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Scorpio Monthly Energy Reading


KEYWORDS: Golden by Harry Styles, new beginning, acceptance, love, support, false allies, allegiance, supporters, fan base, concrete evidence, being open to new pathways of income, cutting ties, cord cutting, dopamine junkie, love addict, focus, intentions, Kill My Ex by Sza, and Ghost Busters!

Someone maybe looking for you and they are trying to get in contact with you. Now this could be someone who has recently experienced a passing or job that they felt was perfect for you. Someone feel like you don’t show off your talents enough. Thai person feels like you could be further than what you are if you really apply yourself in an area. Now for some you may take this personal ass hell because some of you have been in the energy of earth and let me tell you baby you are not budging. This could be due to group conflict so someone doesn't want to be in a rodeo with a new group of people. It’s been too much chaos and drama going on around and you and for some of you it is overshadowing who you are or what you are trying to do. It could be a tactic for a smear campaign. You know how you see those people who go on group conflict resolution and it feels very forced.

This is the energy I'm hearing: trust your gut, stop going along with the narrative for other people only to be in the energy of making sure you don’t ruffle other people's feathers who will gladly ruffle yours for fun. This may be difficult for you because for some you could be in your masculine energy and this could show up as women and men wanting to soften you up and break you down. And it doesn't feel good; it feels forced, inorganic, and abusive when you think about it. Because the change isn’t with them it is supposed to be within you. Your change is how you feel comfortable with living with your truth. That's not healing, that is lack of identity and that is causing a lot of people to be out of touch with reality. “ GO TOUCH SOME GRASS PLEASE AND LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE!”

You could be called to build a garden or start your own garden so you can connect more with Mother Nature because you have been emotionally flustered due to being out of balance. For others it's giving time capsule energy like finally putting stuff to bed. Like burning away the pain, throwing away old clothes, and ridding yourself of toxic cycles, people, places, and things. Because there are something that you have to let go so you can move onto your new cycle. It’s really the energy of forgiveness. It doesn't mean you have to reconcile with people from your past and allow people to come back into your life. But developing boundaries that help you feel comfortable with your existence and how you coexist with people who didn’t hurt you or desire to hurt you. You know how you can be so accustomed to being hurt that you start treat everybody liek they hurt you. Yep, that is one of you operating in a lower form of yourself and not getting the best of you. And if you want someone to see you have to felt someone in.


  • Disclaimer: remember we are in the element of water and those signs associated with this are (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer). They are being written up individually this month if you see me placing need instead of suggesting it is a grammatical error. Because I don't like telling grown folks what they need to do. But the message still came across that way. Remember I am affiliated with no tarot readers, psychos, medium, guides, shamans, or corporations. So, don’t go off clicking on fake links and pages.

Now love maybe a thing for you but you may need to ask a partner or partners for a STD test. And if that is a problem then that isn’t your person and if you still don’t feel comfortable don’t go forward with this person some people do fake their STD results. You’ll be surprised at the things people lie about just to lay in bed with someone and have no care in the world for your physical and sexual safety. This could be you getting married, getting DNA results on a child, results back from a 23 and me. But it’s something about a follow up and clearing you or a person that is coming back into your life waiting on. This could’ve been a cancer scare or something that requires them to go through radiation.

Now for those dating someone who is looking for a nurse with a purse someone needs to be mindful of who you allow to come live with you. Because you may have to go to the courts to get this person out of your home depending on the state laws. Because someone may not live your house as easily as they should and they saying whoever this is didn’t need to be there anyway because they don’t like paying bills or keeping the maintenance up on the home. So, you’ll have to take they with a grain of salt because this is like the unwanted guest who ended up staying one night and they ever left. It may lead to an altercation because someone is playing in your face when it comes to your safety and someone else can see this plain ass day. So, if you have kinfolks who don't like someone. So, you need to take heed to that because someone isn’t who they say they are.

For those who have been in this shot, shot, shot energy baby someone needs to slow down and hydrate themselves. Because you are giving one passed out and not remembering the night before. And when other people narrate that story for you just know some people don’t use discretion, care, time, or support. So, just take that into account and have a number when you know you are going for a drink. Is it the homegirls you're going out to have a drink? A club night? Or is it depression and seeking solace in fake companions? Someone should start to take into account tof heir feelings because they have been dealing with some people and their own emotions who aren’t wrapped to tight in the head.

POSSIBLE ZODIAC SIGNS: Virgo, Libra, Taurus, Capricorn, Leo, Gemini, and Aries. Flip the message to how they apply and remember you can read any zodiac sign that does not apply to your sign.


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