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Scorpio Energy Season Reading



  • Energy awareness awakening

  • Bruja affect

  • Cleansing rituals

  • Protection

  • Spiritual enlightenment

  • War stories

  • Grieving out loud and fighting the power it comes with

  • Socioawareness higher consciousness

Now for those who has been going through a tough time help is on the way. Now this could be you getting your spiritual game on fleek so you can see some changes in your life. Or finally saying good bye to and old fling, ex, boo, bay, or family and finally saying this is enough. It's time to walk this road alone because so many things has transpired over past few years and months that will make a sane man go mad.

The message is knowing who is playing and knowing when someone is not because some people aren't who they are. Some skin walkers is really what they are being called. This could mean situation where people in your life has been going along with things so they can get what they want. They have been to busy trying to please they flesh if you know what I mean. So, they aren't thinking, seeing, or eating properly. They are too busy being preoccupied with greed of the things they want. And now that it is starting to become aware to you it's starting to come off as a problem.

Now some of y'all are starting to notice that some people are soulless, apathetic, and hard to please. It may seem like the world is cold but it is the people you have been surrounding yourself with.

Some people have had some tough times, that came with so many challenges every sense their has been a spiritual protal that was activated. Meaning you have so many people who feel the need to release their soul to be accepted by God, Source, Universe that they are literally the plague. They lack the awareness of time mangement this would be people who could care less about how they affect others, and how they waste your time to get the things they want. You may have seen people prophesied things for there own selfishness with no remorse of you.

This may have even happened in cults, groups, while doing witchy things, all in the name of money. These people have become the new pastors that have tricked people out of their life and light. And the light workers who are working to really ascend this matrix has been busted, beaten down, and bruised. So, the need for help has come in waves because everyone didn't truly learn what it was to ascend and to be free. The goals was for the soul elevate not leave the body. Learning the value power and who deserves your power. Knowing when to quit is lesson some people are learning hard this season. Because if they can just get the money and the success everything would be okay.

My child this isn't your problem. Some of y'all are literally beating the walls in to get out of a cave and you have people who want you to stay stuck. Like a rabbit in a hole forgetting that you can jump. That Christ Conciousness is really tearing a lot of people up because they doing it and teaching it all wrong really for profit. But ima link that blog where I gave y'all that New Year Predictions so you can see why the end of the year is going out with a bang like this.

And remember it's nothing traumatic for most but for some it is. This is just the time for you to start creating ways for you to love on you and making your life easier. This has really been the theme all year. And if your hard headed like me you been going 80 miles an hour when you were being calling to slow down a bit. To take time to stop and look around, seeing what is going on with you, and who is going on with you.

The top messages was simple there was no need to explain but if I need to let me know. So, I can add onto this blog. Side note when you come back tomorrow you'll see the zodiac signs messages for all signs this season.

Now let's go some of y'all maybe having a hot romance come in and I'm hearing take your time. This could be due to sexual frustration not from this person but you not getting your needs met. This is the typical day to day routines. So, this case of excitement that you get from this person maybe new you. For those reconciling the song that came around is "Reunited An It Feels So Good"! So, you know this time you'll experience the love you wanted the first time it's just are you going to work on it to get it?

Now, you maybe experience some mishaps in miscommunications. This could show up as a failing busy, not responding to calls as you normally would, or being tired from emotional wear and tear. I forgot to add in work too. People forget the holidays really do be exhausting. Because you have people flying in and out of the states coming to see you 24/7 for the next three months. Kids coming home from college, the rise up in engagements, children asking for things, lovers becoming agitated because of social media, weddings, and family dinners.

It's like the holidays create this vulnerability we all experience that shows up as neediness. And without the right people around you'll find yourself energetically confused. It's okay to fill the spirit of confinement for a brief pass. This could should up as one day, two day, or even three days! Use your PTO! Self care is very important because this stagnant but not energy can lead you to make simple mistakes.

So like I said before know who is playing and who is not. Because when you let too much shit slide you end up being in enraged when you don't want or need to be. Clock it the first time and move on. The energy of uncertainty isn't present you know what you want to do it's just that you don't want to do it. Be like the Knight of Swords upright! Nip it in the bud.


