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Scorpio Monthly Reading


Now I don’t know if you guys are in raw Scorpion energy or this is the energy that is needed for the month. For some of y’all this is the energy that is being carried out until the end of year and even the beginning for some of y’all. Now if you don’t know how to embody this specific energy you can come off to sexual, possessive, crazy, and blatantly too much for people to deal with. Because you could be all over the place when it comes to your intentions and how you deal with people. Be prepared to be misunderstood and I know this can come off as a cliché for my Scorpios but this is what it is giving. If you are trying to manifest at this state and time the things you want are within your reach. It’s just are willing to look for it because it's right in your face.

Now for some the things you hide about yourself are being found out this could be for good or bad. For some if you are emotionally closed off and in loner energy you got someone who notices your beauty, worth, and everything you are. They just don’t say nothing because this person feels as if you are not approachable. Damn, I have heard this shit many of times. If you have wronged someone they may be coming after you and not in a good way just stay vigilant because lying and pretending won’t work well in your favor. For some of y’all this is a hidden enemy that is now being present because they aren’t getting the attention from the people that feed into their chaos. Keywords are gossip, lies, and rumors, and emotional confusion.

You got a lover that wants to reconcile with you this may or may not be a soulmate please keep in mind that soul mates can come in the forms of friends, family, soul tribe, job contacts, and spirit groups. Everybody isn’t meant to be sexed up or relationship material, that doesn’t mean they are bad people sometimes its better left unsaid. The mind can be a beautiful thing when we have gentle thoughts of what ifs. Someone maybe presented a job offer to relocate out of town and I think it would be beneficial for your mental health. You could creatively explore yourself more or possibly fall in love. For some this may end up in temptation and if you already have a relationship this may cause a lot of tension in your now relationships due to flirting.

If your creative ideas haven’t been heard they are being heard you may have to get a little aggressive behind it because there could be some fierce competition in the work place. For some a boss may reward you for staying down while the company was going through some massive changes like financial cut backs, hour cutting, people getting fired, and laid off. We just gone call it a promotion you know what you been through. If you have been experiencing some conflicting energies that is being removed from your spirit guides or a spiritual crush somebody has on you. If you have been waiting on some good news from the courts it is coming in and fast as hell at that. This could be lawyers whoever this is they are on it because this is some shit they ain’t never seen before.

Somebody keep calling the police on somebody it could be a domestic dispute but the Emperor is upright so somebody could be lying on they partner. Whoever is doing this they are trying to control to someone if you are in these types of relationships please leave because they only lead to violence someone is using drugs, money, sex, and spirituality to cope. It is giving a recipe for disaster because someone doesn't want to address to the elephant in the room. Some of y’all need to cut somebody off because this person means you no good, they are trying to take over your finances or business. It's screaming GET OUT and don’t look back. For some of y’all this freaky ass energy is coming from a dude or female in here masculine energy. She is giving Marcus in my Lady Eloise voice.

If you have experienced any child loss spirit may be spinning the block to help you heal this sacral wound. Talk therapy will probably help open your womb to receive the baby or things you need. And know I'm not telling you to go around striking up conversations with people with the intent to get what it is you want, but to embrace the emotions that comes up and allow yourself to release this or allow the body to do it for you. It will do your body and mind a great service if you allow it too. Somebody in your family maybe announcing a pregnancy but it will come as fast it goes, they gone find out they pregnant and boom they having the child. Life comes at you fast.

For some you may not have the support of your family because they want to know who the child's father is whether you being the child's father or there is another masculine is up for paternity. And I am hearing that it is screaming chaos because y’all have someone who is messy in the family who is keeping up shit and playing both side when it comes to the wellbeing of the child. For some they may lose custody of this child whether it is rewarded to the state or it is giving to the baby daddy. And that child support case is coming up and those who ain’t been paying that debt it is racking up. Somebody got a gold-digging momma and that’s gone make this girl come after you for money.

There are some martial wounds that are coming up that needs to be address because holding grudges isn't going to make a new lover come in or fix what is going on in the home. For some the issues is someone is withholding finances because they have a partner who has reckless financial spending habits. They just be buying up shit because they feel got money so they can do whatever they want. For some this a debt that your partner or person held back from you and it affected you and they didn’t say nothing about it. For some this issue will wrap up quickly for others if you learn how to let go a little bit you might see an increase in your finances. Now I'm not saying that you have go off and gamble your inheritance away but live a little geesh.

And make sure when you are spending your money you don’t have the money hungry ass vultures around you who always keeping up shit. Because again spirit said you got somebody that be keeping up a lot of shit and you can’t see this because you are too close to them. Spirit said it’s a Scorpio who doing it too. This a person who plays on your fears and projects a lot of negativities onto your plans. Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be a Scorpio but someone who tries to act like one and they are good at it. Might be and Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn.

This person is an emotional blackmailer and they know how to beg, sulk, and flip the script on to them. I’m hearing whoever this is, is needy and complaining like a mother fucker. Whew, it’s giving energy vampire. If you are celeb, dealing with one, dating one, or working with one someone is abusing their power with you. They only use your influence to benefit them especially for financial gain and they maybe stealing from your ass. And to top it off they go on and around people and talk about you like they wasn’t stealing or using you. So, conflict in a relationship may seem tricky to navigate because you maybe fearing the response or you don’t want people to know who you are. Because they either got something on you enough to blackmail you or to make you stay in this social circle dynamic you hate on the low.

It's kinda like you have to keep what you love on the low because these motherfuckers might try to fuck it up on purpose with purpose. It’s giving if me and ex made up, I can’t say nothing because these folks be in my business so tough that you have to fake like you really ain’t feeling this person. It’s all fun and games until somebody pop out pregnant and ruin the vibe. Now you looking like you have cookies on your face and everybody calling you a liar when it's not their business. Whew, child I don’t want to live like that and too those that do I pray them shackles off your back because that shit is treacherous. And if it ain’t fame it's just a baby mama that’s doing all this shit competing with your side bitch, and your main bitch.

Baby she doing unnecessary pop ups, checking phones, calling folks, coming over unannounced, and crossing all boundaries. Meanwhile one of the children isn’t doing so good in school, they acting out, having temper tantrums, going through puberty, and some more shit. Flip the roles to the person who doing this in your life. Y’all reading mirrors the one on YouTube and ima plug it because that young versus the old thing keeps coming out. Like the mama in competition with the daughter or the daughter into competition with the mama. I'm fina go this too much and I'm three pages in. I'll make sure I do better with the content child I hate my birthdays and this has been one hell of year.


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