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Scorpio Energy Reading



Either you or someone you know has been doing spell work on someone and it is to play with someone's subconscious mind. It is either trying to make you fall in love with someone or an idea of something that you want no parts of and it could be a relationship. Someone is trying they hardest to get you to see them in a different way and I just keep getting mmh hmm get somebody else to do it. They may even be trying to do sex magic on you to call you in and your ass is like no sir I am getting the hell out of here. And whoever that is that is into hydromancy that spell work be blowing they ass back and they hate it but they won’t stop it either. They either get one good day out of it and they still don’t get the results they need and somebody is on the sidelines saying give this shit a break. Because either the caster is annoyed, they falling ill, or someone is losing they mind and having massive behavioral problems. They may even be trying to project that shit on to you.

But it’s not gone work and this whole group of occultists is mad ass hell at you like it's your fault when they went and told people to cast over you and your life. Somebody really put big money on you to either take you down, to bind you, to block you, death rituals, energy transfers, and trying to steal your destiny. It’s giving fan energy a bit because let me tell you from me personally I would’ve told you F off and go to bed because you not ruining my day baby. That’s too much spell work and energy being casted into someone and all for what? Some people are being nosey and want to find out what you did or what you got going on. So, you gone have some people that may come around singing your praise because they think you don’t know they been behind the scenes mully and sullying your name. I mean your whole existence; baby spirit said you don’t even suppose to be alive.

Either from someone trying to take you out or run you out of mind. For others you have some massive idea that is going to shake up a job, social circle, or wake up the world and you got enemy that's putting a target on you because of greed. Either you turned this person down and didn’t want to do business with them so they hired other people to come for you because how dare you reject them. Ima keep it a bean it may be an ex-lover, friend, or coworker. They even going as far as and telling people you cut them out of some idea that you created and they said they did it first with no tangible proof. They even been getting copyright infringement on them because they been stealing your whole flow. People starting to see it too because somebody lies don’t make sense anymore. Whoever this is that lie on you all the time they just be making up shit.

Saying you stole this or you did this when you don’t even hang around this person and for some it's some Scorpios that’s in on it too so you ain’t exempt either. I heard try me so someone maybe feeling a little spicy about it and may be reacting on it too. You may have a spiritual group that is trying to connect with you because I'm hearing that Tik Tok video sound, “girl don’t do it”, and for some you may do it anyway. It's gone be your worst mistake and especially if you paying this person for protection work at this time because they are going to be the ones who is go to do a hex on you or has. I heard this too shall pass so for some you may be feeling out of it and over it because of that nasty magic someone has been wielding over you. Someone is severely dehydrated.

Spirit said don’t take this ex back because they either want you to heal them, fix them, and take your money. Baby, whoever this is always got a problem and they attitude nasty ass hell all of the time and its emotionally draining. It isn't your job to fix this person, it's their owns but somehow someway they gone find a way to blame you for it. It's like this person makes every little thing about you and projects everything on you. You used to be they emotional cum dumpster where they used to take that heavy ass load and come pour it all on you but since you reinforcing them boundaries this person hates it. Because whoever this is they finally getting their power back and saying to hell with this shit it’s got to be a better way to do something than this. Because whoever this is, is a spiritual bully. Baby they take what they want and they can’t get what they think can get from you and this person be confused and, mad about it too.

They just used to getting over on people and they thought they was gone get you, because I heard “SIKE” in a childish ass voice. Whoever this is just be doing stuff to try and make you think about them about when in actual reality you don’t give AF because this person is abusive if I'm being honest. They don't care about you as a person only what they can get from you. This isn’t your Beauty and the Beast typical story, no you are just dealing with the beast. An emotional tyrant who throws they weight round and you come every time they start barking orders around like you are a servant. Oh, and I forgot to tell y’all you got a spiritual hater, someone who is jealous of your gifts this is the bitch who be trying to block your gifts because she can’t read tarot, people, or places the way you do. So, she stays throwing shots at you trying to test your strengths when she really wants that shit to stick to you.

For some of you may you may have someone who is trying to extort or blackmail someone into doing something they don’t want to do. It's not that you don’t want to its because of the person who is asking you, is attached to. So, you on some “NO THANK YOU”! Drops mic. Don’t let flattery push you out of your comfort zone because you have someone who is betting against you and little do they know somebody is competitive as hell in the peace, so they gone have a run for they money if they think you a weakling. Some of you maybe dealing with a cyberbully who is trying to use their influence to smut your name. It's a tactic to steal your viewers or subscribers. You don’t even get the engagement you need from it. When you’re being more in your zone you really get them numbers. And they hate this cause either way bread and money gone be made and they hate it.

Because I don’t think this person is struggling but a lot people just don’t jig with them. So, even if you were seen with them or hanging out with them people are going to be like what the hell y’all on. It’s gone be awkward and farfetched that the drama gone create itself from other people comments and if somebody not strong enough to deal with that shit. They gone fold on your ass every time all for them quick dollars and views. So, it really ain’t worth the hassle. This is why you stay out of the way because you can't lose or win even if you tried in this situation somebody is always going to feel like you should do more. And it’s not from a negative stance they just not used to seeing you in a light that is unfamilar so they be trying to give you tips to give it another go. When the whole time you are really in there, it’s just this person don’t like you.

And as much as you want to call this person out you can’t win or lose. Because somehow, someway you are destined to be the bad guy. I’ll take that bad guy in a check of, mailed to, sent to, direct deposited in, and address to me as fill in the blank. Baby, that is what you tell em. Have a goodnight I am on a roll, I got 5 signs to go wish me luck. Slides down chair and screams in silence.



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