ARIES: Failed relationships maybe the theme for you for the month or for a few weeks. Learning how to live again maybe a priority for you because you have trying to escape loving yourself. This maybe has showed up as escapism, avoidance, and meaningless flings. Someone maybe even mad about you loving yourself now. Because they have been distracting you with live bombjng techniques. Being overly sexual and keeping you enticed so you wouldn't know what they where up could be a Gemini, Aries, Virgo, or a Scorpio. You got options to choose but is the old sexual fling going to win? Is what everybody is asking. 👀👀

️ TAURUS: It's time to go to trial. This may have been a long battle but don't give up because the reward is around the corner. You have stalked, harassed, beaten down, and bruised. Some one has even went so far as to lie on someone to coerece a crime against someone. Some had the police after someone all for money, fane, and fortune. This person feels like an idiot and thinks an apology will fix things. Crime, lies, rape, and murder isn't something you joke or play about. If these were friend I hope not these niggas been opp ass niggas. Keep your prayers up because this people are like a damn tidal wave. Your child's mother, brother, and child did all this to you. 😭😭

️ GEMINI : They saying what your lying ass want, NOW? Somebody got a setup queen on they hands. This could be one of your homegirls or even you. Someone is in some jaded energy about the power you exude and aggravates this person down. It maybe a disgruntled employee, your own mother, or an ex wife who has if it for you! 😫😩 She likes to play dangerous games and the victim at that. She knows how to get attention don't she. This is the one that will purposely go off and start shit and get everybody in it and cry wolf. This the person that would as far to create burner accounts to talk shit about you. This is the person who likes to talk shit about they friends everything and have the nerve to be jealous. Not going this low in life. This person would be the friend that would set you up for a gig only to have you embarrassed or even offed. Baby the courts waiting on you to gone to put this demon where it needs to be. "I BELIEVE IN YOU!" Somebody has gotten themselves into some drama because they been talking shit about celebrities business. Let them get they 9 lives having ass on

️ CANCER : Don't sit in a pity party for too long because the past wants you to do it again. This would be a person that was apart of some malicous gossip against or someone you love. And you if took the bait they want you to do it again. This is the Harry Hippie syndrome wanting you to fee sorry for them. This person may come off as like you remember that time we did this only to catch you slipping. Somebody got the Feds on they ass and they about to bring them to you. If they have gotten over on you in the past they came back to do it again. And you have nothing nice to say about this person (Leo)! Because for the last time someone has had it. The lies, the think pieces, the fake drama, telling you this person don't like you, this person said this, playing on mental health issues, and making you lose out on deals and quality friendship. Child, WTF! I don't know who needs to hear this but stay out of family drama that don't have nothing to do with you. They are going to turn on you. Aquarius, Scorpio, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Gemini, and Aries!

️ LEO: Be mindful who returns to you to only heal and restores themselves because whoever this is, is out for the clout. Nothing more they only want fame (Leo, Taurus, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Pisces)! Somebody is tagging to catch on because they always using someone name for clout so they can get the algorithm to favor them. This person is a social media store and name drops so I'll be weary of this person who hits a certain type. This could be someone trying to set you up for failure because they want you to do the same thing they did in their career. They got a deal on the sidelines when you fail too. So, you could be saying you did it why I am being the only one being blamed because it was supposed to be that way. Everybody isn't your enemy they had a job to do. And this maybe hard for you to accept. Because some of them are your biggest critics. They sit up and evil someone's content all day. Baby stop watching people pages thinking talking about you when you keep watching it. Someone is delusional.

️ VIRGO: Someone is a gossip queen and this is going to cause a clash of the titans. Because someone took something to far and it someone is laughing while everyone is pure disgusted. 😖😫😕😟 It's like this person is just going on and on about a person and everybody thought it was funny until you took something and turned it dark. It could've been some gossip and this person went in on someone even posted nudes online, had someone SA, and has the nerve to be obbesed with someone. Make it make sense. It's like they are the bully and don't even know it. They think what they are doing is issuing someone karma. This person really thinks they are God. WTF! Is this a psychopath? All, I know is fun for the hills because this is going to end well. Courts, defamation, assault, attacks, legal fees, restitution, and legal hearings. I'm hearing court is adjourned!

LIBRA ️: Don't worry be happy! Is the theme of the month and you are ready to question it and me? Child, I don't have all the answers no wait. Your manifestations are yours not mines. Someone wants you to stop looking into something because it can expose them. This would come up as a distraction because it's something someone said or something that happened don video rape. It's like you looking at a photo saying that isn't this person. I'm hearing you are getting an authenticator. Now for others you got someone that is trying to use spirituality to gain some quick money. This could be performing rituals and trying to transfer energy onto to you to block your crown chakra. Someone wants you to be distracted, fired, forgetful, drained, and obsessed with addictions. Like sex, drugs, and money. While they go for the big heist to steal from you. This could go so far as trying to get you shadow banned so they can be the only person on top. It's showing me someone behind a mask evil villian laughing. The movie doppelgänger rings bells. You'll ever expect this person to be the one ruining and smutting your name. Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Taurus!

