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Scorpio Monthly Reading


Now before we get started, I have to say flip the roles because sometimes the readings maybe coming from the other person's point of view. I think we are past the point of being shocked by people doing spell work on people. Sometimes some energy can be left over in your energy field so another zodiac sign may be more relatable for my other people who are working on themselves. You can also be in your north node energy, or you may be at a part where a zodiac sign lands in a house in your birth chart that maybe transiting.

MESSAGE FROM SPIRIT: be cognizant of the relationships you have with some people. Some people may or may not be good for you and some people aren’t meant to in your life along time. If you suffer with some form of attachment issues, I think it’s time to start the art of detaching.

It is time to start back meditating and working on your root chakra for my people who don’t want to meditate it’s nothing but carving out 5-10 minutes and sitting with your body to see what it needs. Because some of you have big things coming in relationships, proposals, lovers, or satisfaction coming over all but if you are all over the place how are you going to know what contentment is. This fake it to you make it has somebody confused and all over place. Because its giving wanna be energy, want so much but don’t know what you want. The reason why spirit wants some of you alone is because somebody has a doppelganger on their hands. And it’s being exposed in many areas of your life. It's time to be aware of the influence and power you genuinely have on people.

For others this could be a catty girl beef where somebody acts like they like you or you like someone only to ride they wave but they lowkey be hating. Aw, isn't that a Scorpio for you. It could be a competition going on between you and someone else and someone is out to have sex with someone's person. It's like someone is trying to discourage someone in love or moving forward because they think they can do it best. I don’t know what that is but baby that’s not your friend that is a hidden enemy waiting to strike. For some of you, you may have cut this person off because you felt like you didn’t want to communicate with this individual because it’s draining, toxic, and downright exhausting. For some this may have landed in an argument where someone may have put someone out or told them to move out.

Someone facetious behavior is starting to really get under someone skin because someone is going through changes in their life, and they may be lacking patience for a lot of things at this time. It's like the spirit is saying go, move this, shake up this, be open to this, and all the while someone is trying to stick to an old script that just won’t work for a new cast. Because some of you have been waiting on new friends, support system, soul group, and people who see you. But hanging out and doing the same things isn't going to get you those things. And someone feels like they are at a crossroads with everything in their life. Do they give it time to develop or give up on everything they have going on because one thing isn't working out? It seems like someone has to learn how to be by themselves.

Because whoever this is moody anyway and people don’t have time for this behavior. It's like a grown person that needs to be pacified all of the time and it is exhausting because they can state what it is they want. But they want to be immature and stall things out for the dramatic flair because they feed off attention that way. Spirit said whoever this is emotional manipulative anyway and this may be the result of not letting them have their way. This could be about events, places to go, or what you want to eat. For some of you, you have someone who wants to take you out on a date and get active with you if you know what I mean. Whoever this is that’s planning is going to have to learn to just let life fly.

Planning things may not be the energy for you right now because it's some mercurial energy at play so someone may have to figure it out along the way. Especially if you have a pesky person who is always in your business trying to figure out what it is you're doing. For others you have someone that is doing divination work to see what your next moves are or what's coming in your life to beat you out. PLEASE DO YOUR RETURN TO SENDERS! Because whoever this is just won’t stop, it’s like someone is spiritually addicted to someone and I don’t know why. Whoever this is they operate in haste all of the time and it costs them a lot of things in their life. It wouldn’t surprise me if this person doesn’t have a shit ton of problems going on at this time. A busy body just filled with hate.

Someone maybe having womb or sacral problems or experiences sacral blocks because you got someone that is playing with your energy. On the other hand, somebody wants to have sex with you and they trying to find a polite way to relate this to you. Be careful who you be intimate with at this state and time because someone may try to pull the old okie doke of hitting and quitting it to control you. This is someone that once they get what they want they are gone until they need something again. So, be weary of your sexual partners because someone has a lot of suitor's male and female. Someone maybe experiencing childcare problems at this time. It could be CPS or general needing to have a talk with your kids or the school so you can get to a medium on things.

For others this may be a paternal thing because someone needs the child's father/mother to basically step it up. This could be helping around the house, paying child support, coming to pick up the kids, or making sure that they help out. The workload ain’t been balanced in a minute. If you are coming into any state of new teaching or cooking up something new make sure you copyright or create paper trial because somebody maybe on some shady shit. Whoever this is maybe trying to act like you saying this is a joke when this person does this all the time with you. They just don’t want to give you credit for the things you do. They try to act like they are all knowing when they ass don’t know a damn thing. This could be a group endeavor, or a spiritual group just dot your I’s and cross your T’s. Especially if this business and an ethical one at that.

If you have been there for too many people guess what baby, they fina be mad at you. Because somebody been out here on some Oprah shit you get some money, you get a house, you get a car, and you get my all. And the fact someone is saying hell no, these folks about to cut up it wouldn't surprise me if they ass ain’t or tried to plan some attack to happen to you. Somebody needs to stop listening to their friends when it comes to relationship advice because whoever this is they are all swords. They cerebral as hell if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense and if they don’t look good on paper it doesn’t make sense to this person. They try to mean well, but their approach seems emotionless at times. If someone is going to the country come, take me. I would say take me on that cabin trip, but you got to know people this day and age to be out here traveling with folks like that.

Tell somebody that them love spells ain’t gone make you stay in that relationship with whoever this is because somebody has done this damn ritual more than once. They have done this on different people, so they think it’s going to work with you, for one of y’all it is for others it’s not. For others if there are any disagreements with your friends there's a difference between being shady and dirty macking. Because someone may be making fun of someone's appearance, body, size, shape, or just overall appearance. It could be preference, social status, money, or even political beliefs. If you haven't figured out who is for you are by the end of this reading, I need you to go sit down and regroup and write down the interactions you have with people on a day-to-day basis.

And be honest about what triggers you to explode, what behavior you can pass on, what really annoys the shit out of you, and what needs to go. That will definitely narrow down some of y’all list.



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