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Scorpio Energy Reading

Scorpio Monthly Reading:


Where have you been is the question that I have been asked for those that know, now you know. Now, lets get into this reading. Somebody keeps trying to try you it may be a disgruntled employee or a an ex lover who is bitter about a relationship ending. For others this could be a friend that was in love with you and decided to do you dirty with no remorse. Cats out the bag and the show must go on and its how you continue. Someone who has been passive with you may be starting to get aggressive with you on the attention seeking shit they doing. And this maybe a turn off because for some you have some relatives who are in your business and they maybe sleeping with your person.

Now this could be you sleeping with someone on the job and they go off and tell about a affair you are having and one of y'all are married. Whoever this is, is malicious and petty as hell because they want to bring you down a peg for outing them. I'm hearing gotcha bitch because she/he thought they had you on the hook. Bait, sink, line, and hook. Is what I'm hearing to be honest this person may have wanted to sleep with this person and you. And this is where this chaos is brewing in from. Someone has no remorse or shame for their behavior too because they feel justified in their doings. This person has been dry hating and sneak dissing for the longest behind a friendly smile, that is not so friendly.

And someone has been telling someone all of their business to this person just for it to come out that it was you or wasn't you. I'm hearing Aries, Scorpio, Virgo, Gemini, and Taurus. Baby, they been plotting on you and the collective to attack your business with lies, money laundering, trafficking, stealing music, and copyright infringement. Someone is saying you are the doppelganger while they are doppleganging you. Someone even went so far to get a genital report to see if someone was a he/she/ or they. I'm hearing someone had to fight fire with fire because whoever this is has been hating from the jump. #PYA For some you, you are getting somebody back and they don't like it because they always have tried to humble you down a peg. Always is the word spirit saying. And this person took something entirely to damn far.

When baby this person is in that enemy state and trying to show you love is mind blowing and you have people looking up side your head with disgust because you don't know. Because spirit said these people so cold blooded about the shit they did to someone and said it's mind boggling. For others you are finally leaving that toxic job and that ex alone for good. Someone has had enough because whoever this is a user they always want you to give while they take. It's the epitome of helping someone and they are saying you need their help. This could be someone that doesn't even want to be with you and they are pretending, it's giving yuck vibes. Not you the person that is playing someone and this person is smug about it.

Somebody gone get they ass beat playing games like this because it's so diabolical it makes no sense. I'm not going in to detail because the channeled message is graphic and someone doesn't need that pain. Because someone has been twiddling someone around their thumbs for a minute. It could be a voodoo high priest, a master occultist, but I'm hearing satanist. They have been trying to slither they ass in your life for a minute looking for you to give them reasonable doubt. Are you an attorney or some? Because someone is about to shut someone down or this person for good because this person has been a bully to you and many others for a hot minute. It's giving school playground and they are the mean girls and mean guys who want to play. #PYA

This is a child they act just like their mamma and they are bullying people and the mama think it is okay. She think everything is cute when they barely get along money only keeps them bound. Someone maybe called up to the school to handle the conflict and things maybe getting out of hand because this mother is trying to get a child kicked out of school behind her children being the bully. And the teachers are so hemmed up in they pocket for free financial aid i.e, free money, and they are letting things slide until a riot pops off. Because these little kids been trying to control the whole school like a gang and this a damn charter or a prep school. #WTH

This maybe a brawl between the baby mamas that's been brewing at the house and these siblings or family members ain't been getting along. Things is getting out of hand this fight only exposes the corruption in the school. Did you not hear em say them kids running this shit. What in the 1980's drug dealer story is going on here? For some of y'all this drama runs deep because you have someone who has some money and maybe trying to stain your child records. Some of you are thinking about relocating, getting in the mud, starting a war, or just a good ole knuck if you buck. Cause the song that came on was she's my cherry pie.

All I'm saying is that someone is going to need a long whosah moment. I'm hearing be mindful of the people you tell your business too because it's some snakes that's still in the grass.


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