with your central chakra center using this deity to obtain wisdom, wealth, fidelity, strength, self mastery, and devotion by channeling your energy.


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