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Scorpio Monthly Energy Reading


I been on break before you ask me where I been at this takes time and I have to create room for this but have no fear it was a part of your message. So, now that we are here let’s get into the spill.

Overall messages was a power struggle dynamic going on, picking your battles wisely, conversations that lead to nowhere, testing your authority, pesky energies or people, time to cut someone off who is making you unhappy, STANDING UP FOR YOURSELF, making plans without consulting with you first, you got a ex with a new born on the way back to you, how are you moving forward with those same people or same actions, too much work and not enough play, people who don’t help but add to your load, carrying around other peoples burdens.

Now keep in mind the roles could be reverse because in the tarot community they be taring the Scorpios up and I be like but we not like that. Well at least not all of us because we got some bad ones out here that be living up to that possessive, jealous, and manipulative behavior. But your messages were straight to the point you have to stop communicating with someone because they don’t listen. This could be someone who tries to violate your boundaries, or you are doing it to them. The conversation aways lead to nowhere you either have to always fix it and it leaves you feeling depleted. If you are the source of your own unhappiness, then it is time to get some goals and be realistic about. And when I say goals, I’m not talking a business. I mean happiness, holistic healing, therapy, inner child work, or walks in the park.

Childhood trauma could be a major factor and it affects your confidence you think people see you the way you see yourself from a childhood memory that haunts you. Cancers had the same thing, struggling with if they are good enough, loving enough, or supportive enough. Now if you are around them a lot, they maybe rubbing off on you or it could be on your family. I see someone who is always having something to do a lot while having nothing to do as well. It makes someone feel unfulfilled. Seems like things that require talking, meetings, or your focus could have you all over the place. I know this energy oh to well wanting to be free and do you at the same time.

You have some opportunities that could be circling back that could be fruitful for you or potential investors. I see someone saying no because you can’t seem to get on the same page with this person and the things, they want you to do still requires to much work. It’s like being the errand girl of your own company and I heard the word “Ouch”. Someone is barely getting enough time to relax, and your home isn’t giving that at this time because its time to pack it up or find another place to unwind before coming home. If you are starting a business, it’s going to require you to take that leap of faith and go for it but some of y’all you may be scared. Bitch me too.

Financial security is important don’t nobody want to go back to living with people or being in a clogged space. So, I know the feeling but missing out on your dreams because of money you will always be unhappy. You can be realistic and don’t share your plans with everybody because every time I have set out something I either have someone trying to intervene and doing nothing. Child, emotionally draining. I see a baby daddy finally giving child support, but they feel this should open the pathway for you to let me see their child. It’s best to get it settled now before you go off putting the courts in your business any further but it’s your life, not mines. I’m just the messenger.

Somebody doesn’t know how to process their emotions well they hold on to things like shame and regret more than anything. I see temper tantrums, crying, drinking, stalking. This could be due to being wrong someone doesn’t know how to apologize. Someone teaches tough love lessons because this goes back to how they were raised so when these emotions get triggered, they do messed up things. This could be gossiping, lying impulsively, outing people, or humiliating them. This is a person that feels like you should understand the consequence of your actions even if they don’t add up to the problem. Child, who is this Hannibal Lecter as I say this jokingly. Adds meme

Someone needs some form of therapy because that is the quickest way to isolate people out of your life because everybody isn’t always going to be the problem. But lowkey they do be the problem but we ain’t gone get into that though. It just feels like someone is uncomfortable in their existence and that’s not a great way to live because that can lead to mental illness and for some even suicide. Remember it isn’t someone else job to fix you but someone helping you fix yourself is always a gem.

Oh, and someone is over there playing magic trying to cause some emotional, mental, or spiritual damage to someone. They trying to cause illusions spirit said send love out into the universe to receive it back do good intentionally without wanting a reward. I know it can be challenging to deal with things all the time, but you block your own path and heart by moving spiteful. Everything don’t need a spiritual reaction. BE BLESSED!


I do not own the rights to that meme of that man!

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