SCORPIO ️: The school bully is back on the playground wanting to start with you. Only to get hit with a stalking charges and a restraining order. You have someone around you that is a spy to see if you would take the bait as them being a friend or even an ally. They signed documents on your name ( Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius)! And this resulted into some harsh treatment from your peers and the legal system. This could be the reason you lost a job and out a gig that payed big. For others this person is cyber stalking you and this is someone you had sex with. They are apart of the reason people treated you like shit. This is the person that was bad mouthing you only to pretend to come save you from the drama they started in your life. They set you up. Leo and Aquarius. Hired a PI to obtain illegal information about you. And plotted to take you down for fraudulent business's you got an inside leak. It's the person you communicate with the most. Somebody even went so far to hire someone in tech to smut your name and business. Child, ima head out because this suppose to be a quick business!

SAGITTARIUS ️: Cords is being placed on you or someone you know that is trying to siphon your energy. I mean this in the most literal way. This maybe a person that hates you, but they want your crown chakra your downloads and intuitiveness. And all this person gets is raging headaches, blurry vision, stomach pains, and pain. It's like your energy is making this person sick. Could be too much light being exposed to darkness. Because the The Devil card is out with the Hermit. So, someone is spiritual spying and being all in your business for no fucking reason. They even hired people to do this because some is obsessed you. They hate you so bad but they have to be like you. This could be someone that wants to have sex with you, but something is off here. Because someone may love you so much that they hate you because they can't understand why they even like you. So, this may lead you to being hurt by this person. Baby, don't take the bait. You don't need no watt pads love. This would be a person who would be loving to you and turn cold as ice because they like you. We don't need the drama we already got spiritual maintenance for 30 days baby don't do it. Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, and Sagittarius.

CAPRICORN ️; Somebody pocket watching and coming up with ways to block you but baby they been hitting snag after snag. They just have to do it before you then you can do it. To give off the impression that you are obsessed or want to be like them. Baby this person be so focused on every detail of your life it makes no sense. If your fat they'll be skinny. Anything a man likes she/he is going to be it so they beat your ass out. This person would use your access codes to get in a gate to pretend this is their lifestyle. If you have been wondering why your finances has been declining this person has been living off it trying to be you. While saying you the fake and the fraud. Wtf! This person whole go so far to even purposely try to make your person cheat on you. Blackmail and extortion. For others they'll put drugs in your person food and sleep with them and send you pics. This person is a disgusting! Some of y'all are trying to heal in your marriage right now because of this thang. Because she/he even went so far to meet up at places you were at to say this person is talking to them. And will really stick to these lies. Some of y'all looked at this person like they where crazy and said good bye! I don't even know how this person got close to you. It's kinda scary when you think about it because I kinda feel the energy of tears behind this. And if they into any of the occult they have been the reason behind you and your person feeling crazy, losing cases, and feeling like everybody is out to get you. That's the power of black magic and in the wrong hands it can be dangerous.

AQUARIUS ️: Family drama and group conflict because of somebody needs to be like and to beat out the competition even they own family and support group. Someone may have even went so to sleep with a person to pretend to like them so you can put them own. They caused chaos in a family and group dynamic to isolate this person from family, friends, and group association. And they have the nerve to be depressed about the attention they ain't getting. Baby you probably need to go rewatch the all signs quick read because Aquarius had me on my toes with that one. Talking about they betrayed all their friends and they wondering why people are mad at them. You maybe grinding out this person is jealous of you and someone of you think you don't have reason for this person to be. I'm hearing baby you're a star a baby! What movie that is from?

PISCES ️: Money baby, from the book of K Camp! Every since you dropped the zero you been elevating around here. Skin glowing, feeling zen, and making power moves that benefit your company and employees at this time. You finally got someone out of your business and it was the best decision you could've made. Because they was holding you back they didn't like any of your ideas. This person wanting you to be in a lesser place them. Maybe in life but to always be on their payroll. It's like you are coming off a contract. This could be moving out of your parents house or an abusing environment that you failing in school. It's like someone has done a 180 and I'm okay with that.

Now Pisces you got a petty ex she/he gone try to get you jumped. And your family and friends maybe involved in the set up because they view you as a threat. This could be over a man or a woman. It's like you don't even really want this person like that some of y'all it was nothing but sex. But they really mad because they want the money you got out of this person. This could be someone showing favoritism towards you and whoever this is a bully and emotional manipulative. They get mad when they can't get their way and take it out on you. And some of y'all have had it up to here with this person because it's not your problems. Whoever this is a problem starter anyway. It's giving Pisces on Pisces/Aries drama if you ask me.

Child, gone on and keep doing what you doing. Zodiac signs involved Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Virgo, Libra, Leo, and Aries!


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