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Scorpio Monthly Love Reading


KEYWORDS: CPR, Toxic, Over It- Summer Walker, Back to Sleep Chris Brown, mind blown, happiness, over it, what’s next, and what happened.

Spirit is funny as hell with these messages today baby, but somebody got the juice and they know it. Somebody has the Midas touch and everybody knows it and even you know it. Watch your time and where you spend it because some people know you are more valuable than you say you are. It may be time for a shake up when it comes to your identity to keep a couple people confused about you. You got inquiring eyes on you and some of them aren't genuine when it comes to you “KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN”! Spirit has been trying to connect with you to tell you something but you got too much outside noise going on to pay attention. CUT THEM CORDS!

How you view love may change over time it maybe your love language and how you connect with your partner. You got someone coming in who doesn’t mean you no good it's all talk an no action. If you anything like me them lies going to annoy me and I'm going to have cut you off. You got some options and this person knows it this why they try to keep you confused and stuck on them so you want move onto the next big thing. If it’s a person you interested in fall back because its more to the story and they acting like they don’t want to tell you but it will come out. Pay attention more to angel numbers and synchronicities they trying to tell you something. To be honest I don’t think you care because at the more you are soul searching for guidance about your path.

You could be struggling to let things, people, places, and objects go. It could be behavior, emotional, mental, and physical patterning. I told you I heard shake up and change up. You got a knight of cups coming in and page of cups upright coming back. The page of cups is the one who pocket watch and see you stepping into your winning season, they wish they was a part of it but they don’t want to do the right thing. Some of y’all this is the apology you never seem coming and I don’t like it because some of y’all just getting back on your feet. You don’t need this right now because this is an on again and off again ex who never do right by you. You going to have to stand your ground because this person is always into some shit and it's like how you do that.

For some of yall this is some family drama it isn't about picking sides it's about right and wrong and knowing that some shit ain’t got nothing to do with you. Because if anything goes wrong guess what they gone throw the damn blame on you. Now for others somebody ain’t been pulling they weight around the home for as taking care of the kids and this is causing unwarranted stress in the home environment. It's always well my child ain’t do this and my baby this arguments that leads to no where.

Somebody showed you they true colors and told you to kiss they ass and I don’t know how you feel about it. I see you just calming walking away and not looking back which is some form of growth for you Scorpio. It's some arguments about a child and who's the father tell them to mind they business they ain’t shaking bottles or keeping the baby so why they worried. Somebody still in love with they ex how sway! Eww. For some this isn’t an ex it was a sexual fling and somebody was noncommittal and this person still sexual fantasizes about them from time to time “TMI”. Girl if you just like the dick say that and move on so we all can get some peace around here. We don’t need you coming up with reasons why you love them or think you're in love with them.

And remember girl is gender neutral over here. These messages may seem harsh but this is what pushed on your soul mission to find out who you were in the first place. This is why this person coming back all putty in your hands because they know you're unsure. DISCLAIMER: I WISH Y’ALL WOULD TRY TO SEND A MOTHERFUCKER MY WAY I’M OVER. SAVE US THE TIME I’D RATHER YOU BOOK A READING!

Somebody gone find out who they real friends is when they get down low, I mean about to get put out and need five on gas type low. But you leave one job and end up landing back on your feet. I see somebody who getting out of jail and if y’all had any beef with this person they coming back to have another say so with you. Is this a domestic violence scenario or two people being petty trying to get they lick back type shit. Then good luck with that. Whoever this you barely can get a word in edge wise because they always saying shit that leads to argument over nothing. They need to go lay down on a couch because they got too much tension and hatred built in them. They got the evil eye spirit and downright nasty always envious of other people blessings. They know how to pull people down in low space really quick. RUN!

Somebody maybe getting a job overseas or offered to relocate out of town and it's going to change your life for the better. You may have some sorrows about it because you have to leave so much behind but a new start with a fresh plate is better than staying in the same spot. If you are a dude or into girls watch out for this sneaky ass girl that’s coming into one of y’all lives. She ain’t up to no good and she gone ruin your life and for others some girl has a hating ex who be smearing her name around town. This is why I think that relocation is going to be good if this is you going through this at the moment.

Last but least pay to attention to that ex who just come around to see if they still have some emotional stronghold over you. They think they can always win you back with doing the bare minimum but I heard not this time. After falling dead broke, living you for dead, stranded out of town with no way home, and could be possibly married. Child, BYE!



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